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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Springleap Aims To Rethink Marketing Research With New Backing From Cross Border Angels

33 minutes ago
 Startup Springleap says it can help marketers improve their ad campaigns by tapping into a community of 180,000 creative professionals. To pursue that vision, the company is announcing that it has raised an additional $650,000 in seed funding, bringing its total backing to around $1.1 million. I got on the phone with founder Eran Eyal partly to discuss the funding, but more to discuss the… Read More by Anthony Ha

This Week On The TechCrunch Bitcoin Podcast: Do You Even Invest?

1 hour 29 minutes ago
 Hello and welcome back to another episode of TCBTC, TechCrunch’s bitcoin podcast. This time around, myself and John Biggs kick over the news that a new bitcoin-facing investment vehicle is getting itself put together and public. Can it help bitcoin achieve greater price stability over time? Also joining us is Jameson Lopp of BitGo, who broke down the finer technical points of paper… Read More by Alex Wilhelm,John Biggs

Join Us At Hardware Alley At Disrupt New York

1 hour 52 minutes ago
 We want to see you in New York for Disrupt NY 2015, our annual celebration of all things startup. It’s a great time. You get to meet great funders and VCs and I’d love to meet you. Hardware is my favorite thing in the world and you’re some of my favorite people. Disrupt runs from May 4 to May 6 and will be held at the Manhattan Center in New York City. It’s an amazing… Read More by John Biggs

How Disney Thinks About Virtual Reality For Its Theme Parks

2 hours ago
 In a session at GDC this morning, Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Technologies Lead Bei Yang gave a talk about the work the entertainment giant has done with virtual reality. Read More by Kyle Russell

Zombie Ridesharing Bill Comes Back To Life In California

3 hours 1 minute ago
 A bill designed to regulate ridesharing companies is back. California Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian has submitted a bill aimed at placing new rules on companies like Uber and Lyft. Assembly Bill 24, however, is incredibly similar to Assembly Bill 612, which failed in committee in 2014. Nazarian notes in a release on the bill that 24 is “similar” to 612, which is understatement. Read More by Alex Wilhelm

Would You Buy A ‘Smart Band’ For An Apple Watch?

3 hours 2 minutes ago
 Would you shell out money for a ‘smart’ accessory band for an Apple Watch that added additional capabilities? More battery life, perhaps? The reason I ask is that the Apple Watch has a port that the company has yet to show off. It’s being used for diagnostics and direct access to the Watch operating system, but it’s feasible that could be used to connect accessories in… Read More by Matthew Panzarino

Apple’s Streaming Music Service Will Debut In June

4 hours 11 minutes ago
 Apple’s streaming music service, which will be a totally overhauled version of Beats but with iTunes branding and tighter integration with Apple’s own devices and software, will make its official debut in June, likely at WWDC. A source with knowledge of the company’s current plans tells TechCrunch June 8 is the  target launch date, at least for an official… Read More by Darrell Etherington,Josh Constine

Microsoft And Google Collaborate On Angular 2 Framework, TypeScript Language

4 hours 19 minutes ago
 Here’s a partnership that may come as a surprise to many: Microsoft and Google are working together to help make Angular 2 — the next (and somewhat controversial) version of Google’s JavaScript web app framework — better. shield-largeAngular has been using its own AtScript superset of Microsoft’s TypeScript for a while now. TypeScript is Microsoft’s attempt… Read More by Frederic Lardinois

Are Drones A Fad Or Here For Good?

4 hours 58 minutes ago
 Drones are no longer just seen as a tool of the military or a toy that people use to fly around. They’re becoming accepted as a tool that businesses can deploy, and every day more and more companies are being created to build drone prototypes and software to help them fly, detect obstacles and make sense of terabytes of data they collect. This is the golden age of drones, and it is… Read More by Philip McNamara

Let’s Face It: The Apple Watch Will Sell More Than A Million Units In Its First Month

5 hours 42 minutes ago
 As we approach AW-Day, the naysayers are coming out to put their hand in front of the bottle of champagne that will be used to christen the S.S. Apple Watch. The most prominent of those naysayers was Mark Wilson, a traditionally even-keeled fellow who, in his own way, is pushing the pro- and anti-Apple Watch argument forward. I won’t even debase his post with the term clickbait: he has a… Read More by John Biggs

Microsoft Azure Launches Media Services Premium Encoder, Takes DocumentDB And Azure Search Out Of Preview

5 hours 43 minutes ago
 Microsoft is making a number of announcements around its Azure cloud computing platform today. Some of these involve previously announced services coming out of preview, including the NoSQL database DocumentDB, its search-as-a-service solution Azure Search and two new virtual machine instance types. But in addition, the company is also launching its Azure Media Services Premium Encoder, a new… Read More by Frederic Lardinois

Trucker Path Raises $1.5M From Renren To Help Truckers Truck Better

5 hours 58 minutes ago
 Trucker Path is a mobile app that helps truckers find truck stops, parking spots, rest areas, scales, DOT weigh stations, truck washes and more. At first, this may sound pretty banal, but the company has bigger plans that go far beyond these kinds of map-centric tools. To do so (and to enter the growing Chinese market) Trucker Path has raised $1.5 million from Chinese holding company and… Read More by Frederic Lardinois

Twitter Taps Partner Data To Help Marketers Target Their Ads

5 hours 59 minutes ago
 Twitter announced a new ad targeting feature today called partner audiences, allowing Twitter advertisers to aim their ads at audiences like “coffee buyers” and “cereal buyers.” The various social media platforms have done a lot of work to expand their ad programs beyond their core sites and apps, but of course it’s useful for data to flow in the direction too,… Read More by Anthony Ha

Google Launches A New Tool To Sell U.S. Web Searchers Car Insurance

6 hours 8 minutes ago
 Confirming earlier reports that Google has been plotting a move to help sell consumers auto insurance in the U.S., the search giant announced this morning it’s launching a new feature called “Google Compare for Auto Insurance,” a comparison-shopping site that lets you compare the rates from different insurance providers. The option to compare rates will begin popping up after… Read More by Sarah Perez

Office 2016 For Mac Preview Now Available, No Office 365 Subscription Required

6 hours 35 minutes ago
 Microsoft already told us Office 2016 for Mac was coming, but the public preview is out now as a free download, without any Office 365 subscription required. The updated software includes support for Retina displays, as well as iCloud syncing, and has a look and feel more in tune with the versions of Office currently available on Windows and mobile. Office 2016 for Mac includes redesigned… Read More by Darrell Etherington

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