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Thursday, July 2, 2015


Apple’s new design leads will report to CEO Tim Cook, and not Jony Ive

52 minutes ago - Venture Beat
Apple updated its executive bios to reflect changes in its design team that were announced earlier this year. But the updates came with an unexpected twist. The bio of Jony Ive now includes his new title, Chief Design Officer. It also added bios for Alan Dye, the new Vice President of User Interface Design, and Richard Howarth, the new Vice Presid... by Chris O'Brien

Anki Overdrive’s customizable robot battle-car racing game debuts Sept. 20

46 minutes ago - Venture Beat
Gaming is in its golden age, and big and small players alike are maneuvering like kings and queens in A Game of Thrones. Register now for our GamesBeat 2015 event, Oct. 12-Oct.13, where we'll explore strategies in the new world of gaming. Anki, the maker of the robot battle-car racing game Anki Drive, said it plans to launch its major upgrade, Ank... by Dean Takahashi

Anki Will Ship The Second Generation Of Its Robotic Slot Cars On September 20

46 minutes ago - Techcrunch
 Think of Anki Overdrive as slot cars for the smartphone age. With upgrades, achievements and characters, it’s a perfect marriage of smartphones with physical toys. The system debuted two years ago and the company has steadily upgraded the system since. But today, the company revealed the ship date and price of its next generation product, Anki... by Matt Burns

Gozoomo Gets $5M To Make Buying Used Cars In India Easier

1 hour 10 minutes ago - Techcrunch
 When Arnav Kumar started looking for his first car, he was determined to buy a used one to save money. The process of sorting through online listings and trying to figure out which ones were legitimate was so tedious that he gave up after a day. To save other buyers from the same headache, Kumar founded Gozoomo, which just landed a $5 million Ser... by Catherine Shu

Sprint turns to a British retailer to reverse its US fortunes

1 hour 21 minutes ago - Engadget
It's been almost a year since UK retailers Dixons and Carphone Warehouse tied the knot. Life as a combined entity, known as Dixons Carphone, is off to a good start: profits are up and the company made efforts to expand its presence, including the lau by Matt Brian

Harvard Reveals It Had An IT Breach In June Impacting 8 Colleges And Administrations

1 hour 46 minutes ago - Techcrunch
 A seventeenth-century university has become the victim of a twenty-first-century crime. Harvard University today announced that on June 19, it discovered a breach in the IT systems of its Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Central Administration, currently impacting eight different schools and administrative organizations at the university. A c... by Ingrid Lunden

Google's chatbot learned it all from movies

2 hours 9 minutes ago - Engadget
Chatbots are pretty common these days -- a simple search can surface numerous variants you can talk to on a lonely Friday night. The one Google is developing, however, isn't your run-of-the-mill chatbot: it wasn't programmed to respond to questions a by Mariella Moon

HomeToGo, The European Metasearch Engine For Holiday Rentals, Raises €6M

2 hours 46 minutes ago - Techcrunch
 HomeToGo, the European ‘metasearch’ engine for holiday rentals, has raised €6 million in Series A funding. Leading the round is DN capital, and Acton Capital Partners, adding to the €2 million previously raised from various angel investors. Read More by Steve O'Hear

​Fukushima nuclear reactor will get mapped with subatomic particles

3 hours 44 minutes ago - Engadget
Scientists from Los Alamos National Lab have discovered how to look through and map just about anything with a new process: the science-fictionally sounding muon tomography. Even in places like the highly radioactive Fukushima reactor, the method doe by Mat Smith

Your.MD Scores $5M For Its AI-Driven Health Assistant

3 hours 46 minutes ago - Techcrunch
 Your.MD is on a mission to improve the way we seek health-related, namely self-diagnosis, information online. If you’ve ever tried to google your symptoms, you know it’s not for the feint hearted. The U.K. health startup wants to change that via its ‘smart health assistant’ app for smartphones. Read More by Steve O'Hear

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