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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Financial Times

Siemens nears deal for Dresser-Rand

2 hours 24 minutes ago
Terms agreed for equipment maker valued at $5.5bn that has attracted interest from other industrial groups, including GE

US expects allies to join Isis air strikes

6 hours 33 minutes ago
Washington’s UN ambassador says other powers have agreed to join attacks on Islamists in Iraq and Syria

US toll bankruptcy amid roads crisis

7 hours 12 minutes ago
Fall in traffic since 2004 has undercut the financial assumptions behind a series of deals devised last decade during an infrastructure boom

Europe groups fear US tax crackdown

7 hours 16 minutes ago
European multinationals are concerned that moves to limit the economic benefits of inversions would increase their US tax bill

Facebook pushes Oculus closer to reality

8 hours 39 minutes ago
The Rift virtual reality headset is expected to go on sale in 2015

Clinton works behind the scenes for Jordan

8 hours 47 minutes ago
Former president urges investment for state struggling with Syrian refugee influx, as Isis banners are raised in recent weeks during protests in poor provincial cities

Libyan Islamists push hardline agenda

8 hours 50 minutes ago
Three years after Muammer al-Gaddafi was overthrown, Libya is in chaos. Two rival governments now claim to rule it, each bolstered by its own militias

China's emissions top EU plus US

8 hours 57 minutes ago
Latest pollution figures show the world’s most populous nation produced more C02 per head than EU, as thousands march around world over climate change

Pressure to deliver on Alibaba rhetoric

9 hours 7 minutes ago
After asking investors to trust the company’s governance structures are sound, the Chinese ecommerce company boss needs to execute

Blackstone to pull out of Russia

9 hours 9 minutes ago
Pressure on western investors after Moscow’s annexation of Crimea and lack of opportunities led US buyout group to ‘give up on Russia’

US gas exports to hit Gazprom revenue

9 hours 23 minutes ago
Russia’s Gazprom could lose the equivalent of 18 per cent of its revenues as a result of competition from liquefied natural gas exported from the US

Yemen’s prime minister submits resignation

11 hours 3 minutes ago
Move to quit comes amid chaos over reported advances by Shia Muslim Houthi rebels on some military buildings and government offices

Goldman lifts veil on ties with LIA

12 hours ago
A $1bn lawsuit between Libya’s Investment Authority and investment bank Goldman Sachs has led to colourful claim and counter-claim

Shadows creep across European newspapers

13 hours 59 minutes ago
FT correspondents examine the impact of digital transformation as the circulations of once-mighty titles decline and owners cut jobs to stay afloat

Brazil election is a battle of styles

14 hours 15 minutes ago
The rise of Marina Silva is forcing incumbent Dilma Rousseff to transform her campaign for re-election in the closest election in 25 years

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