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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

CNN Politics

Trump 'most likely' will fundraise in general election

1 hour 22 minutes ago
Donald Trump said Wednesday he "most likely" will be raising money in the general election rather than continuing to self-fund his candidacy.

Clinton turns her attention to Trump

3 hours 2 minutes ago
Hillary Clinton's campaign, even after losing Indiana to Bernie Sanders, is swiftly steering its attention to Donald Trump in the wake of him effectively seizing the Republican nomination Tuesday night.

GOP wakes up to Trump victory -- and plenty of questions

3 hours 3 minutes ago
A once unthinkable idea is now the Republican Party's new political reality: Donald Trump is its presumptive presidential nominee.

Top U.S. intel official: ISIS can stage Europe-style attacks in U.S.

3 hours 13 minutes ago
ISIS has the capability to stage a Paris-style attack in the U.S. using local cells to strike in multiple locations and inflict dozens of casualties, according to the Obama administration's top U.S. intelligence official. Podcast favorites: Blindsided: How ISIS Shook The World | Bernie gets the Axe | Guns in America

Obama to assess Flint water crisis up close

3 hours 14 minutes ago
President Barack Obama will hear first-hand Wednesday how residents of Flint, Michigan, have endured their city's water crisis, traveling there as a reassurance that the federal government isn't ignoring the community's plight.

At the starting gate: Clinton leads Trump by double-digits

3 hours 14 minutes ago
As Donald Trump captures the mantle of presumptive Republican nominee, a new poll finds he begins his general election campaign well behind Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Clinton struggles with namesake county voters

8 hours 56 minutes ago
Hillary Clinton has had eight chances so far to win in a county that shares her last name. She has failed every time.Popular: Radical Islam in America | Graham Opposes Republican Leader | Guns in America

The anti-Trump movement spent upwards of $75 million and ultimately lost

9 hours 12 minutes ago
The anti-Trump movement spent upwards of $75 million and lost.

Sanders: 'We will continue to fight uphill'

9 hours 15 minutes ago
Bernie Sanders triumphed over Hillary Clinton in Indiana Tuesday — and reiterated his vow to fight on to the end of the Democratic primary despite his "narrow" path to the party nomination.

Warren: Trump 'built his campaign on racism'

9 hours 21 minutes ago
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday attacked Donald Trump's rise to become the presumptive Republican nominee, tweeting that the real estate mogul "built his campaign on racism, sexism and xenophobia."

Trump win ends talk of contested GOP convention

So much for a historic convention floor fight in Cleveland this summer.

Road to 270: The electoral college map

Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee, it's time to start looking at general election match-ups between him and the likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

5 takeaways from the Indiana primary

Donald Trump is the Republican Party's presumptive nominee, and Bernie Sanders won Indiana but will struggle to catch Hillary Clinton

Some Republicans say they're breaking away from the party now that Donald Trump is presumptive nominee

Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential race after winning the Indiana Republican primary, which has many Republicans saying on social media that they're jumping ship in what they're calling the #NeverTrump movement.

13 'Parks and Recreation' GIFs that perfectly describe the Indiana primary

On Tuesday night, the people of Indiana cast their primary ballots. Naturally, thinking about Indiana and politics got a lot of people thinking about the NBC comedy "Parks and Recreation," which depicts the lives of bureaucrats and politicians in a fictional small town in Indiana.

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