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Sunday, April 20, 2014


Messaging Is A Winner-Take-Some Market

2 hours 4 minutes ago - Techcrunch
 If you are anything like me, you use multiple messaging apps on a daily or weekly basis – and you use them for more than just texting. My colleagues, friends and family all prefer different apps, and I use each app in a different way. I don't think messaging is a winner-take-all market globally. Read More by Anamitra Banerji

Audi's latest hybrid concept car takes the TT family offroad, with 408HP under the hood

Yesterday - Engadget
Audi's latest prototype packing an E-Tron hybrid drivetrain is this TT Offroad Concept that takes the TT family beyond the coupes and convertibles we're familiar with. Going on display at the Beijing Motor Show, it combines two electric motors (one by Richard Lawler

The Dawn Of Cloud 2.0 And Why Google Started A Price War

Yesterday - Techcrunch
 Google recently announced up to 85 percent reduction in pricing for its PaaS and BigQuery services. Soon after, AWS and Microsoft followed suit. Welcome to Cloud 2.0. Read More by Peter Relan

Here’s a look inside a typical VC’s pipeline (a must-read for entrepreneurs)

Yesterday - Venture Beat
GUEST POSTImage Credit: ShutterstockWhen I meet with entrepreneurs, I am often asked about the VC “pipeline.” How many deals do we see? How many meetings? How often do we conduct due diligence? How many of those companies do we invest in? I thought it would be helpful to provide visibility about the VC pipeline, while also outlining what helps... by Sean Jacobsohn, Emergence Capital

Weekends with Engadget: Windows Phone 8.1 and Gear 2 reviews, the anonymous internet and more!

Yesterday - Engadget
Welcome to Weekends with Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines from the past seven days -- all handpicked by the editors here at the site. For even more action, subscribe to our Flipboard magazine! by Andy Bowen

Which state has the best electric-car savings? (Hint: It’s not California)

Yesterday - Venture Beat
Saving money on the energy used for every mile traveled is one of the most attractive aspects of electric cars. Yet varying incentives and other factors mean the savings can vary significantly by state. So which state’s drivers get the quickest return on their electric-car investment? According to a recent Navigant Research blog post, it’s not... by Stephen Edelstein, Green Car Reports

Feedback Loop: E3 expectations, first MP3 player and password managers!

Yesterday - Engadget
Welcome to Feedback Loop, a weekly roundup of the most interesting discussions happening within the Engadget community. There's so much technology to talk about and so little time to enjoy it, but you have a lot of great ideas and opinions that need by Dave Schumaker

Why Your Favorite App Isn’t Business-Related And How It Can Be

Yesterday - Techcrunch
 Think about your favorite app. Let me guess. It’s a consumer app -- something like Uber, Instagram or Pinterest. So what do we do to get business apps into that list of favorites? If we put the user experience first and incorporate utility, simplicity, engagement and emotion into our products, we can make work just as easy and delightful as pos... by Todd McKinnon

Rufus Cuff wants to dominate the wearable market and your forearm

Yesterday - Engadget
We told you to put on your disappointment pants for the Galaxy Gear 2, but for the Rufus Cuff we suggest rolling up your absurdity sleeves. Seriously, given its three-inch screen you might just have to. This wearable boasts a built-in mic, a camera, by Timothy J. Seppala

Chinese giant launches a smart-hardware accelerator

Yesterday - Venture Beat
Image Credit: JD.comChinese online retail giant has become one of the first distributors that smart-hardware makers would turn to when they are about to ship products. When the maker revolution was about to explode, JD established a sub-channel for selling smart hardware products only. Then, the company launched JD+, an accelerator for smar... by Tracey Xiang, TechNode

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