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Thursday, July 2, 2015


Sources: On-Demand Cleaning Startup Hassle Merges With Rocket Internet’s Helpling

2 minutes ago
The on-demand cleaning space in Europe may have just got a little less messy. According to multiple sources, the U.K.’s, which also operates in Ireland and France, has been acquired by Rocket Internet’s Helpling. Both companies declined to comment. However, TechCrunch understands that this is now a done deal. That also tallies with what I had been hearing as far… Read More by Steve O'Hear

Trash-Focused Rubicon Global Hires Its First CTO

28 minutes ago
 Rubicon Global, a startup helping customers find money-saving, environmentally-friendly ways to handle their waste and recycling, is announcing the hire of its first chief technology officer — Phil Rodoni, previously vice president of software at Esurance. Atlanta-based Rubicon doesn’t haul trash itself, but instead connects businesses with waste hauling and recycling companies… Read More by Anthony Ha

Media Server Company Plex Hacked – Forum Servers Affected, But Payment Info Safe

33 minutes ago
 Plex, a popular application that lets users organize and stream their media collections across devices, has been hacked. However, the attackers were only able to compromise the servers hosting the company’s forums and blog – not account information or users’ financial data, the latter which Plex says is not stored on its own servers at all. That being said, many Plex users… Read More by Sarah Perez

Read This Before Meeting VCs For Pre-Pitch “Advice”

1 hour 33 minutes ago
 Startups often ask VCs for pre-pitch meetings. These requests usually are positioned along the lines of, “We aren’t looking for money yet, just advice.” Of course, we all know this is just a nice way of getting your foot in the door for a soft pitch. And that’s ok; these meetings enable both sides to get acquainted before the real ask. However, when startups come… Read More by Jonathan Friedman

Twitter Pushes Ads With A New Button Atop Mobile Users’ Profiles

2 hours 13 minutes ago
 Twitter’s latest push to monetize its service has led to the rollout of a new “Twitter Ads” button, which is now prominently appearing on user profile pages on both the iOS and Android client applications. The newly added button, which some users may have initially mistaken as a shortcut to Twitter analytics, is found right next to the “Edit profile” button,… Read More by Sarah Perez

Prince Won’t Stream 4 U (Unless You’re On Tidal, Or Maybe Google Music)

2 hours 21 minutes ago
 Call it the Taylor effect: it looks like another high-profile musician is sharpening his arrows to take aim at how streaming music services pay artists. Music from the artist currently known as Prince has been pulled from Spotify and Rdio. And Deezer — where at the time of writing Prince’s music is still streaming — has confirmed to us that it has received a takedown notice… Read More by Ingrid Lunden

A Third Classification of Worker? Don’t Count On It

3 hours 1 minute ago
 Of late, there’s been a steady drumbeat of accusations that on-demand startups are unfairly wringing profits out of independent contractors. The concern: No one is withholding their taxable wages for them, they aren’t being given health care, and they have almost none of the same protections as full-time employees. In fact, one of the only protections independent contractors… Read More by Connie Loizos

Here’s How Microsoft Will Release Windows 10

3 hours 2 minutes ago
 After some general market confusion and bad headline writing, Microsoft this morning detailed how it will roll out Windows 10 to testers, consumers, and large-scale customers. First, scale: Microsoft said in its blog post this morning that there are now 5 million Windows Insiders, up from 3.7 million in May. The company also said that it has collected “millions” of… Read More by Alex Wilhelm

When The Disrupted Push Back

3 hours 38 minutes ago
 We tend to think of disruption as kind of a passive activity. The determined upstart enters the market and the established business doesn’t give it a second thought. Then ever so slowly before it can even react, the industry suddenly realizes it’s lost control. In most cases, the incumbent tries the usual tactics, perhaps making a half-hearted effort to change strategies to be… Read More by Ron Miller

Prêt d’Union Grabs $34 Million For Its Online Credit Marketplace

5 hours 16 minutes ago
 French startup Prêt d’Union just raised $34 million (€31 million) from Eurazeo, Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet as well as its existing investors. Prêt d’Union is a European online credit marketplace that matches lenders and borrowers without any financial institution in-between. You can call it a sort of Lending Club for Europe. Read More by Romain Dillet

Anki Will Ship The Second Generation Of Its Robotic Slot Cars On September 20

7 hours 33 minutes ago
 Think of Anki Overdrive as slot cars for the smartphone age. With upgrades, achievements and characters, it’s a perfect marriage of smartphones with physical toys. The system debuted two years ago and the company has steadily upgraded the system since. But today, the company revealed the ship date and price of its next generation product, Anki Overdrive. Anki debuted the Overdrive… Read More by Matt Burns

Gozoomo Gets $5M To Make Buying Used Cars In India Easier

7 hours 56 minutes ago
 When Arnav Kumar started looking for his first car, he was determined to buy a used one to save money. The process of sorting through online listings and trying to figure out which ones were legitimate was so tedious that he gave up after a day. To save other buyers from the same headache, Kumar founded Gozoomo, which just landed a $5 million Series A from returning investors SAIF Partners. Read More by Catherine Shu

Harvard Reveals It Had An IT Breach In June Impacting 8 Colleges And Administrations

8 hours 32 minutes ago
 A seventeenth-century university has become the victim of a twenty-first-century crime. Harvard University today announced that on June 19, it discovered a breach in the IT systems of its Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Central Administration, currently impacting eight different schools and administrative organizations at the university. A copy of the memo from Anne Margulies, VP and… Read More by Ingrid Lunden

HomeToGo, The European Metasearch Engine For Holiday Rentals, Raises €6M

9 hours 33 minutes ago
 HomeToGo, the European ‘metasearch’ engine for holiday rentals, has raised €6 million in Series A funding. Leading the round is DN capital, and Acton Capital Partners, adding to the €2 million previously raised from various angel investors. Read More by Steve O'Hear

Your.MD Scores $5M For Its AI-Driven Health Assistant

10 hours 32 minutes ago
 Your.MD is on a mission to improve the way we seek health-related, namely self-diagnosis, information online. If you’ve ever tried to google your symptoms, you know it’s not for the feint hearted. The U.K. health startup wants to change that via its ‘smart health assistant’ app for smartphones. Read More by Steve O'Hear

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