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Sunday, April 20, 2014

MSNBC Politics

Roundtable: Putin Against the West

7 hours 37 minutes ago
The Meet the Press roundtable breaks down the latest developments on the crisis in Ukraine and what might be Vladimir Putin’s next move.

Meeting America: An Issue of Biblical Proportions

8 hours 54 minutes ago
NBC News' Kevin Tibbles reports on why a replica of Noah’s Ark is causing both excitement and skepticism about such a large display of faith in the public square.

Corker: Assad Knew He Wouldn't Be Punished Over Chemical Attack

8 hours 54 minutes ago
On Meet the Press, Senator Bob Corker chastises the Obama administration for what he describes as not doing what they say they will do on foreign policy.

Corker: We May Lose Eastern Ukraine

8 hours 55 minutes ago
On Meet the Press, Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Senator Bob Corker warns of the possibility of Russia taking over control of Eastern Ukraine if the U.S. doesn’t act.

Obama Offers Easter, Passover Greetings

11 hours 43 minutes ago
President Obama sends Easter and Passover greetings during his weekly address.

Clinton Papers Reveal Political Irony

by Carrie Dann

No Surrender

2 days ago
As enrollment in the health-care exchanges hits 8 million, Republicans are still not giving up their fight against the law. NBC’s Mark Murray has the latest on President Obama’s message to the GOP and their reaction.

The Week Ahead: Obama Heads to a Tense Korea

2 days ago
Obama begins a week-long trip Asia, Biden heads to Ukraine and its election day in Florida.

Clinton Docs Offer Glimpse into Failed Health Care Fight

2 days ago
Newly released documents from the Clinton White House reveal a candid assessment of the looming fight over the administration’s doomed health care plan, as advisers tried unsuccessfully to steer the sprawling legislation through Congress. by Carrie Dann

US Delays Decision on Keystone Pipeline

2 days ago
Federal agencies will get more time to review the controversial Keystone pipeline before a decision is made, the State Department announced Friday.

First Read's Morning Clips

2 days ago
A roundup of the most important political stories of the day.

GOP to Obama: We're Not Moving On

2 days ago
GOP to Obama: We’re not moving onWhen President Obama announced on Thursday that eight million Americans have now enrolled for insurance under the health-care law’s exchanges, he delivered this message to Republicans: It’s time to move on from the five-year Health Care War. by Mark Murray and Carrie Dann

Oops! Brits Hire David Axelrod, But Can't Spell His Name

2 days ago
LONDON - The crowing announcement that Britain's Labour Party had hired Barack Obama's campaign guru and former adviser David Axelrod to help propel it back to power distilled why it might need the strategist’s help. by F. Brinley Bruton

Allies Say Hillary Is a Bigger Hawk Than Obama

3 days ago
Associates and allies of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are making the case that she’s a bigger hawk than the president when it comes to using military power.

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