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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


The Evolution Of The Employee

2 hours 38 minutes ago
This concept and the visual was taken from my new book which came out today called, The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization. by Jacob Morgan

Why I'm Going All-In On Customer Service

Is customer service the competitive advantage your company needs to get ahead, and stay there? It is, and here are three reasons why. by Joshua Steimle

Over 90% Of Cloud Services Used In Healthcare Pose Medium To High Security Risk

According to cloud security vendor Skyhigh Networks, more than 13% of cloud services used in healthcare are high‒risk and 77% are medium risk ‒ as measured across 54 different security attributes (like data encryption and "two factor" authentication). by Dan Munro

Countries With The Fastest Internet Speeds

Think you're internet download speeds are too slow? Here's how it compares to some of the fastest (and slowest) broadband connection speeds around. Data is from the first quarter of 2013, by Akamai. by Kenneth Rapoza

At Odds With West, Russia Slowly Moves On

In an attempt to drift farther away from the West, Russia's government looking to replace U.S. software. by Kenneth Rapoza

How We All Got It Wrong: Women Were Behind These 7 Famously Inspiring Quotes

“Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration,” said Thomas Edison. by Maseena Ziegler

To Stop Piracy, The Music Industry Is Debating A Global Weekly Release Day For New Music

While stories of how harmful piracy is in the music industry don’t get reported as much these days as when the internet first took over as the primary distribution channel for music, it still plagues the business, hurting sales of every artist, regardless of popularity or genre. Album leaks may accrue a lot of attention, but they aren’t the primary source of piracy these days. Instead, the majority of illegal sharing and buying starts with legitimately purchased music that then spreads around the world. by Hugh McIntyre

New Approaches To Customer Data Can Improve The Effectiveness Of Marketing

We are entering an era of marketing where effectiveness will depend on creating highly personalized experiences at every touch point. To do this, marketers must have both the processes and tools needed to operationalize coherent views of prospects and customers. The tools are becoming better every day but marketers are lagging in utilizing those capabilities. by John Ellett

Space Launch Schedule For September 2014

Missions launching to space in September 2014 by Alex Knapp

Has The Ice Bucket Challenge Changed Healthcare Fundraising Forever?

There’s no shortage of Ice Bucket Challenge knockoffs. From giving rice to the needy to taking a pie to the face for suicide prevention, everyone’s trying to start a challenge that will receive even a fraction of what the ALS Association received from the Ice Bucket Challenge, which as of Aug. 29 was $100.9 million. by Jon Fortenbury

Ecclestone Gets Support From Leading Sports Lawyer

A leading sports lawyer has weighed in on the fallout from Bernie Ecclestone’s payment of $100 million to settle bribery charges and has said that the Formula One boss should not worry about follow-up lawsuits. by Christian Sylt

A Labor Chart For Labor Day: U.S. Has Gained 9.2 Million Jobs Since Recession's Lowest Point

Labor Day was created to honor American workers, and this year — despite the Great Recession — there are more of them then ever. by Dan Diamond

Two Reasons Why Extreme Social Surveillance Doesn't Replace Privacy

More than a few people maintain that if we all knew everything about each other, the world would be a better place. The total transparency argument takes many forms, and shades of it can be seen in the surveillance policy and discourse that holds that “more information is always better than less information,” and information asymmetries should always be remedied by more disclosure and surveillance, not less. by Woodrow Hartzog and Evan Selinger

7 Tests To Make An Accurate Sales Forecast

It won’t be easy, and it won’t make you popular, but here are seven tests to ensure that your sales forecasts will come true.  By asking these questions, you'll do more than improve your forecast accuracy. You will change behaviors. 1. Check for a Compelling Reason Why If you want to ensure that your sales forecast is real, you begin by asking one simple question: “What is the compelling reason that this perspective client is going to buy?” This is the first test because without a compelling reason to buy, the prospective client opportunity in your pipeline cannot be forecast. If the ... by Anthony Iannarino

Emerging Markets To Drive Automotive Comeback

A look at some of the car makers returning the most value to their shareholders since the 2008 financial crisis. by Kenneth Rapoza

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