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Monday, July 25, 2016


Real Estate Billionaire Becomes Fresh Face In China's Cosmetic Surgery Business

19 minutes ago
Suning Universal, led by China real estate billionaire Zhang Guiping, is stepping up its efforts to expand into China’s growing beauty business through a new joint venture with South Korea’s ID Healthcare Group. by Russell Flannery

Can Brands and Bands Finally Coexist?

1 hour 4 minutes ago
For decades, since the core business model of music shifted from record sales and ‘tastemaker’ endorsements to agenda-setting and influencing, a none-too-amicable relationship has existed between music producers and advertisers. Nowadays, music festivals, such as Australia's Splendour in the Grass, are altering the the debate from ‘can brands and bands coexist’ to, ‘how can they get along’ and creating profit for both brand and band. by Milly Stilinovic

'Pokémon GO' Hype Bubble Pops For Nintendo's Shares

1 hour 46 minutes ago
The company warns that the game’s financial impact will be “limited,” sending its shares down 17%. by Parmy Olson

Did Kevin Owens Vs. Sami Zayn Outshine The Shield Main Event At WWE Battleground?

1 hour 56 minutes ago
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn tore the house down at WWE Battleground. Was it enough to outshine Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns in the WWE Championship main event? by House Money Studios

This Week In MMA Biz: Dana White Backs Donald Trump, USADA Bans Mendes, McGregor/Rousey At UFC 205?

2 hours 9 minutes ago
It may not have been the most impactful story in the MMA business world this week, but it certainly was the loudest.  by Matt Connolly

In China, Every Brand is a Dollar Shave Club

2 hours 18 minutes ago
To put it more accurately, in China every brand can be a Dollar Shave Club (DSC).  Or a Harry’s or a Warby Parker.  In other words, every brand has the opportunity to participate in the market as a pure-play e-commerce brand. Even if the brand is already in the market, it can still behave like a pure play and capture the upside of the e-commerce channel. This opportunity for a brand to seize the special benefits of China e-commerce is especially true for premium and international brands. by Frank Lavin

Brock Lesnar's PED Misstep In The UFC Won't Hurt His Popularity In The WWE

2 hours 40 minutes ago
Sometimes it pays to have a rogue persona. by Brian Mazique

Chinese Investment In U.S. Hits Record High Of $18.4 Billion In First Half Of 2016

2 hours 54 minutes ago
Chinese companies invested $18.4 billion in the U.S. in the first half of this year, more than triple the amount invested in the first half of 2015, according to Rhodium Group. by Ellen Sheng

Roman Reigns' Loss At WWE Battleground Could Be The Beginning Of A Lengthy Punishment

4 hours 2 minutes ago
Roman Reigns returned to WWE and is still the biggest lightning rod in the promotion. But after losing his first match back, will WWE look to extinguish The Guy? by Alfred Konuwa

WWE Battleground 2016: Winners, Grades and Top Performances

The WWE title goes to Smackdown Live as Dean Ambrose won the battle of The Shield in the main event at WWE Battleground on Sunday night in Washington D.C. by Brian Mazique

Heading Into The Political Season, We Need To Think Seriously About What Drives Innovation

A free enterprise system is merely a starting point. We can only truly win the future if we invest in it. by Greg Satell

Beijing Playing Both Shark And Mermaid To Settle South China Sea Dispute

China has snapped out of a funk since the world arbitration court rejected Beijing's legal basis for claims to 95% of the widely disputed ocean off its south coast. Since the July 12 court decision, the Chinese military has held live-fire exercises and hinted at starting aerial patrols over the South China Sea. Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippine also claim all or parts of the same 3.5-million-square-kilometer sea. They're not happy with China's maritime expansions. China is also saying it will keep reclaiming land to build up the islets it holds in the sea, which is known for fisheries ... by Ralph Jennings

After Falling For His Own Myth, McGregor's Upcoming Rematch At 170lbs Is Taking A Heavy Risk

As Conor McGregor looked on at Jose Aldo at UFC 200, he wanted to let everyone know he’s still here, that he’s made his mark. He’s was used to leaving marks on opponents, but his own myth has left its mark on him. It was a rare appearance before UFC 202 where he intends to right a wrong, a wrong he did to himself. by Andrew Brennan

Travis d'Arnaud-Jonathan Lucroy Trade Would Be Win-Win For New York Mets And Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers and Mets are talking about trading catchers. Here's why a potential deal would be a win-win for both franchises by Zach Petersel

Chicago Bulls Would Be Wise To Move Taj Gibson

Taj Gibson is a productive, but expendable asset on the Bulls roster. by Brian Mazique

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