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Sunday, May 1, 2016


How Android gets to 100% market share

2 hours 35 minutes ago
 Android commands more than 80 percent of the mobile OS market share globally, and just less than 60 percent in the U.S. But you wouldn’t know it here in Silicon Valley — almost everyone I know has an iPhone. As the consumer technology landscape evolves over the next five years, however, there are a number of reasons to believe that Android, and the Google stack more broadly, could… Read More by Matt Heiman

Strengthening authentication through big data

5 hours 35 minutes ago
 The fact that plain passwords are no longer safe to protect our digital identities is no secret. For years, the use of two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) as a means to ensure online account security and prevent fraud has been a hot topic of discussion. Technological advances, especially in the mobile industry, have created new possibilities, and manufacturers… Read More by Ben Dickson

The tech elite are moving left this election cycle

6 hours 5 minutes ago
 This election cycle, the tech elite are almost exclusively backing liberals: Tesla’s Elon Musk donated to Hillary Clinton, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg gave handsomely to the San Francisco Democratic Party organization, and Microsoft’s Bill Gates gave to three Democratic congressmen. Though often seen as a libertarian stronghold, no household Silicon Valley names publicly… Read More by Gregory Ferenstein

The future of apps should be better apps

8 hours 5 minutes ago
 The future of apps is apps. Read More by Anshu Sharma

SAM Labs raises $4.5M to turn kids into IoT-mavens

8 hours 17 minutes ago
 London-based SAM Labs just announced that it raised $4.5M from a group of investors led by Imperial Ventures. In addition, the round was padded out with smart money from a number of angels specializing in high growth education technology. The investment will help the company continue its mission to introduce the Internet of Things to kids. Read More by Haje Jan Kamps

Twitter’s dysfunctional Wall Street relationship

8 hours 35 minutes ago
 Twitter’s stock is cratering this week following its earnings report on Tuesday, down around 15% and shaving more than a billion dollars off its market cap — again. This isn’t even an all-time low for Twitter. But the company is a long, long ways from its successful run after its initial public offering. At the time, Twitter was showing — while slow — user growth… Read More by Matthew Lynley

Keith Block talks life at Salesforce and being a Boston sports fan in San Francisco

9 hours 34 minutes ago
 The day I met Keith Block at the Salesforce World Tour in Boston he was relaxing in a suite at the Heinz Convention Center, a man at ease with his considerable responsibilities as vice chairman, president and COO at Salesforce. His Twitter bio, like mine, also lists him as a Boston sports fan. We had a lot to talk about. The day we chatted, Block had been front and center at the… Read More by Ron Miller

Here’s why we only did three deals last year

12 hours 34 minutes ago
 There has been a huge disconnect between private and public company valuations over the last few years. This isn’t the first time I’ve said it. It probably won’t be the last. During this period of froth, companies were able to raise capital at increasingly ludicrous valuations, and entrepreneurs turned fundraising into a sport. Deals closed peaked in 2014, but all-time… Read More by Adam Marcus

Homo Sapiens 2.0? We need a species-wide conversation about the future of human genetic enhancement

12 hours 35 minutes ago
 After 4 billion years of evolution by one set of rules, our species is about to begin evolving by another. Overlapping and mutually reinforcing revolutions in genetics, information technology, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and other fields are providing the tools that will make it possible to genetically alter our future offspring should we choose to do so. For some very good… Read More by Jamie Metzl

INNOVATE2016: Policy risk should be on the agenda for startups

16 hours 4 minutes ago
Former Clinton Administration staffer Dan Rosenthal says entrepreneurs need to think about local regulations and policy landscape. Read More by Andrew Keen

Sell your clothing and electronics with these apps

 Are you looking to clean out your closet and make money while doing it? You no longer have to haul your used items to a consignment shop. A number of apps have made selling used things easier than ever, and we’re not talking about eBay. TechCrunch tested out and chose our favorite apps for spring cleaning. Poshmark Poshmark is basically an Instagram for selling your clothing. Take a photo… Read More by Katie Roof

Why image recognition is about to transform business

 From programs that help the visually impaired and safety features in cars that detect large animals to auto-organizing untagged photo collections and extracting business insights from socially shared pictures, the benefits of image recognition, or computer vision, are only just beginning to make their way into the world — but they’re doing so with increasing frequency and depth. Read More by Ken Weiner

Review: Grenco Science’s G-Pen Elite is the best vape of its kind

 The fascination and rapid development of portable vaporizers for ground, plant-based material is hard to ignore, if you’re not living under a rock. Read More by Stefan Etienne

New initiatives emerge to help refugees

 Prompted by the ongoing refugee crisis affecting much of the western world, new initiatives have emerged to provide solutions to the many challenges facing the beleaguered masses. In a sea of clueless government bureaucrats and fearful citizens, these new startups want to tap into the potential of the newcomers. Privately funded initiatives may one day become the norm in helping tackle… Read More by Dennis Mitzner

According to its cofounder and CEO Snapchat is mainly “a camera company”

 While Snapchat Stories may be the feature that brings the company the revenue model it needs to validate its $16 billion valuation, and while the ephemeral messaging feature may be what initially attracted the hordes of millennials sending digital ephemera to each other billions of times a day, Spiegel says that the camera itself remains Snapchat’s unifying feature. Read More by D.J. Sherrets

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