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Friday, April 29, 2016


See SpaceX's Rocket Landing On A Drone Ship in 360-Degree Video

1 hour 19 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Space Almost as good as the flat video version TGIF! by Carl Franzen

Amazon's Kindle Oasis Puts Function Over Form

3 hours 28 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Gadgets Batteries included Amazon has unveiled its latest e-reading device. PopSci reviews the new Kindle Oasis by Xavier Harding

A Brain Atlas, Armor For Modern Day Jousting, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week

2 hours 57 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Science Plus, the $750,000 “high-tech vehicle of the future” Our favorite images from this week in science and tech news by Claire Maldarelli

Siemens Created Spider Bots That 3D Print

2 hours 55 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Technology Walking printers who just so happen to be robot spiders Look at these robot spiders by Kelsey D. Atherton

Navy Puts First Drone Command On An Aircraft Carrier

3 hours 49 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Military Putting the control tower before the workhorse Aircraft carrier ready for drones by Kelsey D. Atherton

NASA’s Juno Mission on Course for July 4 Arrival at Jupiter, Media Accreditation Open

5 hours 28 minutes ago - NASA
Media accreditation now is open for events around the arrival of NASA’s Juno spacecraft at Jupiter on July 4. The spacecraft, which will reveal the story of the formation and evolution of the planet Jupiter, will enter into orbit around the gas giant that evening, five years after leaving Earth

First U.S. Zika-Related Death Reported In Puerto Rico

5 hours 24 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Health Still no vaccine to combat the outbreak The first case of death related to the Zika virus has been reported in Puerto Rico by Claire Maldarelli

Big Bang Machine Shut Down By Small Mammal

6 hours 18 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Science Large Hadron Collider temporarily offline from weasel or marten bite Here's hoping that it wasn't actually a time traveler sent back from an apocalyptic future intending to sabotage the LHC to prevent said apocalypse by Carl Franzen

NASA Finally Has Touchscreen Simulators For Spacecraft

6 hours 11 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Space Reach out, touch space Touchscreens make it to NASA… by Kelsey D. Atherton

Sen. Mikulski, NASA Administrator Bolden to View Progress at Wallops Flight Facility

5 hours 48 minutes ago - NASA
NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia will host Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland and agency Administrator Charles Bolden on Tuesday, May 3, for an employee town hall and tour. The tour will include a stop at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport’s Pad 0A, where preparations are underway to conduct a hot fire test of Orbital ATK’s Antares...

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