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Thursday, April 24, 2014

CNN Politics

Obama plays soccer with a robot

3 hours 12 minutes ago
President Obama takes a moment to interact with ASIMO, a robot at Japan's Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

Can Mr. Jones stay in Washington?

3 hours 51 minutes ago
The May 6 Republican primary in North Carolina's 3rd Congressional District is one of the 2014's most intriguing primary fights. It's a face-off that doesn't fit neatly into the tea party-versus-establishment narrative.

Bloomberg to spend $50 mil to challenge NRA on gun safety

3 hours 52 minutes ago
Michael Bloomberg is investing a chunk of his personal fortune to minimize the influence of the National Rifle Association.

Obama sides with Japan in island dispute

3 hours 57 minutes ago
Michelle Kosinski reports from Tokyo where President Obama has weighed in on a territory dispute between China and Japan.

Obama backs Japan and calls out Russia

3 hours 57 minutes ago
President Obama reiterates support for Japan over disputed islands and had harsh words for Russia's role in Ukraine.

Obama reaffirms commitment to Japan deal over islands dispute with China

4 hours 21 minutes ago
The United States stands by its security agreement with Japan in its dispute with China over a group of islands, President Barack Obama said Thursday.

The battle over gun policy: Old fight; new strategies

6 hours 11 minutes ago
It was a bellwether election of sorts.

Obama's Asia trip

Photo gallery: Obama Asia Trip

Twin dangers of the Ukraine crisis

Newt Gingrich says the stakes are high, and the U.S. needs to develop an approach that checks Russian expansion but doesn't blunder into war

How'd this 700-page book top Amazon's bestseller list?

The current number one seller on Amazon is a 700-page book about economic theory: "Capital in the Twenty-First Century."

3 ways to thwart N. Korea nukes

Michael Green and Zack Cooper says if Kim is planning another nuclear test, the world must take the nation's aggressive intentions seriously and act

U.S. exercises in Poland: What's the message?

Whether viewed as a show of force to Russia or a sign of reassurance to nervous allies, the recent deployment of U.S. Army forces to Poland and three Baltic states is steeped in matters strategic and diplomatic to American foreign policy.

Ukraine crisis persists

A contingent of U.S. Army paratroopers arrived in Poland on Wednesday, the first of what will be a "persistent presence" of U.S. troops as the crisis in nearby Ukraine continues to unfold.

Dutch fighter jets intercept 2 Russian bombers

Dutch fighter jets scrambled Wednesday to intercept a pair of Russian military aircraft that entered their airspace, a fairly routine action that comes amid heightened tensions between Russia and NATO, a Dutch official said.

Rep. Rogers: Troop deployment a good start

Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Mike Rogers talks to Wolf Blitzer about the deployment of U.S. paratroopers to Poland.

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