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Saturday, October 10, 2015


Google CEO Sundar Pichai does some exec shuffling

47 minutes ago - Engadget
Sundar Pichai must have gotten used to his shiny, new CEO seat, because according to Recode, he's just announced the first exec shuffling under his leadership. By the looks of things, a number of Googlers are celebrating their promotions at the mom by Mariella Moon

Computer science is now the top major for women at Stanford University

3 hours 52 minutes ago - Venture Beat
(By Sarah McBride, Reuters) – Computer science has for the first time become the most popular major for female students at Stanford University, a hopeful sign for those trying to build up the thin ranks of women in the technology field. Based on preliminary declarations by upper-class students, about 214 women are majoring in computer science, ac... by Reuters

Google search on Safari mobile to display results for iOS apps

Yesterday - Engadget
By the end of October, you might notice that doing a Google search via Safari on an iPhone or an iPad returns results with deep links to iOS apps. That's because Mountain View has given developers the power to do so -- they simply have to add Unive by Mariella Moon

Kanye West hates in-app purchases on kids games

Yesterday - Engadget
When Kanye West runs for president, we know what at least one item on his platform will be -- and there will probably be plenty of parents agreeing. Fuck any game company that puts in-app purchases on kids games!!! — KANYE WEST (@kanyewes by Richard Lawler

T-Shirts And Tech: Solving The Sartorial Equation

Yesterday - Techcrunch
 I don’t normally pay much attention to fashion. I’m not a fashion blogger. I don’t read fashion articles. If I think something looks good, I wear it. That being said, there’s a really interesting trend in tech whereby dressing down is dressing up. If you show up to a VC pitch on Sand Hill Road wearing a suit, you’d look out of place. I... by Zack Fisch

Siliconvicts Are The Tech Slogan T-Shirts You’ve Always Talked About Making

Yesterday - Techcrunch
 Remember all those jokes about Silicon Valley you always said you’d put on t-shirts? Siliconvicts Clothing Co., a shirt company from Malibu, just beat you to it. With slogans ranging from ‘Unicorn Hunter’ to ‘Coding Is My Cardio’, recent Stanford grad Cameron Lindsay’s side project will probably be the source of your next favorite t-s... by Nitish Kulkarni

Shovel Knight is delayed by a fortnight

Yesterday - Engadget
Shovel Knight was supposed to come out next week -- the operative phrase there being "supposed to". However SK's developer, Yacht Club Games, announced on Friday that the retail release for the game's 3DS, Wii U, PS4, and PC (Europe-only) versions by Andrew Tarantola

Only in Japan: the robot that's a smartphone that's a robot

Yesterday - Engadget
RoboHon ("Robot Phone") is the cutest smartphone ever: a (familiar looking) robot frame that fits in your pocket. It can take calls, dance, project photos, display maps and more. It's a 'bot with a smartphone inside. Yes, some will snort at the ide by Mat Smith

Ferrari Files for Its Own IPO, Valued at $10 Billion

Yesterday - Wired
The historic car marque is spinning off from Fiat Chrysler and will be valued around $10 billion. The post Ferrari Files for Its Own IPO, Valued at $10 Billion appeared first on WIRED by Jordan Golson

AI could be the solution to catching tax cheats

Yesterday - Engadget
The fear of AI usually revolves around the fear of an uprising and humans being attacked by our new robot overlords. Researchers at MIT and non-profit technology source Mitre have a new terrifying future for AI. Well, not that scary to most people, by Roberto Baldwin

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