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Sunday, May 29, 2016


America's Worst Minimum Wage Pundit

45 minutes ago
Nick Hanauer made billions of dollars as a tech investor, and for this reason he is invited to write his thoughts on the minimum wage in various publications. It’s unfortunate, because he is exceptionally wrong and uninformed. So where to begin? To start with, despite pontificating confidently about the minimum wage for years, he seems to have no understanding of why many liberal economists are worried about setting the minimum wage too high. In a piece arguing that it’s “nonsense” to think there is any risk to raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, he writes: by Adam Ozimek

Time To Hydrate Your Portfolio With Water Stocks

56 minutes ago
Water will be a key resource so consider investments related to infrastructure such as dam construction and utilities, says Vinny Catalano, global investment strategist at Blue Marble Research. He speaks with Forbes contributor Simon Constable. by Simon Constable

This Week In Sports Law: Tom Brady Appeal, Baylor Fires Briles, Tony Gwynn's Family Vs Tobacco

1 hour 41 minutes ago
Topics discussed: Tom Brady's appeal against Deflategate suspension, the Patriots backing Brady, NFL's role in stalling concussion research, Tony Gwynn's family suing a tobacco company, and more. by Darren Heitner

Li Na and The $228 Million Wuhan Open Pushing The Boat Out In Paris

2 hours 9 minutes ago
Asia's first grand slam singles winner is in Paris to promote her hometown tournament. by Danielle Rossingh

Primary Care Doctor Pay Surpasses $250K Annually

2 hours 11 minutes ago
Annual physician compensation rose 4.3 percent to $251,578 in 2015 for primary care doctors and to more than $425,000 for specialists, the Medical Group Management said. by Bruce Japsen

What Does Your Doctor Make?

2 hours 11 minutes ago
by Bruce Japsen

Is Standing Really Better Than Sitting At Work? Try Doing Both

3 hours 11 minutes ago
Standing desks have generated a lot of news and considerable hype over the last few years, some of which I’ve covered here. Frankly, all of this coverage has been missing something important. Sitting for hours on end isn’t wise, true enough, but nothing in the research proves that the remedy is merely standing up all day instead. As with every question worth studying, it’s not that simple. by David DiSalvo

6 Desks To Save You From Death By Sitting

3 hours 11 minutes ago
by David DiSalvo

Why America Needs Tesla And The Model 3 To Succeed

4 hours 39 minutes ago
Success for Tesla and the Model 3 is success for America. by Brooke Crothers

Tesla Bull And Bear Cases

6 hours 50 minutes ago
This is a summary of three Bull and Bear cases for Tesla’s stock. by Chuck Jones

Harvard Scientist Engineers Superbug That Inhales CO2, Produces Energy

11 hours 10 minutes ago
The Harvard chemist who gave us the artificial leaf has genetically engineered bacteria to absorb hydrogen and carbon dioxide and convert them into fuel alcohol. Now he reports the process converts sunlight ten times more efficiently than plants do. by Jeff McMahon

Artificial-Leaf Inventor Slams New Energy Finance, Blames Universities

11 hours 10 minutes ago
Daniel Nocera has given up on the American system for financing energy startups. It brings innovations to market too slowly, he said in Chicago this month, in part because the system is rigged to make professors wealthy. by Jeff McMahon

Breitling Watches Demonstrates Trump-like View Of Women

First a response to Kirsty Russell, of Fawkham in the United Kingdom. I’m not surprised you’ve heard nothing from officials with Breitling, after you complained about the inappropriate sex-toy-like display at a Breitling shop in your neighborhood. by Christine Negroni

Steven Spielberg Is Wrong About Virtual Reality

The art of storytelling is about to change for the better. by Dani Di Placido

Why WWE Should Not Have Pulled New John Cena Shirt Despite Pabst Blue Ribbon's Threat

WWE pulled its new John Cena shirt after complaints from Pabst Blue Ribbon and has since replaced it with a new one, but here's why the pro wrestling company didn't have to pull it in the first place. by Blake Oestriecher

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