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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Perfect Sunday Sauce

12 hours 37 minutes ago - epicurious
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Salmon Chowder

Yesterday - Simply Recipes
My mother and father live down the street from me, just a few houses away. This is wonderfully convenient for yours truly, who often finds herself heading over to their house to raid their fridge. No, I’m not a teenager, but yes, I still do raid their fridge. (You would too, my parents have great leftovers!) Thankfully for mom and dad, the arrang... by Elise

Spring Vegetable and Goat Cheese Dip

Yesterday - epicurious
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Bacon and Corn Pie

2 days ago - epicurious
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Deviled Ham with Pickled Jalapeños

3 days ago - Simply Recipes
Do any of you follow Mad Men? I watch an occasional episode, more captivated by the outfits and decor than anything else. (Wait, I recognize that wall hanging! My mother used to wear dresses like that! My father wore those skinny ties!) So delightfully retro. Like deviled ham. I can just imagine some deviled ham canapés being served at one of thos... by Elise

Brown Bag Chicken

3 days ago - epicurious
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Eggs Mimosa with Artichoke Tapenade

6 days ago - Simply Recipes
So pretty!  Have you ever heard of eggs mimosa? Neither had I until my French sweetheart introduced me to them. They’re like deviled eggs, except they’re not deviled. Instead, you stuff hard boiled egg whites and then grate the yolks over everything, resulting in a gorgeous platter reminiscent of the puff-like brilliant yellow mimosa flowers t... by Elise

Arugula-Stuffed Leg of Lamb with Roasted Spring Vegetables

6 days ago - epicurious
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Pea, Asparagus, and Fava Bean Salad

A week ago - epicurious
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