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Thursday, May 28, 2015


Robot Learns To Walk With Damaged Legs

Yesterday - Pop Sci
Robots don’t feel pain, which is good, because what this six-legged robot does would be almost impossible with anything even resembling a human nervous system. Published… by Kelsey D. Atherton

DesertTrax: The Homebrewed Race Team Tracker

Yesterday - Pop Sci
DesertTrax was built by Bud Gaston to keep off-road endurance race teams in touch, no matter where on the planet they're racing by Kristen Hall-Geisler

Computer Chips Can Now Be Made From Wood

Yesterday - Pop Sci
The woods are lovely, dark, deep, and filled with potential computer components. In a paper published in Nature Communications this week, researchers announced the… by Mary Beth Griggs

A Flu That's Infecting Thousands Of Dogs Could Move To Humans Next

Yesterday - Pop Sci
The newest outbreak of canine influenza has almost reached epidemic proportions; last month, more than 1,000 dogs in the Chicago area were infected, and cases have popped… by Alexandra Ossola

Pluto's Surface Features Are Coming Into View

Yesterday - Pop Sci
We’re coming for you, Pluto. NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has been making its way toward the famous dwarf planet for the past nine years. Most of that time, the probe was… by Loren Grush

SpaceX Can Now Carry Air Force Satellites Into Space

Yesterday - Pop Sci
"Air Force" is becoming an increasingly inaccurate name for the flying branch of America’s armed forces. Responsible for some but not all of its aerial machines, the Air… by Kelsey D. Atherton

Commercial Crew Milestones Met; Partners on Track for Missions in 2017

Yesterday - NASA
NASA has taken another step toward returning America’s ability to launch crew missions to the International Space Station from the United States in 2017

Fewer Than Average Hurricanes Are Predicted For This Season

Yesterday - Pop Sci
A major hurricane hasn't made landfall in the United States in nine years, and early forecasts of the 2015 season show that there won't be many hurricanes rushing towards… by Mary Beth Griggs

Mutant Bacteria Will Test You For Disease And Color Your Pee Accordingly

Yesterday - Pop Sci
From sophisticated imaging tools to cancer-sniffing dogs, researchers are constantly seeking better ways to detect disease, which could lead to earlier and more effective… by Alexandra Ossola

NASA Begins Testing Mars Lander in Preparation for Next Mission to Red Planet

Yesterday - NASA
Testing is underway on NASA’s next mission on the journey to Mars, a stationary lander scheduled to launch in March 2016

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