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Monday, September 15, 2014


Titanfall DLC Map Zone 18 Screenshots and Details Released

Yesterday - Gamespot
Respawn Entertainment has revealed screenshots and details about Zone 18, one of the maps included in it's upcoming Titanfall DLC, IMC Rising.Zone 18, according to the game's fiction, is an old IMC base hidden in the wilderness of the Dakota system, where IMC Robotics continues its research after the destruction of the Hammond Robotics' corporate h...

Guide a jellyfish swarm under the sea in Jelly Reef

Yesterday - Joystiq
How do you guide a bloom of jellyfish to the ocean floor if you can't actually speak their language? You inherit the power to guide oceanic currents and push them to safety using the water around them. The thought of a life-defining force bending to by Thomas Schulenberg

Destiny Is a Different Game After 20 Hours, Bungie Says

Yesterday - Gamespot
How many hours have you put into Destiny since it launched? If it's more than 20, you should be playing a very different game than the one you started, according to Bungie."Twenty hours in, I think that players will find that they’ve evolved to playing a whole different kind of game than the shooter that started them off,” Bungie Executive Prod...

Weekly Webcomic Wrapup's destiny lies in the stars

Yesterday - Joystiq
It's been a long time coming, but Bungie's Destiny is finally here. We don't have a final word / review up yet, but if you're dying to know what we think, you can always check out our roundtable discussion or any of the other articles we have on the by S. Prell

Shovel Knight digs a tunnel to Mac, Linux version coming

2 days ago - Joystiq
Shovel Knight has pogo-hopped his way to Mac computers, developer Yacht Club Games announced via its Steam and Kickstarter pages earlier this week. Steam users on Mac need not take any extra steps to get their copies up and running, but those who by S. Prell

Excavated ET cartridges will be sold, distributed to museums

2 days ago - Joystiq
Remember when Xbox Entertainment Studios and Lightbox Entertainment spent a weekend digging up a bunch of Atari cartridges from a landfill? Both studios may have gotten the documentary footage they were looking for, but what do you do with the by Thomas Schulenberg

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Releases in November -- Report

2 days ago - Gamespot
A preorder card for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U that surfaced online suggests that the game will release on November 21, 2014.The card, a picture of which was posted online by Twitter user BluesDriveBuster, seems to have come from the American retail chain Fred Meyer, and looks authentic. The release date it lists also falls into Nintendo's officia...

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-'s Limited Edition detailed

2 days ago - Joystiq
North American Guilty Gear fans can spend anywhere from $50 to $80 on the incoming Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- (pronunciation help here), depending on how many real-world trinkets they'd like and the console they intend to drain life meters on. As by Thomas Schulenberg

Horror Game Five Nights at Freddy's Teases Sequel

2 days ago - Gamespot
Scott Cawthon, the developer of the outstandingly creepy Five Night's at Freddy's, has teased a sequel to the horror game on his website with the above image.Five Night's at Freddy's puts players in the role of a security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a kid-friendly restaurant where the animatronic robots that are supposed to entertain the crowd...

Report: Microsoft to announce Mojang acquisition on Monday

2 days ago - Joystiq
Fans of alliteration, try this tongue-twister on for size: "Minecraft maker Mojang to merge with Microsoft." Better hurry though, because according to reports from Reuters, the rumored acquisition will be announced Monday, September 15, giving you by S. Prell

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