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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


DNA Test Detects Beer Gone Bad

Yesterday - Pop Sci
People have brewed beer for thousands of years, but there are some things that brewers still don't have down to a science. Despite the best efforts of brewers everywhere,… by Mary Beth Griggs

Statements on Senate Confirmation of Dava Newman as NASA Deputy Administrator

Yesterday - NASA
Statements from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and Dr. Dava Newman on Monday’s Senate confirmation of Newman as the new NASA Deputy Administrator

Haptic Gloves Use Air Pressure To Simulate The Feel Of Virtual Objects

Yesterday - Pop Sci
A team of Rice University engineering students has developed a haptic glove that uses air pockets to let gamers feel like they're interacting with objects by Dan Moren

Robots Used In Long-Distance Surgery Can Easily Be Hacked

Yesterday - Pop Sci
In 2001, a doctor in New York completed what may seem like a routine surgery to remove a patient’s gallbladder. But in fact that procedure wasn’t routine at all, because… by Alexandra Ossola

Can Orange-Tinted Glasses Help You Sleep?

Yesterday - Pop Sci
I recently wrote about the terrible sleep habits of the characters in House of Cards. I disapproved of Frank Underwood’s late-night computer work in the Oval Office, his…

The Art of High Performance Building

Yesterday - Pop Sci
To meet the most stringent building energy use standards in the world, SURE HOUSE has teamed up with the air-sealing experts at 475 High Performance Building Supply

NASA Brings in Small Business for Further Development of Hypervelocity Vehicles

Yesterday - NASA
NASA has awarded the Entry Systems Technology Research and Development (ESTRAD) contract to Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc., a small business in Hampton, Virginia

NASA Awards Grants for Research, Technology Development

Yesterday - NASA
NASA has awarded 26 grants totaling $9.9 million to help bolster the capacity and competitiveness of 28 states and territories (jurisdictions) in the area of technology research and development

See The Microscopic World In Motion

Yesterday - Pop Sci
For the past 30 years, Nikon has held a contest for the year’s best microphotography images, and competition has been fierce. In 2011, they brought those still images to… by Alexandra Ossola

The Sony Walkman Is Back And Better Than Ever

Yesterday - Pop Sci
Portable music players are everywhere you turn: smartphones, tablets, iPods, and laptops. But to the true audiophile, it’s all junk. That’s because most play compressed sound files--great for jam-packing your hard drive with music, bad for sound quality. The new Sony Walkman ZX2 aims to fix that. This portable hi-fi music player is a far cry f... by Michael Nuñez

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