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Friday, February 12, 2016

New York Times Business

Skid in Oil Prices Pulls the Recycling Industry Down With It

43 minutes ago
As oil prices sink, it becomes cheaper to make new plastic and other materials than it is to recycle them from garbage, hitting the recycling industry hard. by DAVID GELLES

Wall St. Rises After a Brutal Week

59 minutes ago
Bank stocks rebounded in early trading, and the price of oil jumped 6 percent. by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Retiring: How Much of Your Nest Egg to Put Into Stocks? All of It

1 hour 22 minutes ago
A former chief economist argues that a 100 percent allocation to stocks despite one’s age makes sense, though it has long been viewed as risky. by DAVID A. LEVINE

Deutsche Bank to Buy Back Debt

1 hour 58 minutes ago
Germany's Deutsche Bank is offering to buy back more than $5 billion worth of its own bonds in a show of financial strength after markets sold off its stock. by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Your Money Adviser: Fraudsters’ Latest Target: The Already Defrauded

2 hours 57 minutes ago
So-called asset-recovery firms often target older people who have already lost money in another type of scheme. by ANN CARRNS

Eurozone Economy Grows, but Total Output Still Lags Behind 2008

4 hours 50 minutes ago
Even as much of the rest of the world has bounced back from the global financial crisis, however fitfully, Europe’s economic core remains soft. by JACK EWING

Below Zero: Negative Interest Rates Are Spreading Across the World. Here’s What You Need to Know.

5 hours 1 minute ago
It’s not clear that it would even be legal in the United States. by NEIL IRWIN

Corner Office: Michael J. Dowling: If It Can’t Be Done, You Haven’t Tried

5 hours 31 minutes ago
Mr. Dowling, chief executive of Northwell Health, who grew up in an impoverished area of Ireland, focuses on finding flexible employees who can handle the unexpected with grace. by ADAM BRYANT

Countryside Properties Valued at $1.46 Billion in I.P.O.

6 hours 55 minutes ago
The shares, which began trading on Friday, mean a market return for the British home builder, which is majority-owned by Oaktree Capital Management. by CHAD BRAY

Nikkei Plunges Again in Worst Week Since Financial Crisis

8 hours 21 minutes ago
The benchmark Nikkei 225 average closed 5.2 percent lower, as investors continued their flight from relatively risky stocks. by JONATHAN SOBLE

Swedish Bank Move Creates a Global Shudder

Investors worry that a decision by the Swedish central bank to lower its short-term rate to minus 0.50 is going to worsen the global economy. by LANDON THOMAS Jr.

Jamie Dimon Is Said to Buy 500,000 JPMorgan Chase Shares

Bank executives often step in and buy shares in their own companies as a show of confidence. by LIZ MOYER

Court Gives Deadline to Fix Kansas School Financing

The Kansas Supreme Court gave the state until June 30 to fix its system of financing public schools, or face a shutdown before the next school year. by JULIE BOSMAN

With Shares Plunging, Deutsche Bank Sets Out to Prove It Can Be Fixed

Regarded in Germany as a national asset and a symbol of economic might, Deutsche Bank now sits at the center of the “too big to fail” debate. by PETER EAVIS and JACK EWING

California Coastal Commission Votes to Fire Executive Director

The move came after supporters at a hearing warned that dismissing the director, Charles Lester, would open the door to more development on the coast. by ADAM NAGOURNEY

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