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Monday, April 21, 2014


For Eight Million Enrollees, Coverage -- But Not Care

8 minutes ago
Last week, the Obama Administration announced that eight million Americans had signed up for insurance plans through Obamacare's exchanges. by Sally Pipes

Potential Impact On R&D Of A Pfizer Takeover Of AstraZeneca

1 hour 4 minutes ago
In all major mergers, there are good reasons given by the principals for the business case justifying such a move. However, my own experience teaches that such mergers have a debilitating impact on R&D, the engine of any biopharmaceutical company. by John LaMattina

The Path To Success For Deutsche Bank's CIO And Global Co-Head Of Technology And Operations

1 hour 5 minutes ago
The chief information officer role is a complicated one for anyone who holds the title. It is even more complicated for an executive who is new to an industry, as he or she needs to learn a new company and industry, while also learning about the people, processes, and technologies that the IT department are responsible for. When she joined Deutsche Bank in November 2013, Kim Hammonds added to this complexity, as she not only joined financial behemoth, Deutsche Bank, her first foray in financial services, but she also added the responsibilities as Co-Head of Technology and Operations for the ... by Peter High

Digging In To Sarepta's FDA Victory

1 hour 8 minutes ago
In a second dramatic reversal for a promising treatment for a terrible disease, Sarepta Therapeutics announced that it will file an application with the Food and Drug Administration for its drug eteplirsen, to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy that is caused by a specific mutation, by the end of 2014. The news should please both investors and patient advocates who have campaigned for the drug's approval. by Matthew Herper

Yangon Online Delivers Amazon, eBay and Apple to Myanmar

1 hour 23 minutes ago
The website of the Yangon Online Store resembles an early, very pared-down Amazon or eBay site.  The familiar categories of merchandise for sale include  books, electronics, computers, sports equipment, health & beauty, clothing,  automotive, and Apple products. by Susan Cunningham

Kentucky Derby 2014: Who's In, Who's Out

1 hour 48 minutes ago
Though the last major points-earning preps took place on Saturday, April 12, the Kentucky Derby field continued to take shape through last week, with the inevitable defections due to injury. by Teresa Genaro

OpenTable's Media Play: Before, During And After Dining

2 hours 34 minutes ago
OpenTable has defined the discovery and reservation experience for diners and restaurants in North America and in other parts of the world.  The company, which CEO Matt Roberts says “is the largest network in the world connecting diners and restaurants through reservations” has been focused since its founding in 1998 on a technology framework that lets restaurants run their businesses more efficiently. by Ava Seave

Previewing A 'Juicy' Supreme Court Case On Food Labeling Regulation

5 hours 5 minutes ago
A Supreme Court battle between rival juice manufacturers could reshape how we regulate food and drink names and labels by Eric Goldman

Is There A Link Between Prostate Cancer And Chronic Inflammation?

5 hours 5 minutes ago
Based on data from a new study from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, men who demonstrate evidence of chronic inflammation seen in prostate biopsies stemming from chronic prostatitis may have close to twice the risk of developing prostate cancer compared to those without inflammation. by Robert Glatter, MD

It's Not A Bubble Until It's Officially Denied, New Zealand Edition

5 hours 41 minutes ago
Why New Zealand's official bubble denial is no different than Ben Bernanke's bubble denial in 2005. by Jesse Colombo

Down 0-2, Blackhaws Tickets Now Have Lowest Postseason Premium In NHL Playoffs

Last season, the Blackhawks overcame a two-game deficit to defeat the Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup for the 2nd time in three years. If they’re going to repeat, they’ll have to do it again, this time against the St. Louis Blues. Last season, the Blackhawks were the number one seed in the West and had to overcome a scrappy 7th seed in the Wings. This year, however, is a different story, and if they’re going to advance to the next round of the NHL playoffs, they’ll have to it against the Blues, the team that Las Vegas is ... by Jesse Lawrence

U.S. Ranks 94th Of 100 Tax Systems; What Slovakia Could Teach IRS

U.S. Tax System Ranks 94th of 100, and Even Tax Administration Seems Lagging. What Can We Learn From Abroad? by Robert W. Wood

Five Red Flags That Tell You "Don't Take This Job!"

You can find tons of advice about how to get a job interview and how to snag a job. Most of the job-search advice I read comes from the "Do whatever you have to do to get hired!" school of thought. The job market isn't a job-seeker's paradise, but it isn't bad considering what it was like just a year or two ago. If you're willing to step outside the velvet ropes and try something new in your job search, you can get the interview, and get the job. by Liz Ryan

Cooperation And Corruption: Brothers From The Same Hormonal Mother

We humans contend with quite a few wicked flip sides in our personal and interpersonal lives. Gratitude can transform into resentment. Concern can morph into apathy. Love can quickly become hate. New research digs deeper into a similar neurobiological duality that can, and frequently does, run rampant in groups: the Jekyll and Hyde of cooperation and corruption. by David DiSalvo

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