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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wall Street Journal

North Korea's Private Finance: No Banks but Lots of Loans

22 minutes ago
As unauthorized private commerce has bolstered North Koreans’ incomes, an unregulated system of lending and currency exchange has also emerged in the reclusive country.

Global Stocks Mixed; Earnings Hit European Shares

8 hours 56 minutes ago
Global stocks were mixed as downbeat earnings hit shares in Europe and fresh measures to curb volatility prompted a rally in China.

Supersized Cargo Skips Small Ports

Hampered by a shallow, inland location and labor strife, Portland loses out on shipping container traffic.

Puerto Rico Defaults on Most of Debt Payment

Puerto Rico missed most of a $58 million bond payment Monday, the first default by the U.S. commonwealth in what may become one of the largest restructurings in the history of the $3.7 trillion market for debt sold by U.S. state and local governments.

U.S. Stocks Lower as Oil Prices Drop

U.S. stocks slipped slightly Monday, as the price of oil continued to fall, weighing on stocks, and as investors scoured economic reports for clues on the pace of growth.

London Trader Hayes Convicted of Rigging Libor

A jury has convicted Tom Hayes, a former trader at UBS and Citigroup, with fraudulently trying to rig the London interbank offered rate, or Libor, the first criminal conviction of an individual for manipulating the widely used benchmark.

Australia Won't Extend MH370 Search Without New Evidence

Australia still plans to end the hunt for MH370 after the current undersea search zone has been covered unless a wing part found on Réunion island yields hard clues on the fate of the vanished aircraft.

Greek Stocks Fall as Exchange Reopens

Greece’s main stock index fell more than 20% after opening for the first time in five weeks.

Cadillac CTS-V: The World's Least Sedate Sedan?

3 days ago
The Cadillac CTS-V is big and impressive—a high-performance variant of the CTS sedan. It’s not a perfect car, finds Dan Neil, but give it some room to run and it unleashes real power.

The Just-Smart-Enough Home

3 days ago
Forget Wi-Fi light bulbs and cloud-enabled Crock-Pots. To create a Jetsons-esque dream house, opt for cutting-edge simplicity

Desert Storm, the Last Classic War

3 days ago
The Saturday Essay: Twenty-five years after Iraq invaded Kuwait, the Gulf War still stands out as a triumph of U.S. foreign policy. Its lessons remain urgent, even in the chaos of today’s much altered Middle East.

The Rise of the Guest Chef

4 days ago
Can’t get to Paris, San Sebastián or Tokyo for dinner? With more and more chefs making cameo appearances in each other’s kitchens, you could just wait for one of the world’s top toques to pop up in a restaurant near you.

Analysis: Hillary Clinton’s Emails

4 days ago
The State Department is publishing thousands of pages of Hillary Clinton‘s emails from her time as secretary of state on Friday, the third major release of the Democratic front-runner’s email records. Here’s the rundown on what has been discovered.

Beijing Chosen to Host 2022 Winter Olympics

4 days ago
The International Olympic Committee named Beijing as host of the 2022 Winter Olympics after the Chinese capital got more votes from IOC members than the only other candidate, Almaty in Kazakhstan.

Were Investigators Right About Fate of MH370?

5 days ago
Airplane debris that washed ashore on an island near Madagascar could be the first tangible evidence that investigators were on the right track in their search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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