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Saturday, August 1, 2015


Experiencing Blindness in Beyond Eyes

Yesterday - Gamespot
Beyond Eyes sees you exploring a beautiful watercolor world as a small blind girl. You see what she sees, but how does that work as a game?

FDA tells hospitals to ditch IV pumps that can be hacked remotely

Yesterday - Joystiq
The Food and Drug Administration "strongly encourages" hospitals to stop using Hospira's Symbiq Infusion System, because it's vulnerable to cyberattacks that would allow a third party to remotely control dosages delivered via the computerized pumps by Jessica Conditt

GTA 5 Mod Turns Your Character Into Iron Man

Yesterday - Gamespot
A new mod for Grand Theft Auto V turns your character into Iron Man, complete with the iconic armor and the superhero's arsenal of high-powered weaponry.GTA 5 fan JulioNIB created the mod, which overhauls the game's HUD in addition to adding armor and weapons. It's a very impressive mod; the armor looks great and the animations seem to be both accu...

You can delete Samsung's phone bloatware in China

Yesterday - Joystiq
Samsung isn't waiting around for the verdict of a Chinese lawsuit over bloatware to take action. The company will offer patches in August that let local Android phone owners delete unwanted pre-installed apps on both the Galaxy Note 3, the example by Jon Fingas

GS News Top 5 - Fallout 4 is "Basically Done," and Mafia III was Officially Announced

Yesterday - Gamespot
Square Enix announced games for Nintendo's next console, the NX; Pre-ordering WWE 2K16 lets you play as the Terminator, and you can play Batmarn: Arkham Knight as Alfred. Be the Butler!

Tearaway PS4's Second-Screen Functionality Explained

Yesterday - Gamespot
Tearaway Unfolded, the PlayStation 4 port of Media Molecule's Vita game from 2013, will have significant second-screen functionality when it launches this fall. Today, the developer explained what this functionality will entail.In a post on the PlayStation Blog, community manager Jenny Lawrence discussed the game's companion app. Most notably, it w...

Augmented Reality Could Be a Huge Technological Revolution, Epic Games Founder Says

Yesterday - Gamespot
Most of the buzz in the gaming industry is about virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift or Sony's Project Morpheus, but some companies are expanding into augmented reality. Microsoft, for example, is making an AR headset called the Hololens that'll be used by doctors and astronauts in addition to games. Founder of Epic Games Tim Sweeney beli...

Yahoo's latest purchase is digital fashion community Polyvore

Yesterday - Joystiq
Marissa Mayer opened up the Yahoo warchest once again, and this time it was to buy the "leading social shopping site," Polyvore. Yahoo's purchasing the whole kit and caboodle from the sounds of it too with Mayer writing on her Tumblr page that it's by Timothy J. Seppala

Security researcher: Globalstar GPS at risk of hackers

Yesterday - Joystiq
As is the case with seemingly anything that connects to the internet these days, a security researcher has found that GPS devices which connect to the Globalstar satellite network are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle hacking. According to Synack Inc r by Andrew Tarantola

Players Take to the Sea in Don't Starve's Shipwrecked Expansion

Yesterday - Gamespot
Don't Starve, the acclaimed roguelike that first launched in April 2013, is getting a new expansion called Shipwrecked, and it's being co-developed by Super Time Force studio Capy Games.Don't Starve developer Klei announced the expansion today, which will take place partly on the ocean. This is the first time that players will be able to leave the...

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