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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


GE Adds Infrastructure Services To Internet Of Things Platform

17 minutes ago
 GE announced today that it was expanding its Predix Internet of Things platform to provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The IaaS market is dominated by Amazon Web Services with many others including Microsoft, Google and IBM vying for a piece of the action. GE hopes to differentiate itself from the competition by offering infrastructure services specifically tuned to the needs of… Read More by Ron Miller

Facebook Defends Video Practices After Accusation Of ‘Lies And Theft’

 It’s a tale as old as time. Internet video creator/vlogger garners support after accusing $260 billion social media giant of using unethical practices and earns a seemingly official reply comment on his blog post from a mid-level employee at said company. Ah yes. Wait, no. What? Well here’s what happened: The Post Hank Green, a YouTube creator who creates quirky, iconically… Read More by Lucas Matney

Disconnect CEO Explains That New Do Not Track Policy

 The Electronic Frontier Foundation released what it called a “stronger” Do Not Track setting yesterday. But what does that actually mean for your day-to-day privacy on the web? To understand it (or at least try), I got on the phone with Casey Oppenheim, co-founder and CEO of privacy startup Disconnect, who worked with the EFF to develop the new standard. Oppenheim explained that… Read More by Anthony Ha

To Expedite Innovation, Give Away Your Code

 Open-source software has been a growing phenomenon for more than two decades, but in recent years it has risen in importance in a whole new way: as a key to rapid innovation for startups and corporate giants alike. One example of open-source software being used to increase the velocity of technical innovation can be seen with Airbnb. Read More by Gus Robertson

How To Make An Acquisition Successful 

 During most acquisitions, the acquirer mistakenly tries to find a middle ground. Indecisive leaders and consulting firms steer towards the middle to appease the many stakeholders in a company. Read More by Travis May

Google And MIT Researchers Demo An Algorithm That Lets You Take Clear Photos Through Reflections

 Whenever I try to take a photo through a plane or hotel window, chances are there are plenty of reflections that show up on the final image and ruin it. Now, however, Google and MIT researchers have found a way to take these photos and automatically remove these reflections and other obstructions. In a paper they will present at Siggraph 2015 later this month, Tianfan Xue, Michael… Read More by Frederic Lardinois

Vernox Labs Mines Unstructured Data To Help Developers, Contractors Reduce Construction Costs

 Urban construction and development is about as far as you can get from an easily scalable business. Designs from architects are usually bespoke or one-off. Land-use politics are unpredictable. Individual construction sites are uniquely sized and materials can change from building to building. So cost overruns are the norm, rather than the exception. A new Y Combinator-backed company… Read More by Kim-Mai Cutler

Netflix Announces Its New ‘Unlimited’ Maternity And Paternity Leave Program

 A few hours after hitting its all-time stock price high today, Netflix has announced a new program for all employees. In a blog post, Netflix outlined its unlimited maternity and paternity leave program. Its “Chief Talent Office”, Tawni Cranz, said: At Netflix, we work hard to foster a “freedom and responsibility” culture that gives our employees context about our… Read More by Drew Olanoff

Six Killer Xbox One Announcements Microsoft Made Today

 In addition to the multitude of sick new gameplay footage we saw today from Gamescom, Microsoft revealed, confirmed and offered updates on some major new features that will be coming to the Xbox One in the upcoming months. The Xbox One is slumping behind the PS4 in the console wars and it seems Microsoft is looking to go forth with features focused on strengthening the Xbox/Windows ecosystem… Read More by Lucas Matney

Zendesk Picks Up 3% After Hours Reporting Better-Than-Expected Q2 Adjusted Loss, Q3 Guidance

 Briefly, my friends, Zendesk reported its second quarter financial results today, beating market expectations. The company also guided its third quarter revenue above street goals. Shares of the firm are up more than three percent after hours on the combined news. The company lost an adjusted $0.08 per share on revenue of $48.2 million in the second quarter. The street had expected a… Read More by Alex Wilhelm

Etsy Beats In Q2 But Falls 13% After Hours On Troublesome Q3 Guidance

 Today following the cessation of trading, Etsy reported its second quarter financial performance, including revenue of $61.4 million, and earnings per share of negative $0.07. The street had expected Etsy to lose $0.08 per share, off revenue of around $60 million. Shares of Etsy, down around 6 percent in after-hours trading, are down around 13 percent after hours, following the… Read More by Alex Wilhelm

Netflix Surges 8% To All-Time High On News Of New Price Target And Japan Launch Date

 On a day the NASDAQ was down about 0.2 percent, Netflix hit a new all-time high during intra-day trading, hitting $122.78 and eventually closing at $121.00 per share, up 7.5 percent on the day. The video streaming service has seen its shares rise 143 percent so far in 2015. A stock split, Icahn cashing out, and and encouraging earnings reports have spurred investor’s attention in… Read More by Fitz Tepper,Alex Wilhelm

Setting Sales Quotas Is Like Running A 10K Race

 If you’ve ever run a 10K road race, you know that race organizers spend a lot of effort to have volunteers at every milepost telling runners what their time is. If you’re like me, you’ve probably sped up at each marker as you strove to beat your personal-best time. Read More by Jeff Thermond

NHL Teams Up With MLB Advanced Media To Create New Digital Products And Platforms

 One of the greatest things to come out of Major League Baseball might not be a particular team, player or record. It could be the Advanced Media group, which is a powerhouse in online streaming. Today, the group has inked a deal with NHL. The deal between the NHL and MLBAM is set to go for six years and includes streaming and setting up all of NHL’s properties for a “more… Read More by Drew Olanoff

The American Dream, Under Construction Since 1776

 Though it’s not quite an accelerator (of anything really), the White House has decided to hold its very first White House Demo Day, wherein more than 90 entrepreneurs from over 30 different companies will have a chance to share their entrepreneurial story. But, this wasn’t a typical Silicon Valley Demo Day where startup founders got up on stage and pitched to an audience full… Read More by Jordan Crook,Megan Rose Dickey

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