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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Has America Lost Its Global Vision?

1 hour 11 minutes ago
The world economy is gasping for growth. And China is getting ready to deliver it -- with the right institutions and policies, like The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB); by financing infrastructure development projects all over the world; and by joining forces with Russia to create e-commerce platforms. by Panos Mourdoukoutas

Germanwings Crash Raises Questions For Pilots Taking Depression Drugs

1 hour 24 minutes ago
The crash of Germanwings Flight 4U9525 in the French Alps, killing 150 people, has raised critical questions about the mental and physical fitness of commercial pilots, disease treatments, and the rules for medically disqualifying a pilot from active service. This broad, perennial issue is now focused on whether a pilot with a diagnosis of depression should be permitted to fly, even if taking antidepressant drugs. by David Kroll

WrestleMania 2015: By The Numbers

1 hour 25 minutes ago
WWE's biggest event invades the Bay Area after a roller coaster year since unveiling its over-the-top WWE Network. Here are the numbers you need to know. by Kurt Badenhausen

Billionaire Ronald Lauder Talks Hugo Chavez, Bomb Shelters in Israel and Anti-Semitism

1 hour 28 minutes ago
"We sat down and I wanted to get the conversation going, and I said, 'President Chavez, I understand you're an anti-Semite.' I wanted to get it going in a good way," Ronald Lauder said. by Chloe Sorvino

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios: Incomplete Rebalancing Algorithm

1 hour 29 minutes ago
Schwab recently released Schwab Intelligent Portfolios (SIPs), "an automated investment advisory service." It claims to "make professional advisory services available to anyone with $5,000 to invest." by David John Marotta

Guns And Money: The Silencer Industry Seeks To Break Down Barriers

1 hour 29 minutes ago
Sometimes players in an industry have to take on the role of evangelists in order to open up crowds of new customers. The suppressor market – an accessory category within the firearms industry – is one space that’s seen growth as people tune in to the benefits of making rifles, shotguns and pistols less noisy. by Karsten Strauss

Chatting With Anne Parker: A Patient's View On How Cancer Care Has Changed Since The 1960s

2 hours 39 minutes ago
Anne Parker's perspective on cancer care – as a family member, patient and advocate – spans over 50 years. by Elaine Schattner

China Alcopop Entrepreneur Joins Ranks Of World's Richest

3 hours 9 minutes ago
Liu Xiaodong, chairman of Shanghai Bairun Flavor & Fragrance, has joined the ranks of the world’s billionaires last week following gains in the share price of his Shenzhen-listed company on the planned acquisition of domestic alcopop supplier Shanghai Bacchus. by Russell Flannery

Disruptive Hiring: Onfido's Background Checks Out With Investment Heavyweights

3 hours 12 minutes ago
Speeding up the hiring processes for global recruiters by Alison Coleman

IRS Forgives Tax Mistakes, Not Evasion Or Fraud, But Which Is Which?

3 hours 25 minutes ago
What's willful tax evasion and what's a forgivable mistake can mean big dollars or even your freedom. But how can you tell which is which, and who gets to decide? by Robert W. Wood

China Oilfield Equipment Billionaire Sun Weijie's Jereh To Buy Stake In UK's Plexus

3 hours 35 minutes ago
Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services Group, the Chinese oilfield equipment supplier chaired by Chinese billionaire Sun Weijie, has reached an agreement with Plexus Holdings, the London-listed oil and gas engineering and services company, to buy new shares representing a 5% stake at 180 pence a share, Jereh said in a statement on Friday. by Russell Flannery

Business Leaders Urged To Find A Purpose In Life

3 hours 42 minutes ago
It is tempting to think that disillusionment with big business stems from the financial crisis that began in 2008. Certainly, the activities that led to urgent efforts by politicians and central bankers to prevent a Depression did not do much to endear industrial leaders, particularly those in banks, to the public at large. Nor has the widening disparity between those at the top, still enjoying handsome packages, and those at the bottom, often employed on “zero-hours” contracts. But, while recent years may have seen the criticism intensify and the problems exacerbated, the issue has been around for some time. Indeed, ... by Roger Trapp

Tim Cook's $800 Million Giving Pledge: Why It's So Important

3 hours 59 minutes ago
Apple CEO Tim Cook’s decision, revealed in his interview with Fortune Magazine, to join the so-called Giving Pledge and give away the vast majority of what is to date an $800 million fortune,  is as important philosophically as it is financially. The dollar amount itself, in other words—which pales beside the multi-billion pledges made by Giving Pledge pioneers Bill Gates and Warren Buffet—is less significant than the assumptions underlying the pledge. by Howard Husock

Four Years After Her Death, Amy Winehouse Is Getting A Documentary

3 hours 59 minutes ago
How did Amy Winehouse become one of the UK’s most iconic singers of all time in such a short period of time? A new documentary coming this summer aims to explain just that. by Hugh McIntyre

In Pictures: Amy Winehouse

3 hours 59 minutes ago
by Hugh McIntyre

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