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Friday, April 25, 2014


Omni VR treadmill gets $3 million in seed funding

Yesterday - Joystiq
Following Virtuix's announcement earlier this month that its virtual reality treadmill will arrive in July for its early adopters, the company revealed this morning that it received seed funding. Virtuix received $3 million to "expand production and by Mike Suszek

Here's how to get an Xbox One for $400 at Best Buy this weekend

Yesterday - Gamespot
Big-box retailer Best Buy has announced a new limited-time trade-in offer that will let you get an Xbox One for $400 (or even less), provided you meet certain eligibility requirements.Starting April 27, if you trade in a working Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 at Best Buy, you'll receive at least a $50 gift card and a $50 coupon to use toward the purchas...

Watch a real-world World of Warcraft motorcycle come to life

Yesterday - Gamespot
Blizzard Entertainment has released the second episode in its Azeroth Choppers web show, an eight-part series that sees famed motorcycle designer Paul Jr. of American Choppers and his team create bikes based on the Horde and Alliance in-game factions.Team Horde and Team Alliance are each building their own bikes inspired by the respective factions,...

Reality Check - Civilization: Beyond Earth - Could We Colonise Other Planets?

Yesterday - Gamespot
Cam launches into space to investigate the science of colonising other worlds. Thankfully, he's got a helping hand from Lewis Dartnell, an expert on how to rebuild civilisations

GameStop moving beyond games, preparing for the future

Yesterday - Gamespot
GameStop may be most commonly associated with video games, but it may not always be that way. During GameStop's Investor Day 2014 event this week, the retailer spoke at length about the next evolution of the retailer, which it is calling "GameStop 3.0."Games are already big business for GameStop, and CEO Paul Raines said this sector is expected to...

Help fund an oral history of EVE Online

Yesterday - Joystiq
Andrew Groen, a games journalist whose work has appeared on such prestigious outlets as Wired and Ars Technica, wants to demystify CCP Games' epic space opera EVE Online, and he needs your help to do it. For the past six months, Groen has been by Earnest Cavalli

Goat Simulator to rampage across the UK in boxed release

Yesterday - Joystiq
The only thing more fun than a barrel full of monkeys is a box full of goats, and that's exactly what Coffee Stain Studios has planned for the citizens of the UK. Koch Media, Goat Simulator's UK publisher, broke the news this morning, saying that by Earnest Cavalli

MGS: Ground Zeroes platform-exclusive content free for all in May

Yesterday - Joystiq
Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes' console-exclusive content will soon launch as free DLC across all available platforms, Metal Gear Solid series producer Hideo Kojima revealed this week on the Kojima Productions podcast. Ground Zeroes premiered by Danny Cowan

Take an Expedition into Titanfall's War Games map

Yesterday - Joystiq
Following an initial reveal earlier this month, developer Respawn Entertainment has now graced us with a handful of screenshots and solid information on the War Games map included in Titanfall's upcoming "Expedition" DLC pack. Unlike the game's by Earnest Cavalli

Minimum Mixes Titans, DOTA, and Crafting

Yesterday - Gamespot
Upcoming third-person shooter Minimum may have a minimalist art style, but, as developer Norman Nazaroff explains, this games brings together a ton of different play styles

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