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Friday, October 31, 2014


Apple Watch: What Rolex Dealers Say

1 hour 17 minutes ago
New York City Jeweler TraxNYC knows how to market expensive watches with a lot of bling. This year, the jeweler partnered with NBC’s America’s Got Talent. The show's host, Nick Cannon wore the jeweler’s $180 K Diamond Rolex Sky Dweller on-air and it sparkled brightly during the show’s finale at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan. by Susan Kalla

Lessons From the Melrose 1 Paramount Case

1 hour 40 minutes ago
Wow - Paramount didn’t even have to present a defense in the case brought against it involving Melrose 1. The plaintiffs alleged that just prior to their investment, Paramount secretly decided to change its distribution model from one that involved pre-sales with minimum guarantees and limited risk to one with no minimum guarantees and more risk. The court threw out the case after hearing just the plaintiffs’ side of the story and without a word from Paramount. Ouch. There are some valuable lessons to be learned from the case that apply to any film company raising financing for films: The court ... by Schuyler Moore

Japan Expands Money Supply While U.S. Expansion Ends

2 hours 8 minutes ago
The Fed recently decided the U.S. economy was strong enough to stop expanding the money supply. At the same time, Japan, a country that has been struggling with a sluggish economy for decades, is rapidly expanding its monetary base. Read to learn more about these two very opposite situations. by Mike Patton

This Man's Betting On The Technology Behind Apple Pay - And Even He Says It's Years Away From Wide Adoption

2 hours 30 minutes ago
Former PayPal and Google exec Osama Bedier has bet partly on Apple Pay's success with his point-of-sale terminal startup Poynt, but even he says Apple's mobile wallet is years away from the ability to be used universally at most retail stores. by Robert Hof

Gartner Calls for Self-Healing Apps -- Waratek's Already There

2 hours 40 minutes ago
Gartner thinks security has to be moved into applications to protect against threats. by Tom Groenfeldt

Leaders Need To Decide When To Co-operate And When To Go It Alone

2 hours 50 minutes ago
Android, the smartphone operating system that emerged almost from nowhere as a rival to Apple’s iOS, is perhaps the best known example of “open innovation”. Others are Linux, the software platform to which Android owes so much, and the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. But, while Linux and Wikipedia can be seen as groups of community-minded technologists, Android is at the heart of one of the most intensely-fought battles in contemporary business. Essentially, all smartphones run on either iOS or Android. To many, the decision to co-operate in order to compete with Apple probably looks like a simple result of the intense ... by Roger Trapp

Hong Kong Holds Key for Chinese Firms Expanding Internationally

2 hours 53 minutes ago
New opportunities in Hong Kong are emerging as Chinese brands start to look outwards from their large domestic market. by Freddie Dawson

Los Angeles City Council Instructs Los Angeles Police Department To Create Drone Policy

3 hours 46 minutes ago
The Los Angeles City Council voted to instruct the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the Police Commission and the City Attorney's Office to come up with criteria for the operation of drones in the City of Los Angeles. by Gregory S. McNeal

Disrupting Auto Finance

4 hours 4 minutes ago
Last year, I woke up to the sleeping giant of auto finance. Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed an explosion of startups building software that dramatically cuts inefficiencies in the exchange of information, goods, and services – disrupting industry incumbents in the process. In the last year, Silicon Valley is by Arjan Schütte

Higher Ed on the Campaign Trail

4 hours 7 minutes ago
The 2014 election is just days away. How have education issues factored into the campaigns, if at all? If the past is any guide, the smart money is on “not much.” In exit polls, education traditionally falls somewhere outside of the top three most-cited voter concerns. A high profile effort to turn education into a top campaign issue—“Ed in ’08”—largely failed to elevate education’s salience in the minds of voters. by Andrew Kelly

Movement On Cybersecurity Legislation Likely After Election

4 hours 7 minutes ago
The Senate will likely take up cybersecurity legislation immediately after returning from the mid-term election recess.  Republican and Democratic leaders in the Senate have both expressed a desire to take up the legislation, and have expressed confidence in the likelihood of some form of cybersecurity legislation being enacted into law. by Gregory S. McNeal

Amazon Releases Diversity Numbers For The First Time And Surprise, It's Mostly Male And White

4 hours 11 minutes ago
For a company that sells from India to Germany, Amazon maintains a workforce that is not particularly diverse. by Ryan Mac

Amazon Edges Past Apple In Tablet Satisfaction According To J.D. Power

4 hours 11 minutes ago
J.D. Power’s most recent tablet-centric customer satisfaction survey has been published and Amazon has scored a major victory.  According to the survey, Amazon now ranks highest in overall customer satisfaction. The survey, which is in its third year, measures customer satisfaction with tablets using five factors, ranked in order of importance—performance, ease of operation, features, styling and design, and cost. Performance accounts for 28% of the score, ease of operation 22%, features 22%, styling and design 17%, and cost 11%.  And overall satisfaction is calculated on a 1,000-point scale. by Marco Chiappetta

When Your Bank Says 'No' Where Can You Find Money?

4 hours 15 minutes ago
The alternative funding industry has changed dramatically over the last few years. Because of an increase in competitors and capital entering this market, small business owners (borrowers) are beginning to enjoy longer terms, lower rates, and shorter approval times. by Larry Myler

H2's 'Lost History' Aims To Recover America's Missing Historical Treasures

4 hours 21 minutes ago
The new H2 reality series, 'Brad Meltzer's Lost History,' travels the country highlighting significant artifacts that have gone missing, from the flag raised over Ground Zero to the original Wright Bros. patent document. Plus, viewers will be able to offer tips, possibly qualifying for reward money. by Dade Hayes

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