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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Business Week

In Japan, Obama Has a Message for China: Back Off

1 hour 58 minutes ago
The U.S. president weighs in forcefully on the dispute over tiny islands in the East China Sea

Will California Teachers Support the Staples Boycott?

2 hours 9 minutes ago
The state's teachers union will vote on whether to buy school supplies at Staples

John Henry and the Making of a Red Sox Dynasty

6 hours 37 minutes ago
The Boston Red Sox’s owner didn’t buy a championship team. He built one by doing the math

Google and Facebook's Fight for the Future of Tech

6 hours 41 minutes ago
Google and Facebook are leveraging cash and stock valuations in a risky acquisition run to find the next profit sanctuary

Business Gears Up for Assault on Consumer-Protection Laws

6 hours 43 minutes ago
The corporate-funded American Tort Reform Association announces a campaign to roll back state consumer-protection laws

Eating Alone by Design: An Entire Restaurant With Tables for One

6 hours 44 minutes ago
At Eenmaal, customers are encouraged to enjoy meals without the distractions of dinner companions

Wal-Mart Brings Falling Prices to Money Transfers

6 hours 46 minutes ago
The retail giant's launch of a cheaper money-moving service is a threat to the transfer industry's entrenched incumbents

Facebook's Mobile Boom Again Defies Expectations

Its revenue keeps rising, and it keeps adding more customers

P&G Picked a Tough Time to Expand Abroad

Developing countries it bet on have suffered failing governments and shuddering currencies

The Target Hack Wasn't the Half of It

Attacks like the Target hack are becoming less prominent, with other threats are on the rise

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