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Thursday, August 25, 2016


Garmin's latest smartwatch is for athletes with deep pockets

23 minutes ago - Engadget
Garmin is no stranger to the smartwatch game and now the company is adding another timepiece to its lineup. The Fenix Chronos is Garmin's high-end wearable that offers "a full multi-sport and navigational toolset," if you're willing to pay big bucks

Uber starts letting Londoners book rides in advance

23 minutes ago - Engadget
Hailing an Uber is very much an immediate experience: Open the app, pin your pick-up point, request a ride and wait a few minutes for your car to arrive. Great when you just want to get home, but not ideal when planning an airport run or some other j

Boeing simulates worst-case scenarios for space taxi landing

1 hour 21 minutes ago - Engadget
Boeing ran into some issues that ended up delaying its space taxi's debut until 2018, but it never stopped preparing for the time it has to begin ferrying astronauts to the ISS. The aerospace company has actually just kicked off a series of ground la

Olympic GIF ban flip-flop shows once again that Twitter can’t manage its users

1 hour 57 minutes ago - Techcrunch
 Here’s a fresh example to show that Twitter, a ten-year-old company that has been public for the last three, retains the propensity to act like a newborn when it comes to its users. Read More by Jon Russell

Fujifilm's entry-level mirrorless will up your selfie game

2 hours 43 minutes ago - Engadget
Fujifilm has launched the X-A3, a low-priced mirrorless camera aimed at casual users, particularly those who want excellent selfies. It has a number of improvements to its successor, the X-A2, in that regard. The sensor now has 24.2-megapixels, a bi

Germany's aerospace agency built a safer rail car

4 hours 10 minutes ago - Engadget
An aerospace agency might seem like an unlikely place to find a breakthrough in railroad safety equipment, but that is exactly what the engineers at the German Aerospace Center (better known as DLR) have recently come up with. As Wired reports, DLR e

Fujifilm’s X-A3 Camera Mashes Up Retro Looks and Selfie Smarts

6 hours 22 minutes ago - Wired
Fujifilm's latest mirrorless camera splits the difference between a DSLR and a smartphone. The post Fujifilm's X-A3 Camera Mashes Up Retro Looks and Selfie Smarts appeared first on WIRED by Tim Moynihan

PlayStation Network finally adds two-factor authentication

5 hours 49 minutes ago - Engadget
Considering how much the PlayStation Network breach cost Sony, it's kind of crazy that the service didn't offer two-factor login authentication before now. But, that's no longer the case. Protecting your PlayStation account is SMS-based (which has it

Canon presents strong case with the EOS 5D Mark IV’s 34MP sensor and 4K

6 hours 11 minutes ago - Techcrunch
 One of the most beloved camera series out there, the Canon EOS Mark 5D was due for a refresh. Announced today, Mark IV of the EOS 5D brings a 30.4 megapixel full frame sensor,with 4K video capability, so this is truly an elite camera. Some of the specifications that have come to our attention include a full-frame 30.4 megapixel CMOS sensor with... by Stefan Etienne

Fujifilm debuts improved X-A3 mirrorless and fast, weather-proof 23mm lens

6 hours 22 minutes ago - Techcrunch
 It’s a good day for photographers who favor the Fujifilm system. The camera company announced an update to its X-A series mirrorless cameras and solid new lens today. Read More by Devin Coldewey

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