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Friday, July 3, 2015

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3 Cancer Screenings Every Adult Should Get

2 hours 39 minutes ago
Cancer, in its various forms, is scary.

9 Stealth Ways to Transport Your Tampons

4 hours 38 minutes ago
Tired of having to be embarrassed of hiding your tampons in weird unsuccessful places?

5 Unusual Wedding Day Stress Relievers That Actually Work

5 hours 38 minutes ago
Yep, a healthy meal on the day of the wedding definitely helps. 

One Woman Embraces Her Nose — & Her Identity

7 hours 38 minutes ago
“Girls are told at a young age to change their noses so they can get married. Literally. They think it’ll bring you a better life.”

Be Wary of These Top 5 Label Claims

8 hours 39 minutes ago
What's the deal with all of the different "healthy" food labels?

Don't Fall For These 12 Eating Myths

9 hours 38 minutes ago
Of course, a lot of us don’t act that normal and rational around food.

25 Unmistakable Signs He's in Love With You

10 hours 9 minutes ago
Do you believe him when he says it? 

The Best and Worst Foods for the Grill

10 hours 27 minutes ago
The very best grill-worthy groceries to stock up on this weekend, so you can get through the Fourth in swimsuit style.

A Couple's Therapist Shares How Even She Was Sabotaging Her Relationship

10 hours 28 minutes ago
Learn the trick that turned things around for her.

6 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Meat

10 hours 29 minutes ago
#1: Going green tends to lead to a lighter you—even if shedding pounds isn’t the original goal for going vegetarian.

7 Grilling Tips for a Healthier Summer BBQ

10 hours 38 minutes ago
Healthy summer grilling can be healthy and easy.

7 Kebabs for a Healthier Cookout

10 hours 38 minutes ago
Aromatic peach and smoky chicken, that's what should be on your summer menu tonight!

21 Dogs Doing Yoga (or Interrupting Their Owners Doing Yoga)

11 hours 18 minutes ago
Dogs doing yoga = ADORABLE.

Quotes That Capture July 4th Perfectly

11 hours 18 minutes ago
Celebrate the Fourth of July with these patriotic sayings.

Which Popular Diets Actually Work?

11 hours 38 minutes ago
What's the deal with the paleo diet compared with other contenders?

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