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Friday, February 27, 2015


GTA 5 PC Pictures Flaunt New Graphical Peak

5 hours 38 minutes ago - Gamespot
Rockstar has published a selection of 14 hi-res images for the PC edition of Grand Theft Auto V, showcasing the enhanced visual fidelity and artistic touches that can be achieved with high-end computers.The gallery, found below, demonstrates the enhanced visuals of both the urban and rural locations in Los Santos. Denser foliage, higher resolution...

Twitch Plays Halo (Not Very Well)

7 hours 31 minutes ago - Gamespot
Bungie's classic shooter Halo: Combat Evolved has become the latest game to join the "Twitch Plays..." phenomenon. This one, however, is different than what we've seen before.Games featured in past Twitch Plays videos have included titles like Pokemon and early Legend of Zelda games, which are more basic in nature than Halo. In the case of Pokemon,...

Evolve Patch Fixes Lost Progress Bug, Improves Matchmaking

8 hours 54 minutes ago - Gamespot
Turtle Rock Studios has released a new patch for monster-hunting game Evolve that promises to fix a lost progress issue, improve matchmaking, and clear out a bug that led to five-player teams. The patch is available across all platforms, though the majority of issues and tweaks apply to the Xbox One edition.Evolve Patch 1.1: Fixes issue on Xbox One...

DirectX 12 Can Combine Nvidia and AMD Cards

8 hours 45 minutes ago - Gamespot
Microsoft could be on the verge of a graphics card breakthrough with the arrival of DirectX 12, as the new API will allow PC users to combine GPUs from different manufacturers.Presently, PC users who want to double the number of graphics cards attached to their motherboard are restricted by the manufacturer. So, two Nvidia GeForce cards of the same...

Future Assassin's Creed Games Could Have More Modern Day Sections

8 hours 30 minutes ago - Gamespot
New installments in the Assassin's Creed series will place a greater emphasis on the franchise's modern day story than 2014's Assassin's Creed Unity, lead writer Darby McDevitt has suggested. Unity did have some alternate history sections, though they were not as extensive as those from previous games.This could change in the future, McDevitt expla...

Life Is Strange Episode 2 Delayed

8 hours 9 minutes ago - Gamespot
The second episode of Life Is Strange, Square Enix's applauded interactive drama, has been delayed until further notice.Following the release of the fist episode in January, which GameSpot's praised in its review, Square Enix was expected to ship the second episode mid-March. However, a spokesperson for the publisher has told Destructoid that the p...

Free Loot For Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PC Players

7 hours 46 minutes ago - Gamespot
Sledgehammer Games has announced yet another way it is hoping to make it up to fans who might be upset about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's first DLC being delayed on PC. As announced on Sledgehammer's website, the developer is giving away the KVA Paramilitary Exo suit for all PC players "as a small token of our appreciation." The loot, which Sle...

Hearthstone Patch Points to "Blackrock Mountain" Adventure

9 hours 49 minutes ago - Gamespot
A new Hearthstone patch appears to include hints regarding the game's next major expansion.Data found within the update, now live, points to three new card backs; one named as "Molten Core", another named after the feared legendary Ragnaros, and one called the Golden Celebration.Every month, Blizzard adds a new card back to Hearthstone, and in this...

Top Digital PlayStation Games Generate Twice the Revenue of Xbox Games

Yesterday - Gamespot
Sony’s PlayStation 4 has had a strong start in 2015 and impressive sales numbers overall. But while the Xbox One picked up during the tail end of 2014, data from research company SuperDataResearch shows that the PS4 is still coming out on top in terms of digital game sales.Looking at digital sales for the top 10 best-selling games of January (lis...

Capcom Apologizes For Lack Of Resident Evil Revelations 2 Local Co-op on PC

Yesterday - Gamespot
Capcom has issued an apology to users who purchased a PC version of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 for the lack of an offline co-operative mode.Posting on the Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Steam page, the publisher explained that the feature "wasn’t intended for this version and that caveat was mistakenly omitted from the product description on the...

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