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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


The 20 Critical Steps To Business Success

Yesterday - Forbes
From serial entrepreneur and business strategist Aaron Young, here are the 20 vital steps to growing a business by Cheryl Conner

10 Ways To De-Stress On a Business Trip

Yesterday - Forbes
by Cheryl Conner

Greek Crisis Impact Felt Across Energy Sector

Yesterday - Forbes
It's probably safe to assume that Greece's current government has enough on its plate to keep it occupied at the moment, but the impact of its current economic crisis on the energy sector is worth noting by Christopher Coats

News Analysis: Obama Overtime Rule Scratches the Surface in Helping the Middle Class

Yesterday - New York Times Business
Though labor welcomed Mr. Obama’s action, observers said wage stagnation is the bigger problem by NOAM SCHEIBER

Italian Firm Nudges Egypt Towards Renewable Goals

Yesterday - Forbes
An Italian firm has signed on to build what will become the first gigawatt-scale solar PV market in the MENA region in Egypt, according to local media reports, putting the country on its way towards its renewable and broader energy production goals by Christopher Coats

1 in 4 Couples In These Neighborhoods Is LGBT

Yesterday - Forbes
In the wake of the historic Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, there is more focus than ever on neighborhoods that are friendly to all who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender by Zillow

Donna Karan, Fashion's $450 Million Woman, Leaves Namesake Label

Yesterday - Forbes
In the years since the LVMH acquisition, Karan has remained chief designer despite an occasionally fraught relationship with the French powerhouse, which also owns Dior, Givenchy and Fendi. Women's Wear Daily notes that Karan's fall 2015 ready to wear collection was "one of her best." by Clare O'Connor

Business Leaders Challenge International Aid With Commerce

Yesterday - Forbes
A month that has seen newspaper reports of UK Government aid money being spent on apparently frivolous projects and the arrival in London of Microsoft founder Bill Gates to urge young people to help eradicate poverty through the Global Citizens initiative looks a good time to assess how wealthy industrialized countries go about helping their counte... by Roger Trapp

Reverse The Decline In Summer Youth Employment

Yesterday - Forbes
This post is co-authored by Kevin Johnson, the Mayor of Sacramento by Peter Scher

Would Chris Christie Run America Any Better Than He Has Atlantic City?

Yesterday - Forbes
How would a Christie presidency look? Note his actions for Atlantic City by Scott Beyer

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