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Saturday, July 30, 2016


Here’s whats new in the latest Pokémon Go update

1 hour 27 minutes ago
 Word started spreading early this morning of an update rolling out to Pokemon Go — version 0.31.0, if you’re keeping track. The update is reportedly rolling out now, but it’s only gone out to a handful of Android users thus far. I’d imagine that a comparable iOS update is right around the corner, just making its way through Apple’s approval process. Don’t… Read More by Greg Kumparak

Tech trends that will impact your home

2 hours 35 minutes ago
 High-tech homes are about to revolutionize the way we live. While interior design once relied on color schemes and playful accents, new tech trends are completely revamping how we design, build and live in our spaces. Read More by Agnieszka Wilk

The human role in a bot-dominated future

5 hours 34 minutes ago
 Imagine a world where bots are ubiquitous… a world where nearly every online interaction takes place with a Siri, Alexa, Cortana or some soon-to-be-named artificial being. Banking is a breeze. Your cupboards and refrigerator are always full. But in such a world, where bots provide the ultimate convenience of a futuristic lifestyle, is there still room for human help? Read More by Justin DiPietro

10 most unlikely startup investments made by NBA legends

6 hours 35 minutes ago
 As the tech industry has heated up in recent years, athletes with an interest in startups have been jumping on deals. Most have stuck to what they know and supported sports-tech companies like CoachUp and The Players’ Tribune. But for some athletes, even that wasn’t enough. Here’s 10 of the most unlikely startup investments made by NBA legends. Read More by John Mannes,Rebecca Friedman

Make your commute suck less

7 hours 34 minutes ago
 Everything you do to make your commute better is like an early-stage investment in your success at work. Start earning dividends early by borrowing some of our hundreds of hours of research and picking up the best devices and accessories for commuters. They make your twice-daily trek by car, rail or bike worry-free, comfortable, and sometimes even fun. Read More by Wirecutter

VR needs a hit

9 hours 35 minutes ago
 I believe virtual reality is going to be huge. Huge. …Eventually. But when? Are we talking years, or decades? I visited yet another VR festival this week, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that we’re still in the very early days of the medium. It’s amazing! It’s thrilling! And it’s still kind of the Stone Age. When do we get to discover bronze? Read More by Jon Evans

Indonesia will be Asia’s next biggest e-commerce market

 Indonesia presents much opportunity for e-commerce among other emerging Asian economies, with current projections putting this archipelago nation’s e-market at $130 billion by 2020. With an estimated annual growth rate of 50 percent and strong mobile-first initiatives, retailers have a unique opportunity in Indonesia to focus on developing truly mobile platforms to help facilitate… Read More by Hugh Harsono

A glimpse inside Tesla’s super secretive Gigafactory

 Even having grown up in California, I’m realizing I’m not built for this heat. We’re 30 minutes or so outside of Reno, but it feels like I’m on the sun. I can feel my sunscreen baking off. Why the hell did I wear black today? It’s okay; it’s worth it. I’m out here for a glimpse inside Tesla’s Gigafactory, days before its official grand opening. Read More by Greg Kumparak

Charging startups to apply to an accelerator is exploitative and dumb

 Yesterday, a little birdie told me about Nextt, an accelerator (probably more accurately referred to as an incubator) for early-idea-stage startups. The idea is to take a napkin-stage idea and turn it into an MVP of sorts in six weeks. Not a shabby idea, but the insidious thing here is that Nextt charges $100 per idea. Not to participate, mind you — to apply. Read More by Haje Jan Kamps

Research shows deleted WhatsApp messages aren’t actually deleted

 Chat logs from WhatsApp linger on your phone even after you’ve deleted them, according to new research published by iOS expert Jonathan Zdziarski. Forensic traces of chats linger on the phone even after a user archives or deletes them, Zdziarski found, and could be accessed by someone with physical access to the device or by law enforcement issuing a warrant to Apple for iCloud backups. Read More by Kate Conger

Dedrone partners with Airbus to bring drone detection to wide open spaces including airports

2 days ago
 A startup that helps businesses determine when drones are flying unwantedly or otherwise into their airspace, Dedrone, has partnered with the electronics division of civil aircraft manufacturers Airbus to bring drone detection to wide open spaces and remote locations. Through their partnership, Dedrone will integrate Airbus’s long range radar technology into its systems which are… Read More by Lora Kolodny

Microsoft awards hardware startup ENTy the 2016 Imagine Cup

2 days ago
 The festivities have wrapped for Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, a global competition among students and young people to create new software and devices. The winner this year was ENTy, a polished and highly practical hardware solution for tracking posture, helping with diagnosis and possibly treatment of diseases that affect balance. Read More by Devin Coldewey

Clinton campaign reportedly breached by hackers

 Hillary Clinton’s campaign network was breached by hackers targeting several large Democratic organizations, Reuters reports. The hack follows on the heels of breaches at the Democratic National Committee and at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee earlier this year. More than 19,000 emails from DNC officials were published on WikiLeaks just prior to the Democratic… Read More by Kate Conger

There won’t be an ‘Uber for healthcare’ anytime soon

 The passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act created a perfect storm of disruption in the healthcare industry. All at once came massive systemic changes, from the expansion of Medicaid to minimum essential benefits. But healthcare is a stubborn space. Think of it like a Rubik’s Cube, where every move has a ripple effect, and solving multi-faceted problems is par for the course. Read More by Rick Bates

Instagram to roll out anti-harassment tools

 Online harassment is a big problem, with 40 percent of all people on the internet having reported experiencing some form of harassment online, according to Pew Research Center. In order to combat harassment on Instagram, the photo-sharing platform is gearing up to let people with “high volume content threads” filter their comment streams, or just turn them off entirely, the… Read More by Megan Rose Dickey

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