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Monday, March 30, 2015


We Accidentally Created A Super Termite Hybrid In Florida

1 hour 29 minutes ago - Pop Sci
You know all those stories where humans accidentally create a monster that eventually runs amok and destroys everything? That cautionary tale is playing out in real-time in… by Mary Beth Griggs

Graphene's First Commercial Application To Shed A Little Light

2 hours 13 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Graphene, the super material that can make everything from square ice to night vision contact lenses, finally has a practical application: light bulbs! by Dan Moren

The High-Tech Battle Against Pirates

3 hours 52 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Ghose looks more like a spacecraft than a seaborne combat vessel. It's waiting for us in the Piscataqua River, a few minutes out from its home at the Portsmouth Naval… by Erik Sofge

Drone Herds Sheep Because Ireland [Video]

2 hours 58 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Drone supporters like to play up the advantages of drones for agriculture. Normally, this means gains from better maps and cheaper crop inspection, all technical tasks made… by Kelsey D. Atherton

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Are No Match For Medieval Potion

3 hours 35 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Bloodletting, mercury cures, holes drilled in the head—many ancient medical remedies seem ill-advised based on our modern understanding of medicine. But researchers… by Alexandra Ossola

Navy’s Long-Awaited Drone Moves Closer To Reality

4 hours 29 minutes ago - Pop Sci
DARPA’s latest drone program just took a turn for the better. The Tactically Exploited Reconnaissance Node (TERN) is designed as a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE)… by Kelsey D. Atherton

NASA Administrator, President’s Science Advisor to Speak with Astronaut on Yearlong Space Station Mission

3 hours 59 minutes ago - NASA
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden will be joined by John Holdren, science advisor to President Obama and director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and former astronaut Mark Kelly for the first public conversation with astronaut Scott Kelly from the International Space Station on Monday, March 30

The Bracket of Brackets, Round 3

6 hours 2 minutes ago - Pop Sci
by Daniel Engber

Ask Us Anything: How Common Is Scientific Fraud?

5 hours 59 minutes ago - Pop Sci
The troubling truth is that scientists who lie to their peers are rarely exposed. A February investigation revealed that most scientific fraud uncovered by inspectors for… by Daniel Engber

This Sleeve Will Help Save PItchers' Arms

6 hours 59 minutes ago - Pop Sci
Problem: Hurtling fastball, after curveball, after slider puts incredible strain on a pitcher’s arm, which, over time, can cause painful tears in the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL). To make matters worse, pitching coaches can do little to predict the injury. They look at certain metrics-- throwing speed and pitch count--to guess when a player... by Corinne Iozzio

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