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Saturday, October 25, 2014

New York Times Business

Dividing and Conquering the Trash

3 hours 26 minutes ago
Rubicon Global has found a lucrative niche, It serves as a sort of waste consultant, helping companies to cut their hauling costs, and to recycle what they can. by By DAVID ZAX

Bill Ackman and His Hedge Fund, Betting Big

3 hours 26 minutes ago
Whether fighting a corporate takeover war or buying a top-of-the-world apartment, the chief of Pershing Square Capital Management doesn’t hold back. by By ALEXANDRA STEVENSON and JULIE CRESWELL

Fair Game: Shareholders, Disarmed by a Delaware Court

4 hours 36 minutes ago
Under a recent ruling, a company can adopt bylaws requiring investors to pay its legal fees if they lose a lawsuit against it. by By GRETCHEN MORGENSON

Strategies: When iPhones Ring, the Economy Listens

4 hours 46 minutes ago
Beyond serving as Apple’s biggest profit center, the iPhone is also a bedrock of consumer spending and the stock market. by By JEFF SOMMER

Corner Office: Dr. Laurie Glimcher, on Putting Everything on the Line

4 hours 46 minutes ago
A medical school dean asks: “As a scientist, if you’re not willing to take big risks and try daring experiments, what is the point?” by By ADAM BRYANT

The Haggler: Online Jeers, Strangely Giving Way to Cheers

4 hours 51 minutes ago
Employees of a hair-removal chain — the topic of a previous Haggler column — say superiors asked staff members to post favorable online reviews of the company. by By DAVID SEGAL

On Work: The Call of the Wild, Partly Answered

5 hours 6 minutes ago
Summer jobs with the Forest Service taught a young woman the joys, and the limitations, of the great outdoors. by By VERONIQUE GREENWOOD

Datapoints: An Extra Cost in American Home Sales

5 hours 16 minutes ago
The average real estate broker commission is far higher in the United States than in some other countries. by By ANNA BERNASEK

Prototype: Selling a Smaller Soccer Ball

5 hours 26 minutes ago
A Danish nonprofit wants to reduce female soccer players’ injuries. Its answer? A soccer ball that is lighter and slightly smaller in circumference. by By CLAIRE MARTIN

Letters: Me vs. My Smartphone

5 hours 31 minutes ago
A reader responds to “Trying to Live in the Moment (and Not on the Phone),” the Bits column of Oct. 19.

Letters: Pensions and Private Equity

5 hours 36 minutes ago
A reader responds to “Behind Private Equity’s Curtain” (Oct. 19).

White House Will Review Auto Safety Regulator

The inquiry into the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration comes during a record year for recalls, in which the agency’s role has been scrutinized by Congress. by By REBECCA R. RUIZ and JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS

E.U. Greenhouse Gas Deal Falls Short of Expectations

The varied energy needs and capacity of member nations led to concessions and compromises that experts say watered down an agreement that was hoped to pressure other countries at climate talks in 2015. by By JAMES KANTER

BASF, an Industrial Pillar in Germany, Leans Abroad

The chemical giant has been investing more of its money and management energy in other countries, signaling a wider malaise in the German economy. by By STANLEY REED and MELISSA EDDY

Business Briefing: Italian Court Clears Designers of Tax Evasion

The court overturned two lower court convictions, bringing to an end a seven-year court battle for Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. by By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

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