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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Apple Broadens Retail Store Recycling Efforts

57 minutes ago
On Earth Day 2014 Apple used its retail stores to spotlight the company's environmental initiatives, and also announced the stores are the target of an ambitious renewable energy project. by Gary Allen

Solaire Shines Light On Philippine Casino Ambitions

3 hours 7 minutes ago
Results from Manila’s newest world class casino and its key rival cast shadows on plans to put it on the global gaming map. by Muhammad Cohen

Innovators In The UK: Male, Affluent And Long-Term Planners

4 hours 10 minutes ago
London-based innovation charity Nesta is launching a piece of research called "Innovation population", which looks at the British attitudes to innovation. Nearly three–quarters of the British believe that current spending levels on innovation by UK business and government are about right, or too low by Federico Guerrini

Your Local Mall, Re-digitized

It is now generally understood that the way to keep shoppers in malls is not merely to appeal to their inner coupon clipper. by Erika Morphy

Forbes To Launch Forbes Philippines, The Latest Local Edition In Asia

Forbes Media and Summit Media, a leading Philippines publisher with more than 20 titles under its umbrella, yesterday announced a partnership to publish Forbes Philippines, a monthly magazine for leading CEOs and entrepreneurs in the country. by Russell Flannery

Are You Too Tentative? Four Ways To Take Smarter Risks, Not Just Safe Ones

When weighing a risk, potential losses tend to loom larger than potential gains. That is, we tend to focus more on what might go wrong ? what we might lose or sacrifice ? than what might go right. Because our imaginations tend to magnify what we focus on, we often misjudge (and over-estimate) the likelihood of it occurring. Yet the reality is that the risk of something not working out is rarely as high as we estimate, and the odds of it working out well are often far greater. by Margie Warrell

The Secret to Lowering Your Energy Bills

When you’re paying your monthly rent or mortgage, the last thing you  want to worry about are high energy bills adding to your expense. It’s the era for going green. Lowering your energy bills saves you money and is better for the environment. Doing so is incredibly easy since it’s mainly a case of changing your habits and making better choices. by Trulia

9 Steps to Boost Your Credit Before You Buy

The process of buying a home doesn’t just begin when you walk through the door of your first open house – it starts long before that. One of the first stops on the road to home ownership is figuring out your finances, and that includes understanding your credit, a critical piece of the buying puzzle. by Trulia

Outwitting the Automated Recruiting Machine

If you've tried to apply for a job lately, you know that employers are blowing smoke when they whine "It's so hard to find good people!" It isn't hard at all to find good people. It's only hard to convince good people with normal self-esteem to slog through the endless gauntlet of demeaning, soul-crushing steps that make up the typical corporate Selection Pipeline. by Liz Ryan

Thanks To Best Record In Baseball, Brewers Tickets Up 19% Since Beginning Of MLB Season

Now about three weeks into the MLB schedule, teams have begun to establish their identities. At this point last year, the Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves, Oakland Athletics, and Pittsburgh Pirates had all gotten out to fast starts, announcing their presence to the league as competitive teams despite lower expectations heading into the season. All four teams would go on to make the playoffs, with the Red Sox eventually winning the World Series. Contrarily, teams such as the LA Angels and Washington Nationals stumbled a bit out of the gate, and eventually faded out of contention by the summer months. Typically, ... by Jesse Lawrence

The Right (And Wrong) Way To Think About How Aereo Works

Aereo, a service that lets users record broadcast TV shows over the internet and stream the recording to their mobile devices, is fighting for its life before the Supreme Court this week. (My colleague J.J. Colao is there following the case.) by Jeff Bercovici

Private Equity Shifts Gears In Emerging Markets

After surveying another year of disappointing results from their emerging market investments in 2013, many private equity (PE) investors that had enthusiastically piled into the big developing economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China (the BRICs) are rethinking their emerging market strategies. by Bain Insights

5 Things Edtech Startups Can Learn From Classroom Teachers

Edtech is a big market, trillions of dollars globally. No wonder there are so many entrepreneurs trying to grab a piece. In an age when start-up entrepreneurs routinely try to come up with the next big gold rush, however, it is easy to forget that the fundamentals of pedagogy have remained stable for thousands of years. Great technology does not disrupt as much as it empowers humans to do a better job at staying the same. Each week, I get emails from hundreds of startups. They want me to look at their products...or should I say, their “innovations.” Some of them are ... by Jordan Shapiro

UAW Stand-Down In Tennessee May Signal Its Ultimate Demise

It's remarkable how fast the triumphalist vision of United Auto Workers President Bob King is crumbling. by Dale Buss

Texas Billionaire Lands Big Deal For BP's Alaska Oilfields

Deal size is estimated to be on the order of $1.5 billion. by Christopher Helman

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