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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Hillary Clinton Wants Millenials To Know She's Running For President

31 minutes ago
Hillary Clinton  is making the media rounds promoting her book, “Hard Choices,” with interviews on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and NPR, where she has discussed topics ranging from Benghazi to Monica Lewinsky. But the question everyone wants the answer to: is Clinton running for president? by Frances Bridges

30 Must-Have iPhone Apps For Frequent Flyers

52 minutes ago
by Ewan Spence

Will IBM Come To The Rescue Of Apple's Under Pressure iPad?

52 minutes ago
Following Apple's Q3 2014 earnings call, one things stands out for me and that is the response by Apple to the slowing sales of the iPad range. In fact it's a response they announced last week before the earnings call, but the current numbers cast it and Tim Cook's decision-making in a positive light. by Ewan Spence

Look Out, TV - The Next Driver For Facebook's Mobile Ad Push Will Be Video

1 hour 5 minutes ago
It's no secret by now that Facebook has completely figured out how to make money on ads running on mobile devices--a big turnaround from just two years ago when the lack of mobile ads tanked its initial public offering. To date, it's believed that many of those ads are aimed at driving people to install mobile apps. by Robert Hof

Neighbourly: Britain's Charities And Community Projects Reach Out To Business

1 hour 17 minutes ago
A new internet platform aims to connect businesses with budgets to for support of good causes with those projects that are in need of such funding. by David Prosser

Agility Is The Key To Survival In Good Times And Bad

1 hour 22 minutes ago
Most small businesses are trying to forget the recent recession, and get back to “business as usual.” They don’t realize that business as usual is gone forever. With social media and smart phone conversations, real product information spreads at astounding speeds. Entrepreneurs that are not listening, not engaging, and not changing will be left behind even in the best of times. by Martin Zwilling

'Frozen' Star Idina Menzel, Actor Taye Diggs Selling Home

1 hour 52 minutes ago
Actor Taye Diggs and actress/singer Idina Menzel are going their separate ways and selling their home in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles. The home is on the market for $2.995 million. by Zillow

Attention, TV Networks: Facebook Is Coming For You Next

1 hour 53 minutes ago
Mark Zuckerberg likes to use the first few minutes of his quarterly earnings calls to preview big themes that he sees as pivotal to Facebook's future. With a particularly strong quarter of results in hand, Zuckerberg took the opportunity to sketch out a particularly ambitious goal: stealing market share from just about every other form of digital media, particularly television. by Jeff Bercovici

FAA Extends Flight Ban To Israel By Another 24 Hours

1 hour 53 minutes ago
The FAA issued another Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) this afternoon informing US airlines that the flight ban announced yesterday remains in effect for all flights in and out of Ben Gurion International Airport "for up -to-an-additional 24 hours while the FAA continues to monitor and evaluate the situation."  As my colleague, Grant Martin, wrote yesterday the FAA instituted the flight ban Tuesday in response to a rocket strike that landed approximately one mile from the airport. by John Goglia

CBS Films' Presidency: And Then There Was One

1 hour 56 minutes ago
After struggling to get a strong foothold in the film realm for the past seven years, CBS has placed its bets on a seasoned film marketer to transform its boutique label into a serious competitor. by Jude Brennan

Well-Funded Competition Forced Longtime VC-Free FreshBooks Into Investors' Arms

1 hour 58 minutes ago
For twelve years, Mike McDerment has run FreshBooks out of Toronto to be self-sufficient. But when your market gets more competitive, running on your own margins isn't always enough. So as FreshBooks runs the risk of falling behind companies with many millions more in the bank in a race to provide accounting software to small businesses, the founder's had to change his tune on venture capital. by Alex Konrad

Discovering Asia-Pac's 'Sustainably' Profitable SMEs

2 hours 11 minutes ago
The universe of small-to medium-size Asia-Pacific enterprises is so large that it yields many unfamiliar names as we screen for top sustained performance. by Tim Ferguson

Australia's Seek Takes Online Job Search Abroad (Seek Zhaopin)

2 hours 26 minutes ago
Dominant Australian online job site Seek is extending its credentials abroad. by Forbes Staff

Singapore's 50 Richest Score Big Gains Amid Buying Binge

2 hours 35 minutes ago
A sluggish economy spurs an offshore dealmaking frenzy among Singapore's tycoons by Naazneen Karmali

Property Developer Koh Wee Meng Seek Terrain In Australia

2 hours 35 minutes ago
A canny developer decides it's time to seek safer terrain. by Forbes Staff

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