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Friday, August 22, 2014


Business Cards Are Dead. Here's Why.

45 minutes ago
If you're working a desk job, you can likely remember the feeling of having arrived that came from receiving your first set of business cards. There's your name and title on a piece of card stock. Here's a tangible sign that you matter in a form that can be slipped into the hand of anyone you meet and/or greet. It’s a shame that business cards aren’t what they used to be. In fact, business cards are a relic of a bygone era of corporate schmoozing and have no place in your current networking efforts. Here's why: by J. Maureen Henderson

The Truth About Video Game Journalism

52 minutes ago
It's been a strange week in video game land, particularly on the front of the unfortunate war between gaming fans and the gaming press, which is reaching new levels of insanity. All this week, every forum thread I read is decrying the state of the gaming press. My Twitter feed, conversely, full of gaming journalists, is decrying the state of the gaming public. by Paul Tassi

It's Rubbish To Say The Banks Are Public Utilities Today

1 hour 1 minute ago
Calling  banks like J.P.Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and  Morgan Stanley "public utilities" is  just absurd. It's only an attempt to tar and feather the folks who believe that the financial institutions that brought us all the near Armageddon of 2008 don't require so much oversight and policing to make sure they don't go crazy getting over-leveraged and taking dangerous risks. by Robert Lenzner

The Manziel-Tebow Connection

1 hour 3 minutes ago
Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow fame on entering the NFL places them and their coaches under great pressure, even by NFL standards. The fame and pressures push sometimes to avoid them, but it also means that the players have little room for anything below great. by Brian Goff

Level 6 Time Management: Managing Change And Trends

1 hour 9 minutes ago
This is the third article in my series on Change Management and Business Transformation. by Ken Krogue

Uber Now Integrates With United And Hyatt Apps

1 hour 22 minutes ago
The car-sharing app Uber has been growing wildly over the last few years, with presences springing up in cities large and small around the world. They're also expanding digitally; just this past May, Google updated its apps for iOS and Android with direct Uber integration, allowing users to call a car directly when searching for directions. by Grant Martin

Why Guidelines Should Be Waged Like War

1 hour 25 minutes ago
Here's a modest proposal: we need fewer and shorter guidelines. In fact, I'd like to propose that guidelines, like war, should be waged only when there is absolute consensus and overwhelming evidence. by Larry Husten

Frank Miller Doesn't Own Batman

1 hour 26 minutes ago
Frank Miller is not the authority on all-things Batman. That should be an obvious statement, since he is not Bill Finger, Bob Kane and thus did not create Batman. Nor is he Jerry Robinson or Dick Sprang, who were (among others) instrumental in forming the character and his world in the earliest days of his comic book existence. He is just one writer, one of many over the years, who penned authoritative Batman stories and helped define one specific version of the character. So when Frank Miller says that he hasn't watched any Batman movies in full and doesn't think ... by Scott Mendelson

Are Neutral Site College Football Games Alienating Younger Fans?

1 hour 36 minutes ago
College football programs are moving some of their biggest games off campus. But is that costing them the loyalty of younger fans? by Kevin Trahan

Microsoft Reveals The Xbox One

1 hour 37 minutes ago
by Brian Solomon

GameStop Profits Power Up On PlayStation 4, Xbox One Demand

1 hour 37 minutes ago
GameStop had a rough start to 2014, but over the last few months it seems to have grabbed an extra life or two. by Brian Solomon

Hackers Unmask Anonymous Posters On Secret, Including App's Founder

1 hour 45 minutes ago
A design flaw in the mobile confessional allowed two security researchers to read the Secret posts of more than two dozen friends and family. by Parmy Olson

Can Mark Wahlberg Transform Focus Of BP Disaster Movie?

1 hour 47 minutes ago
Deepwater Horizon, the Hollywood treatment of the disaster, is apparently moving forward, with Mark Wahlberg in talks to star. The script is based on a New York Times story about the final day on the rig. by Loren Steffy

How Much Energy Does Your iPhone (And Other Devices) Really Use?

2 hours 8 minutes ago
Are they vampires or sippers? Here's what's worth worrying about and what's not. by Gordon Kelly

iPhone 6 Production Delayed, Claims Reuters. Risks Troubled Launch

2 hours 8 minutes ago
Production delays are alleged to have hit the iPhone 6 and place question marks over its release and availability. by Gordon Kelly

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