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Monday, May 25, 2015

Wall Street Journal

Ehud Olmert Sentenced to Eight Months in Prison

1 hour 1 minute ago
Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was sentenced to eight months in prison for unlawfully accepting money from a U.S. supporter.

Cleveland Calm After Protests

The streets returned to calm Sunday after police arrested 71 demonstrators when protests grew increasingly aggressive in the wake of a patrolman’s acquittal in the deaths of two unarmed black suspects.

John Nash, Nobel Winner Portrayed in 'A Beautiful Mind,' Dies in Car Crash

The Nobel Prize-winning mathematician whose struggle with schizophrenia was chronicled in the 2001 movie “A Beautiful Mind” has died in a car crash along with his wife in New Jersey.

VW Golf SportsWagen: A Special Kind of Love

2 days ago
The VW Golf Sportswagen TDI is a mellow sort of car that inspires a particular kind of admiration, says Dan Neil who found himself pondering the fate of his test car.

Cleveland Officer Acquitted in Shooting Deaths

2 days ago
A Cleveland officer has been found not guilty in the shooting deaths of two unarmed suspects in a 137-shot barrage of police gunfire after a high-speed chase.

GM Is Set to Face Criminal Charges Over Ignition Switches

2 days ago
Federal prosecutors are closing in on criminal charges against General Motors Co. over a faulty ignition switch linked to more than 100 deaths.

Battle Stirs Over Confederate Flag

3 days ago
A conceptual-art project that includes plans to burn and bury Confederate flags in 13 mostly Southern states on Memorial Day has drawn the ire of groups that consider the events disrespectful and divisive.

School's Out Forever

3 days ago
Parents are supposed to suffer from profound melancholy once the children have moved away. Not Joe Queenan, who’s overjoyed that he never, ever has to think about school again.

U.S. Strategy Against Islamic State Under Scrutiny

3 days ago
President Barack Obama’s strategy against Islamic State is under increasing scrutiny after setbacks this week in Iraq and Syria.

Want Great Longevity and Health? It Takes a Village

3 days ago
The secrets of the world’s longest-lived people include community, family, exercise and plenty of beans.

Inequality Hurts Growth, But How?

3 days ago
A new OECD study is better at showing that inequality hurts growth than at explaining why. That means policy makers who want to use taxes and social spending to close the income gap cannot assume they'll help the economy in the process.

Recovered 'Two Riders' Painting Heads to Auction

4 days ago
Only two paintings from a trove of looted art that was recently recovered has been returned to its heirs—and one, Two Riders on a Beach, is about to be sold at auction, bringing its war-torn history into the spotlight.

Euro Rises Slightly

4 days ago
Euro edged higher after Fed officials signaled they were unlikely to raise rates interest rates in June

5 Things to Watch in the Fed's April Meeting Minutes

5 days ago
The minutes of the policy makers’ discussions, to be released Wednesday at 2 p.m. EDT, could reveal more detail about what this could mean for interest rates.

Euro's Slide Continues

5 days ago
The euro slipped against the dollar a day after European Central Bank officials reaffirmed the bank’s resolve to meet its stimulus goals.

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