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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Secret ‘bursts into flames’ feature may be behind Samsung’s Note 7 delays

48 minutes ago
 The Galaxy Note 7 seems like a pretty decent phone if you like phones literally the size of the galaxy (Brian does) — but be aware that Samsung’s curvy-screened flagship device may be prone to, well, exploding. Fear not, however: Samsung is looking into it. Read More by Devin Coldewey

Seattle angel investor John Staenberg on the state of startup investing

1 hour 17 minutes ago
 Q: Gil Penchina (the top ranked angel on AngelList) said one of the things he has learned about investing is how little control he has on the outcome. Do you feel the same way? Absolutely. Most investors like to pretend they add a ton of value and expertise but they don’t. I am clear about it. The value I add is in having a good enough relationship with the founder so that when things… Read More by Jasper Kuria

Instacart’s app has changed grocery stores for good

2 hours 15 minutes ago
Instacart, the grocery-ordering app, is getting creative about picking, packing and delivering food on-demand. TechCrunch got an aisle-side view of how the company’s people and technology come together on location at CostCo in San Francisco. And one thing’s clear, the San Francisco startup has changed grocery stores for good. According to the company’s Chief of Operations… Read More by Lora Kolodny

NFX Guild’s James Currier’s journey from baiting hooks to baiting big deals

3 hours 17 minutes ago
 James Currier focuses on building businesses with network effects, and he builds those businesses by choosing the right people first. Currier started as a schoolboy entrepreneur, selling worms to fishermen at six and later selling boxer shorts in college. After starting his career in venture capital, Currier founded a series of companies and incubators that took advantage of network effects… Read More by Navin Chaddha

The dream of the Courier lives on, but it’s still a dream

4 hours 4 minutes ago
 Oh yes, young feller, that there Yoga Book sure is something. But why don’t you just set a while an’ listen to the stories of an old blogger. ‘Twas back in the old days — before the Millennials took over. That’d be 2009 or so. Longer than most remember these days. Let me ask ye something, m’boy. Ever hear tell of a Courier? Read More by Devin Coldewey

Relive Samsung’s incredibly awkward Gear S3 press conference

4 hours 19 minutes ago
 Samsung knows how to through a party. A really, really weird party. The electronics giant has put on some of the more bizarre events over the past decade, including, memorably, one at IFA 2012 that featured a real life magician hired by the company to demonstrate just how magical the company’s new phablet really was. This year’s event, focused solely on its new wearable, the Gear… Read More by Brian Heater

10 haiku inspired by Facebook’s terrible new trending news algorithm

4 hours 24 minutes ago
 Last week, Facebook fired all the humans who used to run its trending news, and replaced them with an algorithm meant to capture the most popular stories the web had to offer—in one to two words that often don’t make any sense out of context. How is that going? Well, so far, trending news has viral-ized a fake story about Megyn Kelly quitting Fox News and endorsing Hillary Clinton,… Read More by Anna Pulley

IoT’s killer app is home security

4 hours 47 minutes ago
 IoT is most well-known as a quirky way of automating your home, like some fancy clapper or talking fridge. By and large, IoT has yet to have its “killer app” moment and become a mainstream success — mostly because people don’t recognize the tangible value in having a home full of connected devices. Then it struck me — perhaps IoT’s killer app is home security. Read More by Chris Ciabarra

HSN’s first pitch-off competition goes in search of the next big consumer product

5 hours 8 minutes ago
 HSN is looking for the next big American consumer product. Today, 100 makers and entrepreneurs from around the U.S. will pitch their products for a chance to win airtime on HSN, a listing on, a piece in Good Housekeeping magazine and its “Seal of Approval,” following testing. The products will come from across categories, like home, kitchen, toys, productivity, and yes,… Read More by Sarah Perez

You too can bid on Steve Jobs’ turtleneck and other random junk!

5 hours 22 minutes ago
 If you’re a founder who’s feeling hot after getting some new seed funding and want to treat yoself, may I recommend purchasing the entire wardrobe of Silicon Valley’s greatest Versace menswear aficionado and wearing it as you berate employees in your office? Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple, famously posited that good artists copy and great artists steal, so why… Read More by Lucas Matney

Salesforce shares face plant despite beating analyst expectations

5 hours 25 minutes ago
 Salesforce earnings came out today! They’re not great, either, and it looks like a weak outlook for the company’s third quarter is doing some damage to its shares. For a company that literally defined the phrase “software as a service,” — basically, running your business online — and one that’s had a decent year (shares are about flat),… Read More by Matthew Lynley

Box shares up 5% on earnings beat

5 hours 38 minutes ago
 Box reported its second quarter fiscal 2017 earnings after the bell on Wednesday. The company beat estimates posting a loss of 14 cents, compared to the 19 cents expected by analysts. They also surpassed revenue predictions, reporting $95.7 million instead of $94.65 million.  Shares ticked up about 5% in initial after-hours trading. “Our strong second quarter results, with revenue growth… Read More by Katie Roof

Lenovo’s got a snazzy new lightweight convertible laptop

5 hours 41 minutes ago
 The poor Yoga 910 never really had a chance. Moments after Lenovo announced the laptop, the spotlight was completely absorbed by the strange new Yoga Book. It’s a shame really, because this is a pretty nice piece of hardware – one that surely would have been the talk of the company’s event, had it not gone and showed the aforementioned device and a Hasselblad add-on for the… Read More by Brian Heater

Glint raises $27 million to stop solid employees from bailing

5 hours 47 minutes ago
 Redwood City-based Glint has raised $27 million in a Series C round of venture funding for software that helps companies figure out how their teams are experiencing problems, or why and when solid employees may leave, undesirably. Glint replaces the traditional 360-review tools used by corporate HR teams and executives with short, anonymous surveys sent out once in a while to specific groups… Read More by Lora Kolodny

Bang & Olufsen’s pricey new wireless speakers look like martini shakers

5 hours 47 minutes ago
 If nothing else, Bang & Olufsen knows how to make an impression. The Danish audio company announced a pair of new wireless speakers – or rather, one speaker in two different sizes – with conical aluminium designs that, if nothing else, certainly stand out. The BeoSound 1 and 2 (names, interestingly enough, already used for a pair of shiny multi-room speakers about ten or so… Read More by Brian Heater

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