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Thursday, November 20, 2014


This Week Some Japanese Startups Battled It Out At TechCrunch Tokyo

4 minutes ago
 TechCrunch Tokyo also has its own take on Disrupt’s Startup Battlefield, pitting a dozen different early-stage companies to compete against each other for a series of prizes. This year, the competition boasted a wide range of startups across a number of different product categories. Read More by Ryan Lawler

PCH International In Talks To Buy Fab For $15 Million

11 minutes ago
 Multiple sources have confirmed that Fab is in talks to sell to PCH International for $15 million in a half cash and half stock deal. Contractual agreements are in the very early stages between the two companies (and these things could always fall apart). However, if it does happen, we’ve been told that some assets will be rolled into Fab founder Jason Goldberg’s new… Read More by Sarah Buhr

KinectKannon Is A Robotic T-Shirt Cannon That Can Track Your Movements And See In The Dark

1 hour 55 minutes ago
 You can run. You can hide. Hell, you can even turn off the lights. Do what you want, but this thing will get you… a complimentary t-shirt. Meet the KinectKannon, a semi-autonomous t-shirt cannon that can track your movements, go into night vision mode, and fire t-shirts into a crowd. It’s like T-1000‘s dopey little brother. Built by Microsoft developer evangelist Steven… Read More by Greg Kumparak

Healthcare’s Big Data Opportunity

3 hours 3 minutes ago
 The hospitals where my grandchildren are born will be unrecognizable to what we know today – safer, cleaner and more efficient. And what is considered world class in 2014 will tomorrow be viewed with the same disdain we reserve for medical practice in the Dark Ages. Read More by David Richards

GoPro Craters 9.3% After Pricing Its Secondary Offering At A Discount

3 hours 29 minutes ago
 GoPro fell more than 9 percent today, after it priced its secondary offering at $75 per share, a discount to its market price. The company ended regular trading today at $71.74 per share, or a several dollar negative delta to the proposed price. The company will sell 1,287,533 itself, while prior shareholders will sell 9,072,967. Underwriters of the sale may purchase 1,554,075 shares as… Read More by Alex Wilhelm

Heirloom App Preserves Print Photos With A Single Snap

3 hours 31 minutes ago
 My mom, ever the scrapbook aficionado, has documented every birthday, Halloween, dance performance, first bike ride and baby eats dirt moment me and my brothers have endured since I can remember. She hand-scanned every last one of those hundreds of pictures a few years back and then organized them into neat little labeled folders on her own PC. It took me eons to convince her to put it all… Read More by Sarah Buhr

Don’t Expect Urban Drone Delivery Soon

4 hours 23 minutes ago
 Amazon and Google might be chest-thumping about their respective drone delivery programs but the technology is still years out from being feasible in dense urban environments. Dr Mirko Kovac, director of Imperial College London’s current aerial robotics lab, suggests it could be as far out as a decade. Read More by Natasha Lomas

The CIA’s Review Of Glenn Greenwald’s Snowden Book Is Hilarious

4 hours 55 minutes ago
 Earlier this year, journalist Glenn Greenwald released a book titled No Place to Hide, chronicling the Snowden leaks, and breaking new ground on the NSA itself. The book garnered a grip of positive reviews upon publication, and has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon. Not bad, all told. But the most recent review of the book is by far the best. Hayden Peake, listed by the CIA’s website as… Read More by Alex Wilhelm

Twitter Now Lets You Share Public Tweets Via Direct Messages

5 hours 35 minutes ago
 Earlier this month, Twitter gave the community a preview of upcoming features during its Analyst’s Day event where it discussed changes to the platform and revenue streams. One of those touted features – the ability to privately share (aka “direct message”) a tweet – has now gone live. Says Twitter, “with today’s update you’ll be able to share… Read More by Sarah Perez

Beats Solo2 Wireless Review: Bluetooth Adds Considerably To The Solo Appeal

5 hours 40 minutes ago
 Beats is taking its Solo line wireless, with a new set of Bluetooth cans that match the wired Solo2 almost exactly in terms of external design. Surprisingly, they also match their wired counterpart in terms of sound, both when used with the included aux cable with inline remote, and when they’re used with the Bluetooth wireless connection. And after Beats took its sound engineering back… Read More by Darrell Etherington

Technics Revived As High-Res Music Download Service

5 hours 50 minutes ago
 Famed turntable brand Technics plans to launch a high-resolution music download service. But it’s not coming to America like Neil Diamond’s high-res service Pono. Starting in January, the platform will spin (get it?) 24-bit tracks to users in UK and Germany. Called Technics Tracks, it’s said to be launching with tens of thousands of tracks encoded in 24-bit FLAC. This… Read More by Matt Burns

Seed Lab Creates A Seamless Connection Between You And Your Kettle

5 hours 59 minutes ago
 A few months ago, the guys at Seed Labs showed me an Internet of things product that piqued my interest. While the product isn’t quite fully-baked, it was essentially a low power Bluetooth chip that could fit into any device – a lightbulb, a kettle, a toaster – and report, without pairing, to a cellphone. In other words you could simply plug in a lamp and your phone would… Read More by John Biggs

FastPay Raises $15M More To Improve Digital Media Cashflow

6 hours 12 minutes ago
 FastPay, a startup offering credit to digital media companies, is announcing that it has raised $15 million in additional equity funding. That description might not sound particularly sexy, but FastPay seems to be tackling a common problem for companies that serve as middlemen between online publishers and advertisers (such as ad agencies, demand side platforms, supply side platforms, ad… Read More by Anthony Ha

Microsoft Promises Managed, Web-Based App Stores For The Enterprise With Windows 10

6 hours 18 minutes ago
 Microsoft previously announced that Windows 10, its next operating system, will contain a single app store that will work across device classes. Don’t make the Lord of the Rings joke. The company also previously promised that organizations will be able to curate their own app experience for their users. Today, it announced that a “Web-based” store will be an option for… Read More by Alex Wilhelm

Google Says It Can Now Launch Up To 20 Project Loon Balloons Per Day

6 hours 19 minutes ago
 Google’s Project Loon, the company’s effort to deliver Internet access from balloons that travel around the world in the stratosphere, continues to make strides toward a commercial launch. A few days ago we heard that Google will launch a test with Australia’s largest telco provider Telstra next month and today, Google released a bit more info about the state of the project.… Read More by Frederic Lardinois

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