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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


The #ILookLikeAnEngineer Hashtag Challenges Stereotypes On Twitter

1 hour 7 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Facebook Post Isis Anchalee One of the reactions to the ad campaign on Facebook It all started with a recruiting ad for a tech company, OneLogic, seen in transit stations in the San Fransisco area. It featured a woman in a black t-shirt and glasses against a white background, with a positive quote about the team she works... by Mary Beth Griggs

The Airport Of The Future Isn’t An Airport: It’s A City

2 hours 48 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Governor Cuomo via Flickr A rendering of the aerial view of what New York's La Guardia airport would look like. The redesign is scheduled to begin in 2016, with the first part completed by the end of 2019. Customer service complaints, wasted hours, and extremely uncomfortable seats: Frequent and occasional flyers alike have a lot of... by G. Clay Whittaker

What We Want From The New Apple TV

3 hours 47 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Apple The Apple TV, which received its last hardware update in 2012. Despite a rocky start, Apple will reportedly unveil their new iteration of the Apple TV this September, along with their annual line of iPhones. It’s about time; the last hardware update to the Apple TV was in 2012. That’s like 328 billion tweets ago. (~500 mil... by Dave Gershgorn

See The Winning Photos From Our Blue Moon Instagram Contest

Yesterday - Pop Sci
Beach View Jill Shomer Popular Science Managing Editor Jill Shomer captured the moon still hanging out at sunrise on Fire Island, July 31, 2015. The only way to really see a blue moon is after an event like a volcanic eruption or a wildfire pollutes the sky. Particles of ash 1 micron thick — which are about 100 times sm... by Rebecca Harrington

Science Wants To Help You Straighten Your Hair Without Frying It

Yesterday - Pop Sci
These curly locks are in danger. Janine Dupree via Flickr, CC by 2.0 Those of us with unruly, curly manes are constantly searching for ways to tame them. For those who choose to straighten their hair using heat (applied with gadgets like flatirons), getting the desired look without singeing the hair into an amorphous mass is difficu... by Alexandra Ossola

Apple Reportedly Wants To Offer Its Own Wireless Service

Yesterday - Pop Sci
iPhone 5s Kelvinsong, Wikimedia Commons Apple isn’t content with just selling you their phones—they want to be your carrier, too. Business Insider reported today that Apple is secretly testing a mobile virtual network operator service (MVNO), a “virtual” cell service that switches between cell towers depending on the stronge... by Dave Gershgorn

Pluto: So Long and Thanks For All the Pics

Yesterday - Pop Sci
We have a funny relationship with Pluto. Now that the breathtaking New Horizons flyby is complete, Pluto has already begun to slink back into the inky dark. Never fear, no doubt as all the New Horizons data is downloaded, we'll be hearing more about our favorite dwarf planet in the days, months, and years ahead by Maki Naro

Car Hacker Working With GM To Fix OnStar Vulnerabilities

Yesterday - Pop Sci
Connected cars promise better safety and security, but, like anything connected to a network, they can be susceptible to attacks from hackers. And General Motors Companyis just the latest automaker in the news due to cyber security concerns. Security researcher—or "white hat" hacker—Samy Kamkar has posted a video on YouTube showing him using... by Levi Sharpe

Defeat Facebook’s DeepFace With Google’s DeepDream

Yesterday - Pop Sci
Deep Graffiti Kirk Kaiser Software developer Kirk Kaiser created Deep Graffiti using Google's DeepDream code to trick Facebook's face recognition program, DeepFace. In the future we may have to use neural networks to defeat neural networks. The popularity of neural networks has skyrocketed ever since Google released the... by Levi Sharpe

Shipwrecked In A Round-The-World Race

Yesterday - Pop Sci
by Lois Parshley

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