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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Mobile Marketing Trends To Follow From The Israeli Elections

3 hours 18 minutes ago
 The impact of mobile and social media on every aspect of our lives is nothing new, but certain events can really shine a light on how mobile has changed our way of conduct. The presidential elections do just that. During the 2012 elections, mobile was already at the center of everything, but the smartphone industry was relatively in its diapers and smartphone shipment has since grown by… Read More by Gilad Bechar

The Sharing Economy Is On The Brink Of Disrupting Business Travel

 The foundations of the business travel ecosystem are under more strain than ever before. U.S. companies are projected to spend $310 million on business travel in 2015 (up 6.2% from last year), but how they spend that money has become a source of tension and uncertainty. Sharing economy startups like Airbnb and Uber are challenging traditional travel vendors – and in the process… Read More by Dan Ruch

Gillmor Gang: Happy Medium

 The Gillmor Gang — Steven Levy, Erick Schonfeld, John Taschek, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. Steve Jobs lives on in a new light, Periscope and Meerkat duel for attention, and Marc Benioff v. the state of Indiana. Plus, the latest G3 (below) with Halley, Mary, Francine, and Tina. @stevegillmor, @stevenlevy, @erickschonfeld, @kteare, @jtaschek Produced & directed by Tina Chase… Read More by Steve Gillmor

European Tech Verticals To Track

 While the high-level investment trend in innovative technology is similar between the U.S. and Europe, digging deeper exposes interesting differences. Europe seems to be punching above its weight in some predictable areas like banking and hospitality while being weaker in historically strong areas like fashion and insurance. At a high level, the trend of early-stage technology deals over the… Read More by Suranga Chandratillake,Ferenc Huszar

A Farewell To Jobs

 Few subjects elicit more skepticism than the so-called “sharing economy.” Kevin Roose argues: “The Sharing Economy Isn’t About Trust, It’s About Desperation.” Catherine Rampell warns: “there’s a dark side to these work arrangements … the shifting of risk off corporate balance sheets and onto the shoulders of individual Americans.” Read More by Jon Evans

Two Jurors On Opposite Sides Share Their Pao Vs. Kleiner Perspectives

 It’s been a very suspenseful day for all of those involved in the Pao vs. KPCB trial (well, maybe not “Sleeping Guy”). We had a verdict, and then suddenly we didn’t, because a juror had changed his mind on the walk up from the jury room to room 608. When the final verdict did come in, again, many were stunned and many, especially those on the KPCB side, were relieved. Read More by Alexia Tsotsis

TC AppleCast 11: If You Had To Choose Just One – Apple Hardware Or Apple Software?

2 days ago
 On this week’s episode, we discuss both a lengthy profile of Tim Cook, as well as a full biography of Steve Jobs. We also cover some concrete announcements, including the open-sourcing of React, Facebook’s (potentially better than UIKit) UIKit alternative, and the acquisition of database company FoundationDB by Apple, and what that might mean. But wait, that’s not all! We… Read More by Darrell Etherington,Kyle Russell

Ellen Pao’s Statement On Losing The Kleiner Perkins Case: “The Battle Was Worth It”

2 days ago
 Directly after the jury announced its final verdict in Ellen Pao Vs. Kleiner Perkins Caufield, in which it ruled against all four of Pao’s claims of gender discrimination and retaliation, Pao held a very short press conference at San Francisco’s Superior Court. Flanked by her lawyers Alan Exelrod and Therese Lawless, Pao read a short statement. Here are here comments in full:… Read More by Colleen Taylor

Google Blasts Media Implications That It Runs That Town

2 days ago
 Google, a search company, fired back today at a string of reports published in the Wall Street Journal over the past few weeks that have brought the company and its business practices under scrutiny. The collection of pieces implied that Google has decision-tilting influence in the federal government, and that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) all but went against its own internal views of… Read More by Alex Wilhelm

Genomics Needs A Killer App

2 days ago
 Genomics has undergone a major shift in the last year. The drop in price in the past decade from $3B to $1K to sequence a genome is the 10X force likely to cause an inflection point in a number of health-related industries. But despite the price, right now genomics is a niche product in large part used in and promoted by academia. Read More by Mark Kaganovich

15 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

2 days ago
 This week’s tech news included big announcements from Facebook and Y-Combinator, a sighting of the Tesla Model X on the road, a controversial Indiana bill that has tech leaders up in arms, and the launch of Periscope, a Twitter app that has potential to change the way we communicate online. At TechCrunch HQ we launched our new daily show, Crunch Report, a roundup of tech news airing… Read More by Anna Escher

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Smartphone Stuff And Smart Home Stuff

2 days ago
 It was a big week for phones and homes. John Biggs has been reviewing the new Galaxy S6 Edge from Samsung, while the HTC One M9 recently went on sale in certain markets. And speaking of things that just went on sale, Indiegogo darling Canary recently went live in retail stores like Best Buy and Verizon Wireless, as well as on Amazon. Meanwhile, August Lock raised a huge round of funding to… Read More by Jordan Crook,John Biggs,Matt Burns

The Jury Has Reached A Verdict In Ellen Pao Vs. Kleiner Perkins

2 days ago
 After several days of deliberations, a San Francisco Superior Court jury has come to a conclusion in the Ellen Pao Vs. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers case, the gender discrimination trial that began with a lawsuit filed in May 2012 and has culminated this past month in a five-week-long courtroom trial. The jury’s verdict is set to be announced at 2pm Pacific Time, the court… Read More by Colleen Taylor

Thou Shalt Not Google

2 days ago
 At every break during the high-profile Pao versus Kleiner Perkins trial these past couple of weeks, judge Harold Khan reminded the jurors, “Do not form or express any opinions about the case. Do not do any research. Do not read any news reports. Do not Google the case.” It’s a pretty difficult ask, as the trial is one of the most mediated Silicon Valley has ever seen, with… Read More by Alexandra Cacciatore

Gillmor Gang LIVE 03.27.15

2 days ago
 Gillmor Gang – Steven Levy, John Taschek, Erick Schonfeld, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. LIVE recording session 1pmPT/4pmET today. Our FriendFeed chat during the show broadcast Gillmor Gang on Facebook Our sister show, G3 , on Facebook (please “like” the ladies) Our sister show, G3 , archived on Ustream Read More by Steve Gillmor

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