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Friday, July 31, 2015

CNN Politics

Elite conservative moneymen remain on sidelines in 2016 race

1 hour 10 minutes ago
The nation's most elite conservative donors are just as split as Republican voters are about whom to support for president -- and it's keeping many of the leading moneymen on the sidelines of the campaign as it barrels through the summer of 2015.

O'Malley's criminal justice plan: Abolish death penalty, reclassify marijuana

3 hours 1 minute ago
Martin O'Malley on Friday unveiled his proposals for overhauling the nation's criminal justice system, vowing to reform police departments, abolish the death penalty and address overcrowding in prisons.

'Koch primary' heads to California

4 hours 29 minutes ago
There are few endorsements in the 2016 presidential race that could have as much impact as that of the Koch Brothers with their expansive political network, their state of the art voter data and ability to flood the airwaves to help their chosen candidate -- or candidates.

Trump campaign investigating staffer's Facebook posts

4 hours 30 minutes ago
Donald Trump's presidential campaign is investigating a staffer after racially-charged Facebook posts he allegedly wrote were uncovered Friday.

Al Nusra claims attack on U.S.-trained rebels in Syria

5 hours 24 minutes ago
U.S. officials said an Al Qaeda-linked group launched an attack Friday morning against a compound in Syria where rebels trained and equipped by the U.S., as well as other moderate Syrian rebels, were located.

Clinton's returns show she paid $43M in taxes over past 8 years

6 hours 3 minutes ago
Hillary Clinton released eight years of tax returns Friday and hit her potential 2016 Republican presidential opponents in the process.

Christie: 'Premature' to dismiss Trump

6 hours 30 minutes ago
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told Jake Tapper in an interview that aired on Friday that it's "premature" to dismiss Donald Trump's viability over the long run in the presidential campaign.

First on CNN: Who's giving to Fiorina's super PAC?

7 hours 27 minutes ago
Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is leaning heavily on financial support from deep-pocketed donors in Silicon Valley and across California in her long-shot presidential bid.

Latest Clinton email batch: 'H' learns how to email

7 hours 32 minutes ago
The State Department on Friday released the latest batch of emails Hillary Clinton sent and received during her time as Secretary of State.

Military still dealing with cyberattack 'mess'

7 hours 37 minutes ago
A key military email system remains offline, one week after a cyberattack that one Defense Department official described as "serious."

First squadron of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters takes off

7 hours 48 minutes ago
After nearly 15 years of development and a half-dozen years of testing, the first squadron of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters is officially operational.

Clean bill of health: Clinton's doctor says 2012 health scare resolved

9 hours 19 minutes ago
Issues from a 2012 heatlh scare are resolved and she's fit to serve as president, Clinton's physician says.

Who is in the fight against ISIS?

9 hours 42 minutes ago
CNN's Fred Pleitgen explains who is doing what in the battle against the terrorist group.

Trump: Crimea is Europe's problem

9 hours 42 minutes ago
GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump tells CNN's Max Foster that the U.S. should only step in on Crimea if European countries ask for help.

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