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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Are You A Hunter Or A Gatherer On The Job?

40 minutes ago
Is it better to be a "worker bee" or a "killer bee" in the workplace? This question was originally answered on Quora by John L. Miller, Ph.D. by Quora

Sedan or SUV? We pit Lexus' ES350 up against the RX 350 F-Sport

58 minutes ago
In today's article, we test-drive two 2016 Lexus vehicles – the 2016 RX 350 F-Sport SUV and the 2016 ES 350 sedan, reporting on the merits and demerits of each body styling. by Josh Max

The Striking Contrast Between the Trump and House Republican Tax Plans

1 hour 2 minutes ago
I’ve ever seen anything quite like it: A presumptive presidential candidate proposes a major policy initiative and a month before he is due to be formally anointed at his convention, his own party’s House members roll out a dramatically different plan. by Howard Gleckman

The Real Deal: Social Entrepreneurs Meet Reality TV In India

1 hour 3 minutes ago
The Real Deal, a reality TV show created by former tennis star Shikha Uberoi, presents 12 Indian social entrepreneurs who compete for investment money. by Anne Field

Once Upon A Sale: How Patagonia, Kit And Ace, Anthropologie Use Tales To Sell Wares

1 hour 5 minutes ago
Seeking fresh ways to breathe life into their visually flat offerings, online retailers are taking a literal page from catalogs and using narratives to sell their goods. A look at four creative retailers that are doing it well. by Bryan Pearson

Here's What You Should Do If You Own A Recalled IKEA Dresser

1 hour 6 minutes ago
Recently IKEA announced a massive furniture recall of 29 million chests and dressers that can easily tip over and kill young children. Here's what you should do if you own one of these recalled IKEA chests or dressers. by Yehong Zhu

2016 30 Under 30: Music

1 hour 41 minutes ago
by Hugh McIntyre

Video Is Coming To SoundCloud (For Ads, At Least)

1 hour 41 minutes ago
Video advertising will hopefully bring a hefty price tag. by Hugh McIntyre

Airbnb Sues San Francisco To Avoid Fines For Unregistered Hosts

1 hour 42 minutes ago
Airbnb's home city wants to fine it $1,000 per unregistered host, per day. by Brian Solomon

Review: 'Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition' Expands Story And Wins Praise

1 hour 51 minutes ago
More than three months ago, I (rightly) proclaimed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a triumph. Today, a lot of people are finally catching up. That's a bit of an intentionally teasing overstatement, but whatever differences of opinion and taste separated critics and audiences over the theatrical version of the film, a great deal of common ground was discovered as Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition hit theaters and Digital-HD this week. While not everyone changed their "hated it" ratings to "loved it" after viewing the new 3 hour edit of the film, it appears most so far are declaring the longer version a big improvement, ... by Mark Hughes

Doppler Labs Launches Here One: Not Only a Volume Knob in a Loud World, a Supercomputer in Every Ear

1 hour 54 minutes ago
In a prior installment I described what Doppler Labs have been dreaming up, and delivering. Today they announced the next iteration, called Here One. By integrating the learning collected from the 10,000 users already seeded with the prototype, Doppler has poured more technology and insight into the company’s first-ever mass market product. by Brad Auerbach

How Billionaire George Soros Profited From Brexit's 'Black Friday'

2 hours 12 minutes ago
Billionaire George Soros made a trading windfall from Brexit due to a $100 million bet against Deutsche Bank, a sizable put option bets against the S&P 500 Index, and a large holding in defensives Barrick Gold and the SPDR Gold Trust. by Antoine Gara

The Good And The Ugly: Beer Advertising

2 hours 13 minutes ago
I am partnering with my research friends at Advertising Benchmark Index (ABX) to bring you a series of monthly posts that measure recent ads from a prominent category - in today's case, the beer category - for recall, relevance, and purchase intent. We're reviewing television advertising and highlighting the three winners and three losers from spots that ran in May. by Will Burns

LinkedIn Deal Shows Startup Acquisitions on the Rise

2 hours 27 minutes ago
Earlier this month, Microsoft announced it would acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion, valuing the company at 91 times earnings. LinkedIn performance has been lackluster since it’s public debut dropping $11 Billion from its market value in February following lower than expected 2016 revenue forecasts. by Chance Barnett

Where Do You Start When Buying An Airplane?

2 hours 28 minutes ago
Today, when you start to look for an airplane to buy, you have many options. You can begin with Google. There are hundreds if not thousands of airplanes listed for sale on any number of websites. by Jim Gregory

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