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Monday, September 1, 2014

Yahoo Health

Is Training At A High Altitude The Fastest Way To Lose Weight And Build Muscle?

6 hours 30 minutes ago
By Lindsey Emery Pro athletes have long lived and trained at high altitudes (LeBron James has been known to don an altitude mask during treadmill sessions). The studio can hold nearly 30 people for 50-minute classes (circuit training, rowing, andspinning) at artificial altitudes of 5,280 (Denver) to 13,000 feet (La Paz, Bolivia). “The only proven way to [boost red blood cells for a significant time] is to live at an altitude of 7,000 to 8,000 feet for three to four weeks,” says Randy Wilber, Ph.D., senior sport physiologist for the United States Olympic Committee. “But there is some ...

25 Ways To Flatten Your Belly

If you want to burn the most belly fat, a Duke University study confirms that aerobic exercise is the most effective in burning that deep, visceral belly fat. In fact, aerobic training burns 67% more calories than resistance training or a combination of the two, according to the study.

6 Tips to Fend Off a Freak Out

According to research from the University of Cincinnati, college students are especially feeling the crunch and they aren’t coping well with it. About 60 percent of college students reported having high stress, typically regarding school, lack of time, and worry over their future career. "This study is looking at college students, but it is generalizable to all people," says Keith King, PhD, a professor of health at the University of Cincinnati. Let them know if they want to be happier, they need to focus on reducing their stress and getting some social support and care." Fortunately, King ...

How Accurate Are Fitness Tracker Devices?

2 days ago
By K. Aleisha Fetters THE QUESTION: I’m constantly looking at my fitness tracker. The expert: Ray Browning, Ph.D., director of the Physical Activity Energetics/Mechanics Lab at Colorado State University The answer: It depends what, exactly, you’re tracking and which brand you’re wearing.

Two Kettlebell Exercises Every Man Should Master

2 days ago
Transform your workout — and your body — with these power moves By the editors of Men’s Health Kettlebells are finally gaining traction outside of Eastern Europe. So we asked kettlebell pioneer and chairman Pavel Tsatsouline for two exercises that are better with a kettlebell in your hand. PLUS: 18 Ways to Build Muscle All Day Kettlebell Single-Arm Press A kettlebell is best for this move because “you can start the lift lower, which is safer for your shoulders,” says Tsatsouline. “At the top it pulls your arm back slightly, improving mobility.” Directions: Stand with your ...

Why Men Are Going Bald Younger — and 8 Ways to Stop the Shedding

2 days ago
Know how to handle hair loss By Leah Zerbe, Men’s Health When a man begins to go bald, two things go down the drain—his hair and his confidence. This isn’t 21st-century superficiality: “Thick hair has always been associated with youth and masculinity,” says Albert Mannes, Ph.D., a University of Pennsylvania researcher who’s studied perceptions of balding. “Hair loss signals aging.” But baldness can be deceiving: Two-thirds of men face hair loss by age 35, and a bad genetic hand is often to blame. Male-pattern baldness is an inherited sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT, a by-product of testosterone), which ...

7 Ingredients Nutritionists Always Avoid

2 days ago
By Robin Hilmantel, Women’s Health The Federal government announced plans to redesign nutrition labels back in February—but the proposed changes (which would highlight the amount of added sugars and bring serving sizes more in line with the amounts that people actually eat) have yet to go into effect. “Labels can be very deceiving, so beware,” says Keri Glassman, R.D., a Women’s Health contributor. RELATED: 11 Foods Nutritionists Always Keep In Their Refrigerators Artificial Sweeteners "Yes, artificial sweeteners are void of calories—but their negatives surely outweigh their ‘zero-calorie’ claim to fame.  The unfortunate truth is that these processed sweeteners ...

