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Thursday, October 23, 2014

New York Times Business

Tesco Chairman to Step Down as Overstatement of Profits Grows

9 hours 12 minutes ago
The chief executive of Britain’s leading grocery store said that there was no timeline for Sir Richard Broadbent’s exit and that it was in engaged in a review of operations. by By JENNY ANDERSON

DealBook: Credit Suisse Profit More Than Doubles in Third Quarter

9 hours 49 minutes ago
The Swiss bank benefited from stronger equity underwriting, fixed-income sales and trading in its investment bank, posting a $1.08 billion profit and exceeding analysts’ expectations. by By CHAD BRAY

Fine Print: One-Third of Top Websites Restrict Customers’ Right to Sue

12 hours 39 minutes ago
Buried in the dense legalese of terms-of-service rules is language restricting users’ recourse if things go wrong, an Upshot analysis finds. by By JEREMY B. MERRILL

Scientists Consider Repurposing Robots for Ebola

A problem is that mobile robots now lack the human levels of dexterity required in medicine and health care. by By JOHN MARKOFF

Pressure Intensifies for Recall of Takata Airbags

Two senators demanded wider recalls and a House committee said it wanted a fuller accounting of how the recalls were handled. by By HIROKO TABUCHI and AARON M. KESSLER

No Picket Fence: Younger Adults Opting to Rent

Those in their 20s and 30s, who often cannot afford or do not want a mortgage, are looking for appealing rental housing, and developers are responding. by By DIONNE SEARCEY

DealBook News Analysis: U.S. Loosens Reins, but Mortgage Lenders Want More Slack

Financial regulators, trying to increase access to home loans, have relaxed many rules designed to prevent a repeat of the 2008 subprime crisis. by By PETER EAVIS

Business Briefing: Maker of Camel Cigarettes to End Smoking in Its Offices

A spokesman for Reynolds American said the company would still allow the use of smokeless tobacco products. by By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Business Briefing: Agency Finds BMW Overstated Mileage on Mini Cooper Models

The discrepancy varies from one to four miles per gallon depending on the model. by By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Business Briefing: Dow Chemical to Cut $1 Billion in Spending Over Three Years

Dow Chemical, a specialty chemicals maker, said its net income attributable to common shareholders grew to $852 million, or 71 cents a share. by By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

As Safety Concerns Grow, More States Ban Use of a Guardrail Unit

Oregon and Mississippi became the latest states to prohibit further installation of the Trinity Industries ET-Plus rail head, which is thought to have a dangerous defect. by By AARON M. KESSLER and DANIELLE IVORY

Advertising: Helping Parents Deal With Learning and Attention Issues

Fifteen nonprofit groups conducted research that led to a new website to help parents better understand these issues and a campaign to promote the site. by By JANE L. LEVERE

A Second Try at Home-Buying After the Market Collapse

The return of many of those who experienced foreclosures or short sales in the economic downturn could influence the housing market. by By TARA SIEGEL BERNARD

Special Report: Personal Finance: Health Spas Aimed at Teaching Stressed Executives to Unwind

Many established spas and retreats are retooling their offerings to attract the same target: wealthy, successful and highly stressed-out executives. by By PAUL SULLIVAN

Backers of a Maglev Train Hope to Outpace Acela in the Northeast Corridor

A $5 billion commitment from Japan and a franchise transfer are the latest steps to bring a magnetic levitation train to the Washington-New York route. by By RON NIXON and JONATHAN SOBLE

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