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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Budget Delays Add to Libya's Oil Headache

1 hour 16 minutes ago
After years of struggling to regain production ground following the violent collapse of the Gaddafi government, Libya is now struggling to keep vital output going as budget delays continue to strain operations. by Christopher Coats

Atlanta Concours d'Elegance Set For Inaugural Run

1 hour 21 minutes ago
Is there room for another major classic car gathering? Harry Krix and Bill Wallet certainly hope so. by Jason Fogelson

Atlanta Concours d'Elegance Preview

1 hour 21 minutes ago
by Jason Fogelson

'Insecure' Creator Issa Rae Inks Two Year Pact With HBO

1 hour 22 minutes ago
HBO has committed itself the the Issa Rae business for a long time. Rae, whose Insecure is coming to HBO on October 9th, inked a two year first-look production deal with HBO. by Spike Friedman

Warren Buffett-Backed BYD Rises To 14-Month High After Electric Car Sales Soar

1 hour 22 minutes ago
Hong Kong-traded shares in Chinese auto and battery maker BYD rose 2.9% to a 14-month high of HK$53.75 on Tuesday after the Shenzhen-headquartered manufacturer announced a big increase in first-half profit on Monday. by Russell Flannery

'90210' Star Pushes Anti-Age Discrimination Law; But Will It Stop Hollywood's Age Obsession?

1 hour 25 minutes ago
The proposed law will allow for the removal of birth dates on online casting databases. But what's going to stop the media from obsessing over actor's ages? by Ellen Killoran

Tim Tebow Plays Into Likely Baseball Contract After Sensationalized Showcase

1 hour 40 minutes ago
Tim Tebow just worked out for major league scouts. But did he do enough for a professional contract? by Gabe Zaldivar

The Empty FedEx Flight That Costs $30K

1 hour 47 minutes ago
Flight 1311 flies every day, but there's no one, and nothing, inside the plane except for the pilots. by Gabe Zaldivar

Love -- And Branding, As in New Teen-Focused Safety Commercials -- Make Subaru Shine

1 hour 54 minutes ago
Subaru just keeps talking about love in its advertisements -- and selling more vehicles. In fact, only supply constraints seem to be holding back the brand from continuing to pile one record year on top of another. by Dale Buss

Why One Youth Sports Concussion Law Is About To Be Softened

2 hours 3 minutes ago
From 2009 to 2014, all 50 states and the District of Columbia passed laws intended to address the issue of youth sports and concussions to varying degrees, from mandating training for school coaches to asking the state health department to produce and share information on traumatic head injuries. Generally, this legislation received little opposition in an age where awareness of the long-term dangers of concussions was being awakened. by Bob Cook

The Personal Pivot

2 hours 13 minutes ago
So, you're thinking about making a change... but you're keeping it on the down low. Well, here are five examples of leading digital thinkers who went public with their plans. The new Personal Pivot happens in the light of day. by Steven Rosenbaum

Meijer Expands Curbside Pick-Up To Compete with Other Giants in its Midwest Battleground

2 hours 21 minutes ago
Meijer is at the heartbeat of the consumer economy in the Midwest, competing neck-and-neck with national discounting giants such as Walmart and Target and with mega-regional grocery chains including Kroger. But the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based chain so far has proven to be a savvy player in the biggest competitive arena of all: online. by Dale Buss

The Future of Agriculture Could Rest With Self Driving Tractors

2 hours 26 minutes ago
This self-driving tractor could change the future of agriculture and usher in a new era of responsible farming management. by Jennifer Hicks

Unions And The Minimum Wage

2 hours 37 minutes ago
Noah Smith at Bloomberg View has  nice post on the Earned Income Tax Credit, an excellent program that helps fight poverty and incentivizes work. Noah highlights how much better the EITC is than the minimum wage at fighting poverty, and then wonders this: by Adam Ozimek

Meet The Women Whose Phenomenal Invention Will Save Thousands Of Lives

2 hours 49 minutes ago
We hear from two award-winning tech pioneers. by Leo King

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