4 Foods That Burn Belly Fat

2 days ago
Stock your pantry with these weight loss staples that help control hunger hormones for a flat belly and more energy By The Editors of Prevention Believe it or not, your body actually doesn’t want to store fat. Instead, it’s about working with your body’s natural hunger and sleep rhythms to curb cravings, burn fat and send your energy levels soaring. Prevention’s revolutionary Belly Melt Diet explains the science behind why getting a good night’s sleep will help you lose while you snooze and how eating the right foods at the right times can satisfy your body’s need for ...

7 Healthy Foods That Are Dangerous If You Eat Too Much of Them

3 days ago
By Leah Fressler, Women’s Health   You know that eating an entire box of cookies in one sitting isn’t good for you—but experts say overdoing it with certain more nutritious foods could be just as dangerous. RELATED: 16 Detoxing Cleanse Foods That’ll Jumpstart Weight Loss Oranges and Tomatoes You’ve got to be careful to not overindulge with these delicious but highly acidic summer staples, says Gina Sam, M.D., M.P.H., director of the Mount Sinai Gastrointestinal Motility Center at The Mount Sinai Hospital.

Conquer Motion Sickness This Summer

5 days ago
Summer is the time to indulge your sense of adventure – unless the very thought of sunset cruises and roller coasters make you heave. 70 percent of people are susceptible to motion sickness, according to one study conducted by NASA. “Motion sickness is a slippery eel because it’s so profoundly subjective,” Thomas Stoffregen, a kinesiology professor at the University of Minnesota, tells Yahoo Health. The set of circumstances that trigger symptoms varies greatly, as do the symptoms themselves, which typically include nausea, pale skin, cold sweats, fatigue, headaches, saliva production, and the dreaded vomiting.

3 Steps to a Fitter, Slimmer, Younger You

4 days ago
By Amy Gallo Photo by David Gubert Most of us assume aging is as inevitable as a Bachelor breakup. But get this: “What we think of as growing old is just decay at a cellular level. It’s the molecular dry rot of our modern lifestyles. And it’s optional!”

7 Heart-Healthy Perks of Dark Chocolate

5 days ago
Evidence is building that products of the cacao plant, especially dark chocolate, are good for your heart. Medical studies show that people who eat dark chocolate have healthier cardiovascular systems, boasting better blood circulation and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Cardiologist and Everyday Health columnist T. Jared Bunch, MD, recommends chocolate as part of your strategy to keep the world’s No. 1 killer disease at bay. “Dark chocolate should be included in a life plan that includes exercise, eating healthy foods that are largely plant-based, getting adequate sleep, stress reduction, and maintenance of weight,” says Dr. ...

The Secret to Holding a Plank Longer

5 days ago
Photo by Shutterstock By Melissa Dahl / Follow @melissadahl I used to occasionally work out with my friend Hardeep, who, when I would slow down or make noises about giving up, had a motivational tactic that never failed. Related: How I Turned My Sex Life Into an Exercise Routine The paper is published in the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise, and psychologist Christian Jarrett summarizes the findings today at the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest.

What to Expect After Suffering a Stroke (From Someone Who's Been There)

6 days ago
By Amir Khan Two years ago, Sebastian Baker came home from his job as a Merrill Lynch business adviser feeling sick. I dragged myself from the bathroom through the kitchen and out of my condo, and that’s where my cousin found me." The then 47-year-old​​ Jacksonville, Florida resident ​was rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed as having had a stroke.

You May Suffer From Sleep Drunkenness

6 days ago
Photo: David Zach/ By Melissa Dahl / Follow @melissadahl Your alarm goes off on your phone, and instead of turning it off or hitting snooze, you pick it up and stupidly say, “Hello?” You are, to use the technical term, in the throes of sleep drunkenness, those first few confused minutes we sometimes experience after waking. Related: 7 ‘Natural’ Sleep Aids for Insomnia Most of their stories were benign, and actually pretty funny, said Stanford University School of Medicine psychiatrist Dr. Maurice M. Ohayon, who was the paper’s lead author.

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