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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yahoo Health

The Genetic Link to Tanning Addiction

42 minutes ago
Researchers at the Yale School of Public Health may have identified a gene that predisposes some people to tanning addiction, shedding light on the plight of sun-worshipers.

Syphilis Soars 79% in Rhode Island Thanks to Social Media

48 minutes ago
Sexually transmitted diseases are staging a comeback in Rhode Island—with syphilis leading the pack.

Newer Birth Control Pills May Pose Health Risk

55 minutes ago
Should you be concerned?

You'll Be Eating This Noodle Salad from Now Till September

1 hour 35 minutes ago
As a gardener, I’m solidly in the learning phase. This year, I planted with the modest goal of avoiding the heartbreaks of years past.

TV Food Ads May Make You Fat—Here’s How to Slim Down

2 hours 17 minutes ago
Can TV ads for greasy, cheesy foods actually make you consume more calories? Yes, actually, and certain folks are more privy to the effects.

Danger in Your Produce Bag? Vermont Woman Bitten By Black Widow Spider Hiding in Grapes

2 hours 22 minutes ago
Earlier this week, a Vermont woman plucked a scary surprise out of her recently-purchased bag of grapes.

Nutritionists Recommend the Perfect Dinner Equation For Weight Loss

2 hours 35 minutes ago
Want to know how the last meal of the day can help you drop pounds?

How Celebrities Lose Weight for Movies

3 hours 8 minutes ago
From Anne Hathaway to Matthew McConaughey, here’s what the stars ate and drank to play the part.

Doctors Issue Warning About Cleaning Grills with Wire Brushes  

3 hours 9 minutes ago
Love eating burgers off the grill? You’ll want to read this.

Can Working Out Double as a Face Lift?

4 hours 36 minutes ago
Something you might not know is that lifting weights or going for a run can also help prevent and undo skin damage that causes aging.

‘I Actually Have a Chance to Live’: Woman with Severe Anorexia Raises Nearly $200,000 for Treatment

5 hours 16 minutes ago
“I actually have a chance to live,” says Rachael Farrokh.

Wellness Wisdom

5 hours 53 minutes ago
"Consistency is important, but you don't have to be perfect. Health is about an overall direction." -Kris Carr

10 Foods You're Probably Eating Wrong

6 hours 28 minutes ago
When’s the best time to cut strawberries? We asked a pair of registered dietitians to pinpoint the big mistakes that are preventing you from extracting the most vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat.

8 Ways I Take Care of Myself After Experiencing Depression

6 hours 29 minutes ago
Two years ago, I went through a period of depression. While you’re depressed, you can’t really feel the depression — it’s your normal.

Burn 500 Calories in 45 Minutes

6 hours 29 minutes ago
It usually takes an hour to burn that many calories, but not with this super-effective treadmill workout.

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