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Friday, July 25, 2014

CNN Politics

Clinton on the Russian Reset

4 hours 29 minutes ago
Hillary Clinton explains why the U.S.'s reset with Russia stopped working. Is Putin to blame?

Hillary Clinton explains Putin

4 hours 32 minutes ago
What is Putin like as a man and a leader? Hillary Clinton explains what it is like to deal with the Russian president.

House GOP seeks cover with slimmer border bill

4 hours 35 minutes ago
House Republicans are fashioning a scaled-down bill to address the southern border crisis that would provide less than $1 billion and include an immigration policy change that most Democrats strongly oppose.

Rand Paul: 'Fight for justice now' on unfair sentencing

5 hours 26 minutes ago
Sen. Rand Paul is proposing legislation aimed at eliminating criminal sentencing rules that adversely impact minorities, saying that "we need some fresh ideas to combat old and festering problems."

Goff and Wright face off on immigration

5 hours 36 minutes ago
Kelli Goff and Chrystal Wright debate immigration, Jose Antonio Vargas on CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello

Opinion: GOP's problem wooing African-American voters

5 hours 38 minutes ago
Let's get real.

Women's work: The GOP's glass ceiling

5 hours 39 minutes ago
Former Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison knew her window to run for president had closed.

Winning strategy likely to stay in Mississippi

5 hours 40 minutes ago
An unlikely group helped Sen. Thad Cochran capture the Republican nomination in a hotly contested primary runoff, but the strategy that propelled him to victory is unlikely to make it into the GOP playbook.

Opinion: GOP, support your black candidates

5 hours 41 minutes ago
A recent pair of racially charged political incidents in the South illustrate the pitfalls -- and potential benefits -- that await the national Republican Party leadership if it makes good on an oft-repeated pledge to woo black voters away from the Democratic Party.

Action by Congress on border crisis uncertain as recess nears

5 hours 45 minutes ago
The White House and Congress are scrambling to address the crisis brought on by a surge of migrant youth from Central America with lawmakers set to recess for August in less than a week.

Crossfire Reloaded: Obama foreign policy like indecisive driver

6 hours 30 minutes ago
Crossfire's S.E. Cupp compares Obama's foreign policy strategy to that of an indecisive driver.

Bush joins immigration debate

6 hours 40 minutes ago
John King, Manu Raju and Jonathan Martin discuss Jeb Bush weighing in on the latest debate over immigration.

Congress hears cruise ship horror stories

8 hours 49 minutes ago
Travelers tell of raw sewage, rape and death aboard cruise ships at a hearing for a Cruise Passenger Protection bill.

Why many progressives don't trust Hillary Clinton

10 hours 39 minutes ago
To prove she wasn't just an opportunist hoping to use a U.S. Senate seat in New York as a ticket to bigger things, then-first lady Hillary Clinton tried to show voters that she cared about their values and views -- she listened.

Obama fundraises in crises, irks critics

10 hours 57 minutes ago
Facing dual crises in Ukraine and the Middle East, Obama's continued fundraising efforts have angered his critics.

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