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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Watch Hundreds Of Exoplanets Twirl Around Their Stars In This Mesmerizing Animation

1 hour 11 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Video of Kepler Orrery IV Between 2009 and 2013, the Kepler telescope stared at a patch of stars in some faraway constellations. It waited patiently for planets to cross in front of those stars, detecting their presence when light from the star dipped. A technical failure interrupted Kepler's stargazing in 2013, but not before the telescope tra... by Sarah Fecht

Behold, The First Atlas Of Ceres

1 hour 22 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Ceres is no moon, but it did help to kill a planet. The large dwarf planet, originally classified as a real planet, was one of several celestial bodies that called into question Pluto’s own status. Thanks to NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, earlier this year humans got a close look at Ceres for the first time. The images together revealed some stunning... by Kelsey D. Atherton

‘Gabriel’ Is A New Artificial Intelligence Named After The Messenger Angel

3 hours 20 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Angel Gabriel fresco A fresco depicting the archangel Gabriel in the Holy Cathedral of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, Greece. Wikimedia Commons (CC-By-2.5) If your conversations with digital personal assistants like Apple's Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, or Google Now haven’t been useful enough, a new challenger of Biblic... by Dave Gershgorn

New Dinosaur Footprints Show Sauropods Frolicked In Shallow Water

3 hours ago - Pop Sci
Dinosaurs in Scotland An artist's impression of what the Scottish island of Skye might have looked like when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Jon Hoad/University of Edinburgh Dinosaurs ruled the world for over 180 million years, spreading across the oceans and continents. After all that time, it stands to reason that they lef... by Mary Beth Griggs

NASA TV Coverage Set for Orbital ATK Resupply Mission to Space Station

4 hours 19 minutes ago - NASA
NASA commercial partner Orbital ATK has set Thursday, Dec. 3, for the launch of its fourth contracted mission to the International Space Station under the agency’s Commercial Resupply Services contract. NASA Television coverage begins at 4:30 p.m. EST

4 Tools To Help You Zip Through Home Repairs

4 hours 20 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Workbench Photograph by Jonathan Kambouris Having the right tool and finding it in a pinch is critical to home repair. With these three new devices—and a workbench to store them in—the molding will get hung in record time. Ryobi AirStrike P320 This air-powered, cordless 18-volt nail gun sinks fasteners up to 2 inches long. All... by Sal Vaglica

Losing To Win: How Fungi Cause Trouble in Cystic Fibrosis

5 hours 2 minutes ago - Pop Sci
A genetic alteration can lead Candida to form hyphae in Cystic Fibrosis patients Source: Wikipedia Cystic fibrosis (CF) affects about 30,000 Americans leaving them with a variety of symptoms ranging from gastrointestinal problems to the more recognized respiratory complications. The condition is caused by a mutation in the genetic m... by Jason Tetro

"2017" prototype heralds the end of an era for J-20 fighter jet testing, start of another era

7 hours 2 minutes ago - Pop Sci
"2017" Prototype "2017" is the eighth J-20 stealth fighter, its most noticeable exterior improvement is a redesigned cockpit canopy. The ceremony surrounding its November 24, 2015 maiden flight (note brightly dressed civilians in the background) suggests that the J-20 project has hit a major milestone, with LRIP likely to start next yea... by Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer

Pebble Time Round Review

Yesterday - Pop Sci
Pebble Time Round Review Pebble's first rounded smartwatch doesn't draw too much attention when on the wrist Xavier Harding Pebble was making smartwatches long before it was cool. While Apple and Google played to their strengths (luxury design and open platforms, respectively), the Kickstarter-company-that-could never wav... by Xavier Harding

Astronauts Are Getting Augmented Reality Headsets This Week

Yesterday - Pop Sci
Project Sidekick NASA employees test the HoloLens in weightless conditions. NASA Virtual and augmented reality devices have slowly edged their way into our lives, popping up on headsets and in cars. Now, they are boldly going where no AR or VR has gone before, into space. This week a resupply mission will carry two Micro... by Mary Beth Griggs

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