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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


7 of the internet’s best animated 404 pages

42 minutes ago
 Gone are the days where a humorous picture or phrase will get your site’s 404 page noticed. In a version of the internet where GIFs are the new text and videos are the new photos, it’s going to take a lot more than a witty phrase to stand out amongst the crowd. But, we were surprised to see that most sites still aren’t taking advantage of that valuable real estate. Read More by Fitz Tepper

Not all startups need the bright lights of the big city

1 hour 40 minutes ago
 In an office park overlooking a lake in Southern New Hampshire, Rajesh Mishra is working to change how cell networks are created. Rajesh and his company, Parallel Wireless, along with a dozen or so other nearby startups in Southern New Hampshire, are taking on a variety of challenges that face tech infrastructure that most people are not aware of, but impact our daily lives. Read More by Ben Fischberg

Facebook spares humans by fighting offensive photos with AI

1 hour 48 minutes ago
 Facebook’s artificial intelligence systems now report more offensive photos than humans do, marking a major milestone in the social network’s battle against abuse, the company tells me. AI could quarantine obscene content before it ever hurts the psyches of real people. Facebook’s success in ads has fueled investments into the science of AI and machine vision that could give… Read More by Josh Constine

Robots date, mate, and procreate 3D printed offspring in ‘Robot Baby’ project

1 hour 55 minutes ago
 Researchers in the Netherlands claim to have created the world’s first “robots that procreate.” What does that mean exactly? Well, child, when two robots’ fitness evaluation algorithms come to a successful conclusion, something beautiful happens. You’ll know when you’re older — or if you scroll down. “This breakthrough is a significant first step… Read More by Devin Coldewey

Periscope introduces real-time comment moderation

2 hours 32 minutes ago
 Live-streaming app Periscope is rolling out a new experiment with real-time comment moderation, the company announced today. While its parent company Twitter has struggled over the years with spam and abuse – without much success, let’s be honest – Periscope is aiming to go a different route with the introduction of a community-policed system where users can report and… Read More by Sarah Perez

Y Combinator announces basic income pilot experiment in Oakland

2 hours 50 minutes ago
 Y Combinator announced today that it would launch its first basic income experiment in Oakland, CA. The startup accelerator began researching the concept of basic income last fall and will soon start paying salaries. Read More by Kate Conger

Energysquare is a wireless phone charging pad that doesn’t use induction

3 hours 14 minutes ago
 Meet Energysquare, a thin charging pad so that you don’t have to plug your phone charger ever again. Energysquare doesn’t rely on induction like most wireless chargers out there. Instead, Energysquare uses a conductive surface as well as a sticker on the back of your phone. The company is currently doing a Kickstarter campaign. I met the team in Paris and saw a Read More by Romain Dillet

Inventory shortages may herald rebirth of Apple’s aging Thunderbolt Display

3 hours 28 minutes ago
 Apple’s Thunderbolt Display, first introduced in the summer of 2011, may be getting a refresh at WWDC, if inventory shortages at retail stores are any indication. Just try getting one at your local Apple store — dozens of locations near me are “ship to store” only, suggesting (as is often the case before a refresh) that stock has not been replenished or even, as a… Read More by Devin Coldewey

Xbox One price drops to $299 just in time before unveiling slim Xbox One at E3

4 hours 3 minutes ago
 Microsoft just dropped the price of its gaming console. The Xbox One now costs $299 in the U.S. with a 500GB hard drive, or €299 in Europe. For $319, you get a 1TB hard drive. And bundles also get a $50 price cut. Interestingly, this news comes right before E3. Microsoft is set to announce a new, slimmer Xbox One. Rumor has it Read More by Romain Dillet

Recently confirmed Myspace hack could be the largest yet

4 hours 18 minutes ago
 You might not have thought of – much less visited – Myspace in years. (Yes, it’s still around. Time, Inc. acquired it and other properties when it bought Viant earlier this year.) But user data never really dies, unfortunately. For Myspace’s new owner, that’s bad news, as the company confirmed just ahead of the Memorial Day holiday weekend in the U.S., that it… Read More by Sarah Perez

Simply Hired is shutting down June 26, reportedly as part of an acquisition

4 hours 20 minutes ago
 Simply Hired — a job search engine with 30 million monthly users that is active in 24 countries and 12 languages — is shutting down on June 26, with one report claiming that at least some of the company is getting acquired. We heard of the shutdown initially from one of Simply Hired’s partners, who received an email Friday from the company noting that it is terminating… Read More by Ingrid Lunden

Instagram officially announces its new business tools

4 hours 40 minutes ago
 Instagram this morning officially announced the launch of its tools for business users, including new business profiles, analytics, and the ability to turn Instagram posts into ads directly from the Instagram app itself. The launch comes following a series of leaks and reports of the tools’ imminent launch, and largely confirms details we already knew – like how the profiles would… Read More by Sarah Perez

Where are they now? Startup Battlefield participant Wellth raises $2M

5 hours 10 minutes ago
 In the world of healthcare, physicians and insurers are struggling to meet seemingly conflicting goals: improving patient quality outcomes while reducing the total costs of care. Disrupt NY 2015 Startup Battlefield participant Wellth thinks it has found a solution to this problem, a mobile-first platform that actually pays people to embrace healthier habits. Wellth focuses on the costly… Read More by Sam O'Keefe

Nearly 1 in 4 people abandon mobile apps after only one use

6 hours 1 minute ago
 Apple’s iTunes App Store is home to over 1.5 million apps and Google Play hosts over 2 million, but the number of apps that actually get installed and used on consumers’ devices is still quite small. We already knew that people only interacted with a small handful of third-party apps on a regular basis, and now, according to a new study on mobile app usage, we learn that about one… Read More by Sarah Perez

Sirin Labs shows off $14K, super private Solarin smartphone, on sale June 1

6 hours 5 minutes ago
 Is the world ready for another smartphone? How about one that will cost $14,000 for its most basic model? Today, Sirin Labs — a startup put together by a team of founders out of Israel — used an event in London to unveil the Solarin, a privacy-first device “aimed at the international businessperson who carries a lot of sensitive information but doesn’t want to… Read More by Ingrid Lunden

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