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Monday, July 6, 2015

New York Times Business

Varoufakis Resigns as Greek Finance Minister

1 hour 59 minutes ago
Yanis Varoufakis had threatened to quit if voters approved a referendum on a European bailout, but his move after a no vote may help Greece in any new talks with creditors. by LIZ ALDERMAN and JACK EWING

Op-Ed Contributor: Greece: How to Undo the Damage

2 hours 21 minutes ago
A former Greek finance minister argues that the next few days are crucial. Lenders must compromise and Tsipras must stop gambling with the livelihood of future generations. by GIKAS HARDOUVELIS

The New Health Care: Paying People to Be Healthy Usually Works, if the Public Can Stomach It

2 hours 30 minutes ago
The idea seems to reward people for adopting poor health habits in the first place, but society stands to benefit. by AARON E. CARROLL

Chinese Share Sell-Off Spills Over to Hong Kong

4 hours 1 minute ago
As Beijing tried to prop up its markets, shares of large companies rose, but small-capitalization stocks continued a retreat and Hong Kong indexes fell. by KEITH BRADSHER

Itineraries: Free Hotel Wi-Fi Is Increasingly on Travelers’ Must-Have List

4 hours 30 minutes ago
Hotel guests, used to receiving free Wi-Fi nearly everywhere, are becoming less willing to pay the fees high-end flagship hotels charge for the service. by MARTHA C. WHITE

Dismay in European and Asian Markets After Greek Vote

4 hours 31 minutes ago
​Markets in Europe and Asia ​dropped but did not plunge after the no vote in Greece sent negotiations between that country and its creditors into uncharted territory. by DAVID JOLLY and KEITH BRADSHER

Burt Shavitz, the Burt Behind Burt's Bees, Dies at 80

The reclusive beekeeper was a co-founder of Burt’s Bees, and his face and wild beard appeared on labels for the natural cosmetics. by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

The Week Ahead: Next Steps After Greek ‘No’ Vote; Comic-Con’s 46th Year

This week, the European Central Bank’s policy makers will meet about Greece, the Fed will publish an account of its June policy-making meeting, and Comic-Con kicks off. by THE NEW YORK TIMES

Asian Markets’ Reaction Is Moderate After Greek Vote

Shares in Australia, Japan and South Korea were down more than 1 percent in early trading. by KEITH BRADSHER

With ‘Terminator Genisys,’ David Ellison Stops Playing It Safe

The son of Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, shifts from investing in films to steering them creatively, with ‘Genisys’ and the coming addition to the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise. by BROOKS BARNES

Greeks in New York Talk and Cheer, Then Debate Future After Referendum

As word spread in Astoria, a Greek enclave in Queens, New York, that their countrymen had rejected the terms of the rescue package, many people in the neighborhood cheered the vote. by ANNIE CORREAL and COLLEEN WRIGHT

Stan Lee and Michelle Phan Help Line Webtoon, Digital Comics Site, Expand in U.S.

The English-language version of a popular comics portal in Korea is partnering with celebrities as part of its global growth plans. by GEORGE GENE GUSTINES

Greeks’ Emphatic ‘No’ and a Rebuke Over Austerity

Celebrating the vote to say no to more austerity measures tied to a possible new bailout, Greeks gathered in Athens’ Syntagma Square and explained their frustration. by ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS

I.R.S. Expected to Stand Aside as Nonprofits Increase Role in 2016 Race

Federal regulators will not try to stop nonprofits from making political contributions until after the 2016 election. by ERIC LICHTBLAU

Pow! Gay Comic Book Characters Zap Stereotypes

In an effort to mirror changing attitudes, publishers of all sizes, including DC Comics, which revamped its lineup in June, are increasingly including gay and lesbian story lines. by GREGORY SCHMIDT

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