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Saturday, December 20, 2014


Sad But True. Report Finds US Lags Behind Other Countries In Commercial Drone Use

51 minutes ago
In another sign that the United States is behind other countries in the commercialization of drone technology, the Government Accounting Office in a report to Congress this month stated that Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada "have progressed further than the United States with regulations supporting integration."  The GAO's conclusions are based in part on a 2014 study done by MITRE for the Federal Aviation Administration.  The report found that three of those countries - Japan, the UK and Canada - have regulations that specifically allow some small commercial uses of unmanned aerial vehicles. by John Goglia

Wine Of The Year 2014 -- NickOnWine

1 hour 18 minutes ago
After an exhaustive troll through the database of the thousands of wines I’ve tasted this year - the brilliant, the forgettable and the undrinkable - one wine emerges as the obvious worthy recipient of the first ever NickOnWine’s Wine Of The Year Award, the: by Nick Passmore

Donald Sterling Knows What It Feels Like To Be A Hacked Sony Executive

2 hours 14 minutes ago
Former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling must have sympathy for Sony executives. by Mike Ozanian

Donald Sterling

2 hours 14 minutes ago
by Mike Ozanian

The Economics Of College Football Bowl Season

4 hours 19 minutes ago
A look at college football bowl season and the seemingly never-ending involvement of sponsors. How did it get to this point and is it impacting the quality of the product? by Vincent Frank

The 10 Highest-Paid Women In Music 2013

6 hours 28 minutes ago
Madonna is the top-earning woman in music—not to mention the top-earning musician or celebrity of any stripe, regardless of gender. She’s not the only lady pulling multiple millions of dollars from music this year. Read on to see the rest of the top ten. by Hugh McIntyre

Surprise! Madonna's New Album Is Available For Pre-Order

6 hours 28 minutes ago
It seems that globally-adored music stars waiting until the middle of the night to release big surprises is now the norm when it comes to pop music. by Hugh McIntyre

Future-Friendly Customer Service: Consulting Your Inner Domino's Pizza Tracker

7 hours 43 minutes ago
Want to alienate your customers good and quick? Require them to waste time and effort contacting your business for what I refer to (with my less squeamish customer service consulting clients at least) as Stupid Sh-t™. These are the questions that customers are so likely to have that you as a provider should have predicted they'd come up, and proactively dealt with them.  (For my profanity-opposed clients, I call it Stupid St-ff,™ which works about as well.) by Micah Solomon

Happy Holidays from the Bogleheads

On behalf of the entire Bogleheads Community, I'd like to wish each and every one of our readers all the very best in this holiday season.  by Mel Lindauer

Fiesta Bowl Tickets Are Up 57% Over Last Season

After a bit of a ticketing controversy for Boise State fans, the Fiesta Bowl will be the second most expensive on the secondary market over the past five seasons. That includes a 57% increase from ticket prices last season for the game between Baylor and UCF. by Jesse Lawrence

8 Customer Service, HR and Leadership Secrets From The Broadmoor Hotel

Want to improve your customer service experience? Who better to learn from than Colorado Springs’ iconic Broadmoor And Resort, a hotel with customer service and hospitality so stellar, genuine, eager and consistent that it actually turns guests into nicer human beings when they stay there.  It’s a level of customer service that has earned the Broadmoor an unmatched 53 straight years of Forbes (formerly Mobil) travel awards, and that continues to set it apart.  I had the opportunity to pull back the curtain with Resident Manager Ann Alba (one of the most visible leaders at the hotel) as well as Calvin Banks, Broadmoor's ... by Micah Solomon

Obama Signs 2014 Tax Extenders: Money In Your Pocket

Individuals and businesses have cause to celebrate through year-end but come January 1, it’s tax law uncertainty once again. by Ashlea Ebeling

Sony's 'Interview' Hacking Debacle Proves Comedy Is Hard

Lest we forget, 'The Interview' was supposed to be a comedy. But when Sony canceled its release, after a massive computer hack caused an international incident, it left a question about why comedy remains the trickiest of show business terrain. by Dade Hayes

FDA Approves Second Cubist Antibiotic Of 2014

Late on a Friday in June, well after 6:00 pm, the FDA approved Cubist Pharmaceuticals' tedizolid phosphate (Sivextro) for gram-positive skin infections including those caused by MRSA. by David Kroll

Local Schools, Penn State And Boston College, Driving High Prices For Pinstripe Bowl Tickets (Infographic)

Since its inception in 2010, the Pinstripe Bowl has been one of the lone college bowl games in the Northeast. While the bowl typically grabbed local schools, such as Syracuse and Rutgers to participate, it wasn’t until last season’s matchup which included the nationally popular Notre Dame was involved when high secondary market prices popped up in the Bronx. This year there will be a combination of national and local appeal. Both Penn State and Boston College are within 250 miles from Yankee Stadium and both schools have a widespread fan base and alumni coverage. by Jesse Lawrence

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