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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


For Harried Assistants, Overtime Rule May Have Its Downside

Yesterday - New York Times Business
A federal rule on overtime pay endangers a practice in fields like publishing and movies, where low wages are accepted for a kind of apprenticeship by NOAM SCHEIBER

The Appraisal: Making Space for Manhattan Artists That They Otherwise Couldn’t Afford

Yesterday - New York Times Business
Several developers in New York are discovering clever ways for painters, sculptors and other artists to work in the city that feeds their creativity by MATT A. V. CHABAN

Tech Tip: Suppressing Facebook’s ‘Memories’

Yesterday - New York Times Business
The social network routinely invites users to nostalgically review older timeline posts, but not everyone wants to be reminded of the past by J. D. BIERSDORFER

Iata warns of slowdown in air travel

Yesterday - Financial Times
Trade body’s outgoing director-general says ‘we may be shifting down a gear’

Itineraries: A.I. May Book Your Next Trip (With a Human Assist)

Yesterday - New York Times Business
Virtual travel assistant services designed to understand conversational language are expected to change the way travel is planned by JANE L. LEVERE

Record Jaguar-Land Rover Sales, But Air Bag Recall Cuts Into Profits

Yesterday - Forbes
Tata Motors Group, the parent company for Jaguar-Land Rover, on Monday said higher reserves and a charge related to the Takata air bag recall in the United States cut into Jaguar-Land Rover earnings for the fiscal year that ended March 31 by Jim Henry

Corruption -- Still a Global Blight After All These Years

Yesterday - Forbes
Corruption has been with us since the first Pelican swooped into the ocean to bag his first fish dinner about 30 million or more years ago.  In other words, since the beginning of time by Ed Fuller

Do You Have a Digital Strategy? Kodak Had One Too!

Yesterday - Forbes
So you have a digital strategy. Kodak did too, and that didn't prevent the Rochester film giant from disappearing. There are lessons to be learned by looking more closely to the story by Milo Jones and Philippe Silberzahn

Mazda Climbs Crossover Ladder With New CX-9

Yesterday - Forbes
For a relatively small Japanese automaker, Mazda punches well above its weight, with hits like the CX-5 crossover and MX-5 roadster. Now Mazda adds another example of well above average design and engineering in the form of the new 2016 CX-9 crossover by John McCormick

Worried About High Stock Prices? They May Only Look High Because Of Huge Crisis Losses

Yesterday - Forbes
The Shiller price/earnings ratio looks high, but Penn's Jeremy Siegel says that might be because of massive crisis-era losses that pushed earnings down by Daniel Fisher

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