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Sunday, February 1, 2015

MSNBC Politics

London Calling: Chris Christie Heads to U.K.

3 hours 3 minutes ago
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie arrived in the United Kingdom on Sunday.

Two Days Late, Ryan Endorses Romney

4 hours 19 minutes ago
Mitt Romney's 2012 running mate endorsed him on "Meet the Press" Sunday — two days after Romney announced he will not run for president in 2016.

WI Gov. Scott Walker Ahead in New Iowa Poll

4 hours 38 minutes ago
The panel on the new Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register poll that shows Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) well positioned one year from the Iowa Caucuses.

Paul Ryan Looking for Common Ground with Democrats on Taxes

4 hours 49 minutes ago
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) remained critical of the president's outlook on the economy, calling it "happy talk," but wants to find a way to compromise.

Christie Looking to Tap Some Romney Donors

2 days ago
Now that Mitt Romney has announced that he's not running for president, some of his donors are looking to hitch their wagons to Chris Christie. by Kelly O'Donnell

If it's Super Bowl Sunday, it's Meet the Press

2 days ago
Chuck Todd is thinking football and politics as he previews this Sunday's broadcast.

The Week Ahead: President Obama's FY'16 Budget Arrives

2 days ago
Obama budget reveals spending and tax hikes, Chris Christie heads to England, the latest unemployment numbers and it's Super Bowl time!!

The Week in 2016: What Mattered (And What Didn't)

3 days ago
In today's political news cycle, so much happens so quickly. So here's a look back at the past week in 2016 politics, making sense of what mattered - and what didn't. by Mark Murray

In DC, Walker Running as The Outsider

2 days ago
His attack on Washington provides some insight into how Walker will run should - or when - he launches a presidential campaign - as an outsider. by Leigh Ann Caldwell

When Tempers Flare: Memorable Moments of Politicians Fired Up

2 days ago
From Rep. Joe Wilson heckling Obama to Sen. John McCain calling protesters "scum," here are some notable moments when things have gotten heated on Capitol Hill.

Would-be 2016 Rivals React to Mitt Romney's Decision

2 days ago
Mitt Romney's would-be Republican opponents in 2016 were quick to praise the former GOP presidential nominee. by Andrew Rafferty

Romney's Not-So-Subtle Parting Shot at Jeb Bush

2 days ago
Mitt Romney says he wants someone "who is just getting started." Who does he mean? by Carrie Dann

In Opting Out, Romney Bows to Party's Wariness About Another Run

2 days ago
The Republican Party rejected a third Mitt Romney presidential campaign. by Perry Bacon Jr.

Sitting It Out: Mitt Romney Says He's Not Running in 2016

2 days ago
Romney has "decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party the opportunity to become our next nominee." by Chuck Todd

Watch Live: Obama Outlines Precision Medicine Plan

2 days ago
President Obama delivers remarks highlighting investments to improve health and treat disease through precision

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