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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


US Downgrades Thailand's Aviation Safety Rating

51 minutes ago
The Federal Aviation Administration announced this morning that Thailand's aviation safety rating has been downgraded from Category 1 to Category 2.  This means that the FAA has determined that Thailand does not meet international safety standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization, referred to as ICAO.  As a result by John Goglia

42% Of All Albums Sold In The U.S. Last Week Were Adele's

51 minutes ago
By now, the world knows that Adele has smashed the all-time first week sales record with her latest album, 25, but with the release of the official numbers, what is sure to become a memorable part of her legacy just seems to become more and more impressive. by Hugh McIntyre

A Discounted REIT For Yield-Hungry Investors

51 minutes ago
Current bond market discounts indicate that investors are anticipating a Fed rate lift-off in December. This bodes well for yield-centric investors that have been stuck in a barren low-yield environment over the last seven years; however, the Fed is likely to move very slowly with its increases, drawing out a low-interest-rate environment even longer. This is one of the main reasons we’ve found ourselves looking to closed-end funds and real estate investment trusts (REITs) for yield in recent years. by Maury Fertig

Highest-Paid Women In Music 2014

51 minutes ago
by Hugh McIntyre

Altria In The Post-Merger World

56 minutes ago
The U.S. tobacco industry has undergone changes off late, the most significant being the much talked about merger between Reynolds American and Lorillard. This merger, which was completed in June 2015, is an important development for the American tobacco industry predominantly because of the degree of consolidation it brings. In particular, the industry was already highly consolidated, with the top 3 players accounting for over 85% of the market. With this merger, which involves players that represented the no.2 and no.3 spots, the degree of consolidation in the industry has intensified further, with the top three players now accounting for ... by Trefis Team

Dollar, RMB, euro: A new world economic order

58 minutes ago
By Linda Yueh, Adjunct Professor of Economics, London Business School by London Business School Review

Which Countries Are Most Enthusiastic About Self-Driving Cars? [Infographic]

1 hour 2 minutes ago
Self-driving cars are grabbing more and more headlines but are people actually ready for them? The World Economic Forum carried out a survey in conjunction with the Boston Consulting Group to gauge consumers' attitudes towards self-driving cars. It found that 58 percent of global respondents would take a ride in a fully self-driving vehicle with acceptance levels highest in emerging markets. by Niall McCarthy

Is The COP 21 Just More Hot Air Or A Real Chance For Climate Change?

1 hour 6 minutes ago
I am not a climate change skeptic but I am skeptical about the real impact of a series of annual summits that draws many thousands of delegates and journalists by air from all over the world to sit and talk about making promises to change behavior and reduce carbon dioxide and other kinds of emissions. by Marcel Michelson

Aussie Directors Put Their Stamp On A&E's Gory 'Roots' Remake

1 hour 6 minutes ago
At first glance it may seem incongruous that while Thomas Carter and Mario Van Peebles are each directing an episode of A+E Studios’ Roots remake, the other two segments are directed by Australians. by Don Groves

An Exceptional Insight Into Commercial Bribery Practices At British American Tobacco

1 hour 7 minutes ago
The BBC acquired hundreds of documents which purportedly show that British American Tobacco paid bribes to politicians, public officials and commercial rivals. by Jonathan Webb

Samsung Names Its New Smartphone Boss

1 hour 15 minutes ago
Long serving head of mobile JK Shin has finally been replaced by R&D head Dong-jin Koh, as Samsung tries to get flagging mobile sales back on track. by Parmy Olson

With The Help Of U.S., China And India Don't Have To Burn Coal Straight Up

1 hour 16 minutes ago
With 170 nations pledging to reduce their carbon footprints, there’s now daylight ahead at the climate talks in Paris. But as world leaders already know, no two commitments are the same, with the greatest divide coming between the developed and less-developed worlds. by Ken Silverstein

Brent Saunders Softens His View On Research With Jim Cramer On 'Mad Money'

1 hour 23 minutes ago
Drug discovery is a key component of R&D and Pfizer has a long history of discovering major new medicines, including drugs like Zoloft, Zithromax, Lipitor and, yes, Viagra. However, Saunders has made his reputation on repudiating the need for such investments. by John LaMattina

Health Systems Built For The 1% Face Big Population Health Gaps

1 hour 33 minutes ago
There is no better place to generate staggeringly high bills than at a hospital. For entirely rational reasons, healthcare providers invested vast sums of money on IT systems optimized to maximize billing opportunities. Unfortunately for hospital-based health systems, this is the polar opposite of what will drive success in the future. From a revenue-generating perspective, ordering as many procedures and interventions as possible created success in the old reimbursement model that is currently in its death throes. by Dave Chase

'Mighty No. 9' Is Gearing Up For Its Release Next Year

1 hour 33 minutes ago
In a new and quite cheesy trailer, Mighty No. 9 is gearing up for its release in February next year. by Ollie Barder

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