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Monday, December 22, 2014


Boston Investment Company Sues Ecuador Over Bond Default

2 hours ago - Forbes
GMO Trust, the Boston investment company co-founded by prominent investor Jeremy Grantham, has sued the Republic of Ecuador in Manhattan’s federal court over the default of Ecuador’s foreign bonds in 2008, setting the stage for a second big U.S. court fight between a large U.S. financial firm and a sovereign South American nation by Nathan Vardi

Holiday Dessert: Park Hyatt's Root Beer Cheesecake

1 hour 45 minutes ago - Forbes
To meet the standard of Park Hyatt's high-class clientele in New York City, Scott Cioe, the head pastry chef at The Back Room, likes modernizing classic American desserts. Right now he is serving a modern take that melds two of them: a root beer cheesecake by Hunter Atkins

4 Tips To Succeed At The Negotiating Table

1 hour 44 minutes ago - Forbes
By Zeynep Ilgaz by Ellevate

You’re the Boss Blog: Rethinking the Relationship Between Bosses and Employees

4 hours 30 minutes ago - New York Times Business
I now have 110 employees, many of whom have been with me for more than 15 years — with an average tenure of nine years. But are they my friends? by By JAY GOLTZ

Trump Entertainment eyes $20 million financing offer from Icahn to keep Taj Mahal casino open

3 hours 29 minutes ago - Fox Business
Trump Entertainment Resorts says a new $20 million pledge by billionaire investor Carl Icahn will give it time to restructure while keeping the struggling Taj Mahal casino open

More online shoppers look to international Web sites this holiday season

3 hours 12 minutes ago - Fox Business
This holiday season, it's almost as simple to shop on the other side of the world as it is to buy from a store down the block

Why The Definition Of A Platinum Record Needs To Change In 2015

2 hours 43 minutes ago - Forbes
The music world is in the midst of a fundamental change, and it's time for the RIAA to recognize that by incorporating streams into its platinum formula by Zack O'Malley Greenburg

Five Super-Expensive Record Players

2 hours 43 minutes ago - Forbes
Top of the line turntables to get the most out of your vinyl by Zack O'Malley Greenburg

Oil price slump to boost growth, says IMF

2 hours 37 minutes ago - Financial Times
Fall represents a ‘shot in the arm’ for global economy

Ocwen chairman to resign in settlement

2 hours 35 minutes ago - Financial Times
Mortgage servicer will pay $150m over foreclosures

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