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Thursday, July 28, 2016

CNN Politics

Ghostwriter: 'The inner Trump is the outer Trump'

40 minutes ago
Donald Trump's former ghostwriter resumed his searing criticism of the Republican nominee Thursday, describing the Republican presidential nominee as a megalomaniac who cares only about himself.

Kaine's convention speech: 5 moments that made a splash on Twitter

1 hour 18 minutes ago
Vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine, a self-described "boring" man, delivered a speech at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night that was anything but that. Many found the Virginia senator's "every man" qualities so relatable that many on social media compared him to an out-of-central-casting lovable father.

Dukakis: Democrats need to concentrate more on 'screwball' Trump

1 hour 47 minutes ago
Michael Dukakis thinks Democrats are still not focusing enough on Donald Trump.

Trump: Russia hacking comments were 'sarcastic'

2 hours 22 minutes ago
Donald Trump says he was only kidding when he appeared to encourage Russian intelligence agencies to find Hillary Clinton's thousands of deleted emails.

Paul Simon opens up on the Axe Files

2 hours 56 minutes ago
It is one of the enduring mysteries in pop history: why did one of the most popular and impactful musical partnerships of modern times break up after just five years?

Latinos disappointed with Clinton VP pick

3 hours 17 minutes ago
For many Latinos, 2016 was supposed to be the year they'd see one of their own on the presidential ballot. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio did their best on the Republican side and for a while Hilary Clinton kept their hopes high until she picked Tim Kaine to be her running mate.

Why these Dems are sleeping in the woods for Bernie Sanders

4 hours 11 minutes ago
Even scorching heat and calamitous thunderstorms that rocked the mid-Atlantic coast this week didn't stop Bernie Sanders' die-hard supporters from traveling to Philadelphia to protest the Democratic National Convention, where many have spent the week sleeping in tents in nearby campgrounds.

Hillary Clinton's challenge: Igniting excitement

4 hours 53 minutes ago
Hillary Clinton's allies did everything in their power to set up her big moment Thursday night.

6 takeaways from Wednesday night at the Democratic Convention

9 hours 3 minutes ago
The Democratic A-list on Wednesday cast Donald Trump as a threat to the American dream -- and Hillary Clinton as the nation's only chance to save it.

Obama, Biden, Kaine (the big 3) at the DNC in 90 seconds

9 hours 4 minutes ago
Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Tim Kaine and President Barack Obama all gave full-throated support for Hillary Clinton on the 3rd night of the DNC.

How Obama made some anti-Trump Republicans jealous

9 hours 32 minutes ago
President Barack Obama gave a forceful speech at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday that left many conservative voices opposed to Donald Trump imagining what could have been.

Memorable lines from Wednesday night at the DNC

The Democratic National Convention's third night looked to shake off any lingering disunity among Bernie Sanders' supporters and emphasize rallying around the new nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Wikileaks posts hacked DNC voicemails

Wikileaks released a series of voicemails Wednesday from the Democratic National Committee hack showing donors plying top-level officials for favors, and one donor expressing outrage that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders had won a say in the drafting of the party's platform.

Gun victims, families make passionate case for Clinton

Victims and families of gun violence delivered emotional pleas Wednesday night in support of Hillary Clinton as a president who would act to curb mass shootings and press for new gun laws.

Dem convention speeches Day 3: CNN's Reality Check Team vets the claims

The Democratic Party gathered in Philadelphia on Wednesday for the third night of its convention, and CNN's Reality Check Team put the speakers' statements and assertions to the test.

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