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Sunday, April 20, 2014

New York Times Business

General Mills Reverses Itself on Consumers’ Right to Sue

5 hours 34 minutes ago
The company had a change of heart after consumers had a negative reaction to its new arbitration rules. by By STEPHANIE STROM

Sending Alerts Instead, G.M. Delayed Car Recalls

A Times analysis of G.M.’s recent recalls shows that it repeatedly used letters to dealers and sometimes to owners, called technical service bulletins, as a stopgap safety measure instead of ordering timely recalls. by By DANIELLE IVORY, REBECCA R. RUIZ and BILL VLASIC.

Gene Estess, Who Left Wall Street to Aid the Poor, Dies at 78

Mr. Estess left the financial world to lead the Jericho Project, which serves homeless, mentally ill and addicted people in Harlem and the South Bronx. by By DOUGLAS MARTIN

Taking on Adam Smith (and Karl Marx)

With his book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” Thomas Piketty has written a blockbuster in the world of economics. by By STEVEN ERLANGER

Comcast’s Real Repairman

David Cohen, Comcast executive vice president, is the point man for moving deals like the one for Time Warner Cable past regulatory hurdles. by By MICHAEL SOKOLOVE

Shearing Season

The springtime business of removing wool from sheep in the United States. by PHOTOGRAPHS By LIDO VIZZUTTI

Economic View: When Diamonds Are Dirt Cheap, Will They Still Dazzle?

Technology has the potential to affect the value of items that are now rare and expensive, everything from diamonds to paintings and autographs. by By ROBERT H. FRANK

The Chatter: The Chatter for Sunday, April 19

Notable quotes from business articles that appeared in The New York Times last week.

House Calls Are Making a Comeback

Visits by palliative care specialists let medical professionals monitor patients’ physical and emotional health and arrange help with needed tasks. by By MILT FREUDENHEIM

The Workologist: Weeding Out the Bad Reference

A job applicant rejected because of a less-than-enthusiastic reference from a former boss asks how to avoid similar situations in the future. by By ROB WALKER

Vocations: The Planetarium Worker: Inspired by an Eclipse

Rubina Isaac, who works at Adler Planetarium in Chicago, says a solar eclipse she saw as a girl in India inspired her interest in astronomy.

Fair Game: Banks Cling to Bundles Holding Risk

Banks are fighting imposition of a part of the Volcker Rule that restricts trading in collateralized loan obligations, or C.L.O.s. by By GRETCHEN MORGENSON

Corner Office: Michelle Peluso of Gilt Groupe: I Don’t Need an Ivory Tower (or an Office)

A chief executive, explaining why she does not have an office, says: “When you’re sitting in the open with everybody, you pick up a lot.” by By ADAM BRYANT

Michael Janeway, Former Editor of The Boston Globe, Dies at 73

Mr. Janeway was a former Globe editor and executive editor of The Atlantic Monthly, and the author of two books that chronicled the decline of democracy and journalism. by By PAUL VITELLO

Business Briefing: Lululemon Officials Won’t Face Fraud Charges

2 days ago
A federal judge on Friday issued final dismissals of lawsuits accusing Lululemon Athletica and company officials of defrauding shareholders by concealing defects in yoga pants. by By REUTERS

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