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Friday, May 29, 2015

CNN Politics

Obama warns of grave consequences without NSA resolution

9 minutes ago
Speaking two days before major provisions of the Patriot Act are set to expire, President Barack Obama on Friday warned that without the data collection and surveillance programs, a terrorist could slip by intelligence agencies.

Travel ban for Taliban leaders swapped for Bergdahl ends soon

2 hours 13 minutes ago
Senior administration officials said Friday that the U.S. is continuing to hold negotiations with the governments of Afghanistan and Qatar as a deadline to determine the fate of five Taliban figures released in a prisoner exchange with the U.S. looms.

Chafee to announce he is running for president

2 hours 48 minutes ago
Lincoln Chafee will announce he is running for president next month, according to his spokeswoman Debbie Rich.

Hastert lobbied against plans for statue honoring him

3 hours 3 minutes ago
Illinois lawmakers had been pressing to erect a statue of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert this spring, until Hastert himself called around last month and lobbied against the idea.

White House says 'no justification' for violence ahead of Mohammed cartoon contest

3 hours 12 minutes ago
White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Friday that there is "no justification" for violence at an anti-Islam rally in Phoenix Friday night.

Bill Clinton defends foundation against 'political' attacks

5 hours 30 minutes ago
Bill Clinton is pushing back against the spate of negative stories that have swirled around his family's foundation for months.

Group wants Prophet Mohammed ads on trains, buses

5 hours 41 minutes ago
CNN's Chris Cuomo talks to Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, about displaying cartoons of Mohammed in public spaces.

What ISIS -- and the West -- gets wrong about 'jihad'

5 hours 44 minutes ago
The Lord is "a man of war" with little patience for unbelievers, we are told in the pages of the ancient text.

Cuba officially off U.S. terror blacklist

6 hours 14 minutes ago
The United States officially removed Cuba from its list of countries that sponsor terrorism on Friday, setting the two nations up for a full renewal of diplomatic ties.

Rand Paul super PAC ad gets creative

7 hours 42 minutes ago
It's not your typical political ad.

Rick Santorum touts foreign policy chops

8 hours 51 minutes ago
Rick Santorum said Friday that it would be a "disaster" for Republicans to nominate a presidential candidate who lacks experience on national security issues, and that's part of the reason he's decided to run.

5 questions from the Hastert indictment

8 hours 56 minutes ago
Federal investigators say Dennis Hastert lied to the FBI about $3.5 million he paid to an undisclosed person to "cover up past misconduct."

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