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Saturday, December 20, 2014

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Inside the push to draft Ben Carson for president

8 hours 20 minutes ago
John Philip Sousa IV has a mission: Convince a retired neurosurgeon with no political experience to run for President -- and then help him win.

The Year in Politics 2014

2 days ago
A lot has happened this year in politics. Get caught up to speed and refresh your memory in under two minutes.

Upbeat Obama bids goodbye to tough year

Barack Obama actually looks like he's having fun being President.

Obama: Americans carry 'hidden biases,' but are 'basically good'

In some of his broadest remarks on racism yet, President Barack Obama said Friday that he believes while there are "some hidden biases that we all carry around," people are "basically good" and want to fix those problems, if given solutions.

Michele Bachmann: Sexism in Congress

Statuary Hall inside the Capitol is the storied site of many key moments in U.S. history -- from heated debates about slavery to inaugural lunches with presidents.

Obama takes questions from only female reporters

President Barack Obama took eight questions during his Friday press conference — and all of them from women journalists.

Obama: Sony made a 'mistake'

President Obama joined a chorus of criticism when he said the entertainment company erred when it pulled a satirical movie at the behest of hackers.

FBI: North Korea responsible for Sony hack

North Korea is officially responsible for the cyberattack on Sony Pictures, the FBI announced Friday.

McCain to hold cybersecurity hearing after Sony attack

Sen. John McCain, the incoming chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, will hold a hearing into the cyber attack on Sony Pictures in the first two weeks of the next Congress.

Obama applauds LeBron's 'I Can't Breathe' shirt

President Barack Obama praised basketball star LeBron James for wearing an "I Can't Breathe" protest shirt during his pre-game warmup last week.

Rubio says Paul 'has no idea what he's talking about' on Cuba

Sen. Marco Rubio lashed out at Sen. Rand Paul on Thursday night for his support for the Obama administration's move to normalize relations with Cuba.

Colbert says farewell with a little help from Washington

Comedian Stephen Colbert bid farewell on his final show Thursday night with the help of a pantheon of celebrities, including Washington notables and dignitaries.

Debating Obama's secret diplomacy

Pres. Obama has long stated he hoped to reverse America's relationships with its most notorious enemies by engaging in conversation and trying to find common ground. Jake Tapper and a panel debate the Obama admiration's methods.

Government hacks and security breaches skyrocket

The North Korean hack of Sony Pictures that unleashed proprietary information, embarrassing emails and brought the multi-billion dollar company's operations to its knees was unprecedented. But cyber security and intelligence experts warn that this is only the beginning.

5 burning questions for Obama

President Barack Obama is set to close a week jam-packed with news of a breakthrough with Cuba and new tensions with North Korea on Friday with a 1:30 p.m. EST news conference.

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