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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New York Times Business

Bank Seizure Leaves Bulgarians Stranded

26 minutes ago
Businesses and individuals with about $4 billion in frozen deposits at Bulgaria's fourth-largest bank are struggling to pay their bills after a government takeover of the lender in June. by By GEORGI KANTCHEV

Easy Money Failing to Spur Turnaround for Europe

1 hour 24 minutes ago
The European Central Bank’s negative rates strategy has not worked as planned, which is why it is under increasing pressure to try something else. by By JACK EWING

Home Depot Investigates a Possible Data Breach

1 hour 26 minutes ago
The retailer said it was investigating a report that customer credit and debit card data was stolen from its systems and put up for sale online. by By BRIAN X. CHEN

DealBook: An Unusual Signature Draws Attention to Nu Skin

2 hours 10 minutes ago
A signature on a document in Nu Skin’s latest quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission turned out to be a typo, not a blast from the past. by By SYDNEY EMBER and ALEXANDRA STEVENSON

DealBook: Federal Program Helps Keep Some Delinquent Borrowers in Their Homes

2 hours 35 minutes ago
A HUD program to sell its most delinquent mortgages to private investors has resulted in about 2,000 borrowers being able to stay in their homes, though an overwhelming majority have been foreclosed upon or have forfeited any rights to the properties. by By MATTHEW GOLDSTEIN

DealBook: Questions for the Government in an Insider Trading Case

2 hours 54 minutes ago
Catching an insider trader is usually a good thing. But when the investigation results in allowing a crime to take place, that can be troubling, Peter J. Henning writes in the White Collar Watch column. by By PETER J. HENNING

Nude Photos of Jennifer Lawrence Are Latest Front in Debate on Online Behavior

3 hours 24 minutes ago
Intimate images of stars have quickly saturated parts of the Internet, leading to discussions of privacy and civil liberties. by By MIKE ISAAC

You’re the Boss Blog: Today in Small Business: Made in the U.S.A.

4 hours 36 minutes ago
Women are opening businesses in Detroit. More workers are claiming wage theft. And the advantages of being employed by your children. by By GENE MARKS

Degrees of Education: The Economic Price of Colleges’ Failures

4 hours 45 minutes ago
Many students do not learn critical-thinking skills in college, and they’re suffering in the job market, a new study finds. by By KEVIN CAREY

Sketch Guy: The Strange Allure of Higher Fees

5 hours 16 minutes ago
Most of the money going into all mutual funds lands in those with the lowest expenses, but that’s not true of “alternative” funds, where investors tend to pick higher-cost options. by By CARL RICHARDS

Publisher of The Washington Post Will Resign

6 hours 21 minutes ago
Katharine Weymouth, the publisher for almost seven years, will be replaced by Frederick J. Ryan Jr., a founder of Politico and a former Reagan administration official.. by By RAVI SOMAIYA

Markets Are Flat Ahead of Central Bank Meetings

7 hours 10 minutes ago
Investors were looking ahead to the August employment report, expected on Friday. by By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Panel Rejects Plan for New London Airport in Thames Estuary

8 hours 15 minutes ago
Britain’s Airport Commission said the logistical and financial risks of the project were too great and that the city’s future needs could be met by other alternatives. by By NICOLA CLARK

DealBook: Norwegian Cruise Line to Buy Prestige Cruises for $3 Billion

8 hours 20 minutes ago
The deal will bolster Norwegian Cruise Line’s ability to compete in the high-end part of the ocean cruise market by giving it control of Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises. by By MICHAEL J. DE LA MERCED

DealBook: Moelis & Co. Hires Cantor, Ex-House Majority Leader, as Vice Chairman

8 hours 46 minutes ago
Eric Cantor, who suffered a surprising electoral defeat this year, will be joining Moelis & Company as vice chairman and a director on its board. by By DEALBOOK

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