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Friday, April 29, 2016


Google patents smart lenses you inject into your eyes

8 hours 7 minutes ago - Joystiq
Google Glass may have been too clunky to succeed in its original version, but the search giant will find its way into your eyeballs one way or another. According to a new patent filing, the company has devised a method to inject a device directly int by Andrew Dalton

New Warcraft Movie Clip Shows Off Orc Leader Durotan

8 hours 14 minutes ago - Gamespot
In advance of Warcraft's release in June, Legendary has now released the first of what appears to be a series of character-specific videos. This one introduces viewers to main character Durotan, the leader of the Orcs, who is a computer-generated character played by Toby Kebbell. He has experience in the CG acting space, as he also portrayed the ap...

Cord-munching weasel temporarily knocks the LHC offline

8 hours 31 minutes ago - Joystiq
Just weeks after coming online from a series of crucial upgrades, CERN's Large Hadron Collider was knocked back offline overnight after a weasel (potentially a Marten) chomped through the wrong power cable. "We had electrical problems, and we are pre by Andrew Tarantola

Star Wars 8 Is Halfway Through Filming, Director Posts Set Photos

8 hours 33 minutes ago - Gamespot
Star Wars Episode VIII hits theaters next year, and its director, Rian Johnson, has revealed today that they're halfway through shooting the movie. He also shared a couple set photos that include an X-Wing and someone with a top-shaped helmet.The director posted the photos on his Tumblr page along with the modified Army of Darkness quote "Good. Bad...

The 'Mass Effect' theme park attraction opens in May

8 hours 54 minutes ago - Joystiq
Mass Effect is traveling to a strange new world: California's Great America theme park. The Mass Effect attraction opens on May 18th at California's Great America in Santa Clara, featuring an interactive 3D presentation with 4D effects, all hosted by by Jessica Conditt

Iron Man Director Open to Making Another Marvel Movie, But Says It May Not Happen Soon

8 hours 53 minutes ago - Gamespot
Jon Favreau's Iron Man films helped popularize the now-massive comic book movie market. Though the director has produced some Marvel movies following 2010's Iron Man 2, he hasn't been back in the director's chair for a Marvel film since.IGN recently caught up with Favreau and asked what would draw him back.Favreau directing Robert Downey Jr. for 20...

Who hacked Facebook?

9 hours 17 minutes ago - Joystiq
Late last week, a hacker named Orange Tsai wrote about how he hacked into Facebook for its bug bounty program. A bug bounty is when a company pays hackers for vulnerabilities they find, providing the company with real-world threat testing outside the by Violet Blue

Call of Duty Teaser May Offer Hints of 2016's Rumored Infinite Warfare

9 hours 21 minutes ago - Gamespot
Call of Duty: Black Ops III was updated today with a 24/7 Nuk3town playlist. But this isn't Nuk3town as you know it. At the end of every match, a massive ship appears in the sky, as well as a skull logo that appears to be teasing this year's Call of Duty game. Interestingly, the line "Nuketown Offline" can also be seen.Check out some images below,...

The 'Dark Souls' franchise is over... for now

9 hours 40 minutes ago - Joystiq
At what could be the height of the Dark Souls franchise's popularity, developer From Software is ready to move on by Brittany Vincent

What Do You Want in the Next Battlefield? Let's Play Bad Company 2 and Talk.

9 hours 27 minutes ago - Gamespot
Ryan and Aaron play Bad Company 2 and talk about the upcoming Battlefield 5 announcement

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