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Saturday, August 27, 2016


Pasta Salad with Corn, Bacon, and Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

2 days ago - Simply Recipes
Here’s a great picnic salad for the end of summer—with pasta and corn. We don’t usually think of pairing the two, both being starches, but the combo works great, especially when you toss in bacon, bell pepper, green onions, and basil, and tie everything together with buttermilk ranch dressing.Continue reading "Pasta Salad with Corn, Bacon, a... by Elise Bauer

One-Pan Roasted Harissa Salmon with Vegetables

3 days ago - Simply Recipes
When I’m looking for a few oohs and ahs at the dinner table, but don’t want to fuss or wash a bunch of dishes, I turn to this simple roasted salmon. The bright sunset orange of wild salmon is striking against the roasted green beans and red peppers. The whole dish is topped with a bright cherry tomato salad. It’s like an explosion of color, f... by Sabrina Modelle

How To Make Jam in the Microwave

5 days ago - Simply Recipes
This one goes out to all of you who really want to make jam, but just lack the time, energy, counter space, or mental fortitude for a large canning project. Microwave jam is ready in under 20 minutes and makes one perfect little jar of jammy goodness. Here’s everything you need to know. Continue reading "How To Make Jam in the Microwave" » by Emma Christensen

Cheesy Zucchini Bites

A week ago - Simply Recipes
If there is one thing you can count on during the summer, it’s zucchini, and plenty of it! These cheesy little zucchini bites are a great way to put all that zucchini to use. They’re like tater tots, but made with zucchini, in a mini muffin pan. They’re sort of a riff off our broccoli cheddar bites, and like their broccoli cousins, are perfec... by Elise Bauer