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Saturday, February 28, 2015


Fed Officials Beat Rate-Hike Drum

Yesterday - Wall Street Journal
Federal Reserve officials fanned out to drive home the message that they are likely to start raising short-term interest rates later this year, reinforcing Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s remarks to Congress during this past week

Blackstone’s Schwarzman Took Home $690 Million in 2014

Yesterday - New York Times Business
That amount, which largely consists of dividends, surpassed the roughly $450 million that Mr. Schwarzman got in 2013 by By WILLIAM ALDEN

Whoa Momma! Did You See That Railroad Train Blow By?

Yesterday - Forbes
Faster than a speeding bullet America’s love affair with the train may be on the verge of a revival. Should you have any doubt how deep that love once ran, drop by this Wikipedia page and scroll through the hundreds and hundreds of songs about trains by Bill Tucker

Egypt Aims for LNG Import Independence by 2020

Yesterday - Forbes
In another step towards energy recovery, Egypt have announced plans to be free from costly LNG imports by 2020 by Christopher Coats

With Net Neutrality's Passage, What's Comcast's Next Move On Its Time Warner Cable Deal?

Yesterday - Forbes
With the FCC voting 3-2 to enact net neutrality regulations under Title II of the 1934 Communications Act, the focus now shifts to Comcast's next move regarding its planned Time Warner Cable acquisition. The $45 billion deal, combining the two largest U.S. cable TV operators, was announced in February, 2014, and has been in the regulatory slow lane... by Will Richmond

Netflix Dumps Season 3 Of 'House of Cards,' But Is The Big Binge A Thing of The Past?

Yesterday - Forbes
It was only a few short hours since Netflix dumped all 13 episodes of the third season of House of Cards, but you couldn't tell it from looking at Twitter's trending list. Russell Westbrook, Jihadi John, and that confounding white and gold and blue and black dress are all on the tip of our social media tongue, but not the Kevin Spacey-Robin Wright... by Allen St. John

Land Rover And Modernism Week: An Interview With Director Of Design Gerry McGovern

Yesterday - Forbes
Gerry McGovern, Land Rover's Director of Design, sat down to speak with us about the new Discovery Sport, Palm Springs Modernism Week and the three directions of Land Rover design by Jason Fogelson

2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport In Palm Springs

Yesterday - Forbes
Land Rover is a major sponsor of Modernism Week in Palm Springs, California, and they chose to display the Launch Edition of the all-new 2016 Discovery Sport during the event by Jason Fogelson

Samsung's Portable SSD T1 Is Crazy-Fast, Secure External Storage To Hasten Your Backups

Yesterday - Forbes
Samsung is apparently aiming to put another buldge in your pocket, beyond just an oversized smartphone or phablet. Though the smartphone powerhouse is planning to continue their Galaxy expansion soon, with the impending arrival of the Galaxy S6, there's another market area and tech commodity the company has a major league presense in and that's sol... by Dave Altavilla

Sunday Shopping and the Salvation of France

Yesterday - Forbes
The shops in Paris will soon be allowed to open as many as 12 Sundays during the calendar year instead of just five. That may sound like tourist news rather than then latest step by French leaders to resuscitate the economy and prove to the EU it is sincere about solving its deficit problems. It seems to have worked politically: the EU has just now... by Shellie Karabell

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