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Monday, November 24, 2014


Morocco's Startups At The Crossroads

59 minutes ago
A few weeks ago, I was a keynote speaker in Casablanca, Morocco at the Global Annual Conference of CEED, a organization that assists entrepreneurs in several emerging markets. There I met countless inspiring people, mostly from Morocco but also from nearby places. I could virtually taste the electricity in the air. Entrepreneurs and other businesspeople were continuously buzzing around the event, pitching, trading, and pursuing their dreams. Morocco, it seems, is rising. by Victor W. Hwang

American Biotech Start-Ups Head To China For Capital Partners

1 hour 1 minute ago
Nestled in a quiet industrial park in Redmond, Washington, not too far from the Microsoft headquarters, is a small biotech start-up with both an interesting technology they are bringing to market, as well as a capital partner that suggests some ways in which global biotech research, venture capital and commercialization are going to change. by Benjamin Shobert

Inside The Details Of Giancarlo Stanton's Mega-Contract With Marlins

1 hour 1 minute ago
By now, you've heard that the Miami Marlins have inked Giancarlo Stanton to the richest contract in sports history. But, when you look at how the $325 million deal is structured, plus award bonuses, it could amount to even more still. Here's all the details by Maury Brown

Which takes the biggest economic toll on the world: smoking, war or obesity?

1 hour 1 minute ago
When it comes to social burdens created by humans, smoking, war and obesity rank right at the top of the list. And according to a new report from McKinsey, the three are actually about equally destructive, at least from an economic perspective. by Ana Swanson

A Prediction: Best Buy Will Beat the Competition And Exceed Expectations

1 hour 11 minutes ago
When Hubert Joly took the reins of Best Buy in late 2012 as CEO, he worked in the stores to get a feel for the company’s fiber.  Now he is transforming the company by taking an aggressive stance against all competitors – Amazon, Walmart, Target, Sears and any other retailers selling consumer electronics. His recent results have been exciting.  I predict this Christmas will be exceptional for Best Buy. Last year the company dropped 1.2% in domestic sales in the fourth quarter. The year before that it dropped 1.4%. With the new initiatives I believe the company will have 2 - ... by Walter Loeb

Reselling Free Tickets: In Praise Of The Bills-Jets Scalpers

1 hour 16 minutes ago
Don't blame scalpers for more efficiently distributing tickets to the most eager customers. by Jim Pagels

Who Invests In Ukraine In A Time Of Turmoil?

1 hour 21 minutes ago
A year after Ukraine’s anti-government protests ousted corrupt president Viktor Yanukovych, the crisis in Ukraine continues with a Russian invasion in the country’s East and a nationwide political system that so far hasn’t proven it’s capable of fighting corruption and bringing about much-needed reforms. Nevertheless, some consider Ukraine an opportunity. by Katya Soldak

I Asked 20,000 Doctors About Fitbit And Apple's HealthKit, And Here's The Answer

1 hour 31 minutes ago
Practice Fusion, a fast-growing provider of free electronic health records, threw a brilliant pitch at me. Would I like to pose a question to their doctors? More than 112,000 medical professionals use Practice Fusion’s cloud-based software, and every week the company taps into its community of doctors to gauge their knowledge about, say, accountable care organizations, or how much they’re willing to pay for a product. CEO Ryan Howard calls it “feedback Friday.” The responses help guide the company’s business decisions. To get a quick answer, I had to craft a single sentence that elicited a yes or no. I wanted ... by Zina Moukheiber

Mongolia Under UN Human Rights Investigation For Executive Detention

1 hour 45 minutes ago
The most notable current example of the use of Mongolia's exit visa ban is American Justin Kapla's situation, as well as the situation of his former Philippine colleagues Hilarion Cajucom, Jr. and Cristobal David. Mr. Kapla's case was accepted by the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHCR) on November 17, 2014. The government of Mongolia now has 6 months to respond. by Jon Springer

Traveling This Week? How To Avoid The Flu When You Fly

1 hour 46 minutes ago
Flying can make you sick — literally. by Dan Diamond

Report: Anonymous Messaging App YikYak Raises $65 Million

1 hour 56 minutes ago
After sweeping through hundreds of college campuses in the U.S., YikYak secures money from the same financiers behind WhatsApp and Whisper. by Parmy Olson

Serving The Global Super-Rich

2 hours 21 minutes ago
Professionals seeking to be engaged by the global super-rich need to have the resources available to address their needs through the world. by Russ Alan Prince

Top 25 Restaurants On Social Media

2 hours 31 minutes ago
Restaurant industry is making social a priority. Here is what top restaurants doing to stay relevant. by Ekaterina Walter

The Power of Gratitude: Why Thanksgiving Should Be A Daily Event

3 hours 46 minutes ago
The term "Thanksgiving" has become such a part of our lexicon that it's easy to skirt over why this annual holiday came to be such a central part of American culture. Which is why, in this week of Thanksgiving, as millions brave crowded airports and highways to gather with their family, it's worth taking a few extra moments to reflect on the important role that giving thanks - and practicing gratitude - can have on our lives, and in turn, on the way we impact those around us. by Margie Warrell

Podcast: Frost's Fabozzi discusses 'pain points' in EHR data retrieval

5 hours 7 minutes ago
Electronic health records usability, or lack thereof, is the big talk this year in health IT, as federal officials get ready to contemplate the rules for Stage 3 of the Meaningful Use EHR incentive program. by Neil Versel

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