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Thursday, July 31, 2014


Peace Corps' Ebola Evacuation Disappoints Volunteers

5 hours 2 minutes ago - MSNBC Health
"It’s scary to think that they might not be able to finish what they started,” says one volunteer awaiting flight out of Guinea by Anna Schecter and Aliza Nadi

Infectious Disease Outbreaks Halt Deportations

3 hours 14 minutes ago - MSNBC Health
A chickenpox outbreak at New Mexico facility brings deportation of Central American children to a halt. Lauren Hansard reports

Ebola Victim's Wife: Kids and I 'Are Physically Fine'

2 hours 28 minutes ago - MSNBC Health
Amber Brantly said she and her two children are physically fine and had left Liberia before Dr. Kent Brantley was exposed

Could the Ebola Outbreak Spread to America?

7 hours 16 minutes ago - MSNBC Health
International health experts are preparing to “surge” into West Africa to fight Ebola, and say they are confident they can keep it from spreading by Maggie Fox

6 Ways to Make Losing Weight Less of a Downer

4 hours 56 minutes ago - Health
Photo: Getty Images Let’s face it: Trying to eat healthier and move more can sometimes feel like a drag. Change your mindset with these six tricks. Set the table A beautifully dressed table allows you to really cherish what you’re eating. So use the nice silverware, buy flowers, light candles, and bust out your place mats and cloth napkins. Eve... by Kristin McGee

USDA Revamps 50-Year-Old Poultry Inspection Rules

4 hours 53 minutes ago - MSNBC Health
Poultry inspectors will focus more on food safety than on quality, potentially resulting in fewer foodborne illnesses each year

Some Jobs Harder on the Heart Than Others, Report Finds

5 hours 21 minutes ago - WebMD
But having to search for work may be just as stressful, unhealthy, researchers add

When Do Kids Realize They’re Going to Grow Up?

5 hours 45 minutes ago - Yahoo Health
Soon, her concerns shift from her brother to herself and her own mortality: “And I don’t wanna die when I’m a hundre-e-e-e-e-ed!” Judging from the tiny girl’s shock, it seems like it’s the first time she’s fully grasped the grim realities of aging and death — which brings up some really interesting questions about psychology and chi...

Reading Harry Potter Books Can Make Kids More Tolerant

5 hours 41 minutes ago - Yahoo Health
The wildly popular Harry Potter books don’t necessarily need another reason for kids to read them, but you can chalk up another potential positive for the series—teaching children to be more tolerant of others

Special Hospital Unit Readies for Ebola Patient

6 hours 11 minutes ago - MSNBC Health
Emory University Hospital says it's preparing a special isolation unit to receive a patient with Ebola disease “within the next several days.” by Maggie Fox

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