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Saturday, August 29, 2015


Luxury Real Estate 101: High Net Worths 'Bagging' World's Most Exclusive Villa Retreats

46 minutes ago
Luxury real estate. We would all probably like a little luxury pad to jet away to during our holidays or at other times. Be it an ocean-view idyll, a grand estate, a French- or Swiss-style splendour or a Texas ranch retreat. All that's required are deep pockets for an outright property purchase or luxury rental. by Roger Aitken

Janssen Pharmaceuticals Accused of Hiding Risperdal's Breast Effects In Boys

1 hour 1 minute ago
Risperidone is an antipsychotic with known side effects that clinicians must balance against its benefits for a subset of autistic people. Although it can, for some autistic people, help reduce self-injurious and aggression-related behaviors, the drug can also lead to weight gain and even a movement disorder. by Emily Willingham

Driverless Cars, Analytics and Tough Standards for 21st Century Innovation

1 hour 9 minutes ago
Everybody talks about innovation these days, but the word is used so lightly. Every new app, gadget or product feature is now “innovation”. A few decades ago, “innovation” implied a life-changing advance in technology: the transistor, the computer, space flight. Does it mean anything that we speak of innovation more casually today than we did in the past century? Maybe. by Meta S. Brown

Next Billion Dollar Startups

1 hour 48 minutes ago
by Cheryl Conner

3 Steps To A Billion Dollar Company (A Hint: Communication Is One Of The 3)

1 hour 48 minutes ago
To reach the rarified air of a billion dollar product and company, you’ll need in idea that’s more than smart. You’ll need brilliant strategy and execution as well. by Cheryl Conner

The New Exclusive Place To Stay On Kauai

1 hour 51 minutes ago
There's a lot of real estate development on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai. One of the better aspects is the opening of The Lodge at Kukuiula on the island's sunny South Coast. by Laurie Werner

Kauai's Kukui'ula

1 hour 51 minutes ago
by Laurie Werner

Why Millennials Should Get Smart And Choose Sioux Falls Over San Francisco

2 hours 10 minutes ago
If you're a Millennial in search of your next great career opportunity, consider moving to the Midwest, suburban Michigan or even the rural South to seek your fortune. While research from the Boston Consulting Group shows that almost 60% of Millennials would be willing to relocate abroad for a job, plenty of US employers that don't boast NYC, LA, SF HQ say they're struggling to recruit and retain young talent. by J. Maureen Henderson

Fantasy Casting the 'Borderlands' Movie

2 hours 21 minutes ago
by Paul Tassi

Fifteen Actors That Could Star In The 'Borderlands' Movie

2 hours 21 minutes ago
Yesterday, Legendary Pictures announced that they were adapting Borderlands into a post-apocalyptic blockbuster, and the gaming community reacted with a collective arched eyebrow. First, there’s the obvious fact that any new video game feature film has to be met with some skepticism given how terrible nearly all other attempts have been to date. Second, there’s the infamous story about how the entire concept for Borderlands was (allegedly) ripped off from a cell-shaded short film, CodeHunters. by Paul Tassi

Xiaomi Takes Up Samsung In Its Home Base, Changes The Rules Of The Game

2 hours 23 minutes ago
  After taking up Samsung (KSE:005930.KS) in the Chinese market and winning the game, Xiaomi is getting ready to enter the Korean market, according to a story in BusinessKorea. That certainly changes the rule of the game in the smartphone market. Once upon a time, the smartphone market was divided into two segments: the high-end segment where consumers look for more advanced devices that come at a high price tag; and the low-performance segment where consumers look for basic devices that come at a low price tag. Apple and Samsung dominated the upper market segment, while other Asian smartphone makers dominated the low end. Now ... by Panos Mourdoukoutas

Your Biggest Risk...Is The Hardest One To See

2 hours 32 minutes ago
Because it doesn't come from anything you do. It doesn't come from anything which anyone (hackers, terrorists, your competitors, your staff...) does to you. It comes from not doing. Kodak failed because it didn't develop digital photography. Nokia shrank to a shadow of its former self because it didn't develop the smartphone.  And a whole host of other less well-known businesses slowly faded away because they didn't do what they needed to do. by Alastair Dryburgh

Tourists Flock to Ksiaz Castle in Poland as Underground Nazi Gold Train Found

2 hours 35 minutes ago
With the recent news from Poland that a Nazi Treasure train has been located near or under the famed Ksiaz Castle, wealthy treasure hunters and tourists are now flocking to the region to discover the hidden treasure themselves. by Jim Dobson

Inside the Mysterious Ksiaz Castle in Poland

2 hours 35 minutes ago
by Jim Dobson

Bandai Namco Held A 'Dark Souls 3' Preview Event In A California Castle

2 hours 52 minutes ago
'Dark Souls III' held its first major preview event in a lavish castle in California wine country. by Erik Kain

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