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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Financial Times

US revives cold war thinking on Russia

23 minutes ago
The idea of isolating Vladimir Putin over the long term is attractive, but the global economy is interlinked in ways that make it impossible

Fed on course for further $10bn taper

1 hour 20 minutes ago
Expected slowdown in asset purchases next week is being driven by a resilient economy that has shaken off its winter torpor

Mayor could hold key to power in Colombia

1 hour 33 minutes ago
Ousting of the firebrand leftist mayor risked derailing the peace process, along with President Juan Manuel Santos’s re-election prospects

Deutsche under pressure to raise capital

1 hour 37 minutes ago
Investors in the German bank fear the lender is not robust enough to cope with a tougher regulatory environment and a slump in global debt markets

PLO and Hamas sign unity pact

1 hour 42 minutes ago
Two sides form government to pave the way for elections, but Israel says move has torpedoed the chance of extending crisis-hit peace negotiations

Amazon in deal to stream HBO shows

2 hours 7 minutes ago
Pay-TV channel’s shows such as The Sopranos and The Wire will be made available on Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service

Disappearances on rise in east Ukraine

2 hours 30 minutes ago
A city councillor’s death adds to a growing file of vigilante ‘arrests’ and disappearances blamed on armed separatists as law and order erode

AIG offers insurance against cyber injury

3 hours 40 minutes ago
The ‘internet of things’ raises the threat of physical injury and damage from cyber attacks, broadening the scope for a nascent insurance market

Sisi’s poll will not end discord in Egypt

3 hours 42 minutes ago
Political Islam can be countered only with a pluralism that the country’s leader has been unwilling to countenance

Bad policy not culture caused ferry disaster

4 hours 4 minutes ago
In their efforts to understand the cause of the accident Koreans have cast their net wide

Asian allies need to give something back

4 hours 9 minutes ago
Rather than ask what America can do for them, the president’s hosts should ask what they can do for America

India’s Viom eyes offshore listing

4 hours 18 minutes ago
Telecom towers business, which has an implied valuation of close to $4bn, is weighing a listing in New York, London or Singapore

Kiev accuses Russia on politician’s death

4 hours 31 minutes ago
Accusations come as Moscow warns it will defend legitimate Russian interests in the region, citing South Ossetia

Creditors to begin Greek debt talks

4 hours 51 minutes ago
Eurozone officials are expected to extend maturities on loans after Greece reported its first fiscal surplus before interest payments since the eurozone crisis

Hail taxi apps for breaking cabby cartels

5 hours 1 minute ago
Taxi licensing illustrates regulatory capture, when regulation intended to serve the public is hijacked by industry

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