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Thursday, January 29, 2015

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How To Stay Well In A Room Full Of Sick People

14 minutes ago
You know you’re supposed to avoid close contact with people who are sick with a cold or the flu. But what can you do when it’s your spouse, roommate, or kids who are ill?

10 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Workout

44 minutes ago
If you’ve been working out for eight plus weeks and haven’t started to reap the benefits yet, there’s a good chance you're doing it wrong.

Which Costs More: Gaining Weight or Losing It?

1 hour 14 minutes ago
From a purely monetary standpoint, which costs more: packing on the pounds or taking them off? Here’s the breakdown.

How to Work Out While You're Getting Ready for Work

1 hour 14 minutes ago
No waking up at 6 a.m. to work out here. Here are exercises to work into your get-ready routine.

What Your TV Binge-Watching Routine Might Say About You

4 hours 14 minutes ago
Making the case for a Netflix break.

5 Unhealthy, Even Dangerous, Weight-Loss Diets

Fad diets seduce us with their promised “drastic” results and implied ease and simplicity, but they’re rarely reasonable — or even healthy.

Super Bowl? How About Super Bowls?

Before we gorge ourselves on pizza, nachos, and beer, let’s prep for Super Bowl Sunday with a different type of super bowl: those loaded with vitamin-packed superfoods.

What’s Really Behind College 'Rape Culture'?

The case against the Vanderbilt students was reminiscent of the many stories of sexual assault on college campuses nationwide, from Florida State, to the arrest on Wednesday of a former Stanford University student and swimmer for the rape of an unconscious woman — the majority of which rarely get a trial.  Much is made of the role of “college culture” when it comes to pinning the blame on what seems to be a campus rape epidemic. In the Vanderbilt case, the defense attorneys claimed that the culture of college campuses, with their binge drinking and sexual promiscuity, was to ...

Do You Have The ‘Smart Gene’ That Also Helps You Live Longer?

Here’s hoping that this little genetic superpower is part of your DNA.

Wellness Wisdom

“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.” -Plato

Vanderbilt Rape Trial: Ex-Football Players Found Guilty

A jury convicted two ex-Vanderbilt football players on Tuesday of raping a former student, rejecting claims that they were too drunk to know what they were doing and that a college culture of binge drinking and promiscuous sex should be blamed for the attack.

6 Reasons Being A Sports Fan Is Good For Your Health

2 days ago
Your rabid fandom is actually a positive thing.

6 Ways Setting Aside 'Me-Time' Can Help You At Work

2 days ago
Setting aside a few minutes for solitude is hugely important to your well-being — and could even have benefits for your health and career.

How To Make Your Butt Fill Out A Pair Of Jeans

2 days ago
Firm, round rears are so in right now. Want to jump on the trend and finally fill out your jeans? Follow this expert advice.

5 Health Conditions Linked to Migraines

If you experience migraines, you already know that these headaches can cause pain, misery, and missed days from work, but you may not know this...

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