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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


'Un Chien Andalou' inspires a surreal indie game from Russian devs

Yesterday - Joystiq
In 1929, famed artist Salvador Dalí and filmmaker Luis Buñuel awoke from a night of strange dreams, Buñuel recalling the image of a razorblade cloud slicing through the moon as if it were an eyeball, and Dalí describing a human hand covered in ants. by Jessica Conditt

$500 Surface 3 Announced

Yesterday - Gamespot
Microsoft on Tuesday announced the latest update to its line of tablets. The Surface 3--not to be confused with the Surface Pro 3--is being called the thinnest and lightest Surface tablet ever made. It starts at $500 and will ship starting on May 5, though preorders for the device are available from today.Overall, the Surface 3 is aimed at offering...

Apple opens the floodgates to Watch-friendly apps

Yesterday - Joystiq
You may have noticed a few Apple Watch-friendly iOS apps trickle out, but brace yourself: you're about to face a torrent of them. Apple has opened up WatchKit app submissions to all developers (not just the handful of early partners from before), so by Jon Fingas

Buy an LG G3 in the US, get a free VR headset

Yesterday - Joystiq
LG's new mobile VR headset -- which is basically just a plastic version of Google's cardboard VR viewer -- is finally hitting American shores. The company just announced that it'll be throwing in a free headset, simply called the VR for G3, with the by Devindra Hardawar

Silent Hills/PT Website Removes Kojima Productions Logo

Yesterday - Gamespot
Amid reports of Hideo Kojima's strained relationship with Konami, the Kojima Productions logo has been removed from the Silent Hills/P.T. website, leading to questions about the state of the game and the involvement of Kojima himself. Originally, the Kojima Productions logo was featured on the bottom-left corner of the page. However, it's no longer...

You Can Play Pac-Man on Google Maps

Yesterday - Gamespot
Presumably meant to be an (early) April Fools' day joke, Google has made it possible to play Pac-Man using Google Maps.As discovered by Offworld, pressing the Pac-Man icon in the lower-left corner of the screen while on Google Maps turns almost any area--be it the neighborhood you live in or the busiest streets in New York City--into a Pac-Man leve...

Flickr gives you the choice to put photos in the public domain

Yesterday - Joystiq
Flickr has long had ways to let others use and tweak your photos, but if you want to give up your copyright altogether? You can now do just that. In the wake of Elon Musk releasing SpaceX's photos to public domain, Flickr has added options for public by Jon Fingas

Nintendo Forces Takedown of Super Mario 64 HD Browser Project

Yesterday - Gamespot
The recent Super Mario 64 fan project that made the game playable in your browser has, unsurprisingly, been shut down by Nintendo.When visiting the page where it had been located, you're now greeted by a DMCA copyright infringement complaint that Nintendo sent to the file's host, CloudFlare. As a result, the web player and downloadable version of S...

Fable Legends Free-To-Play Model Isn't "Evil," Dev Says

Yesterday - Gamespot
In a new interview with GamesIndustry International, Fable Legends game director David Eckelberry offers new insight into why developer Lionhead Studios chose a franchise-first free-to-play model for the upcoming Xbox One game. Making the game free-to-play was not a directive that came down from Microsoft higher-ups, but rather it was the result of...

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Update Adds Online Raid Mode Support

Yesterday - Gamespot
You can now tackle Resident Evil: Revelations 2's Raid mode with a friend (or a stranger) online, Capcom has announced.The latest update for now-complete episodic game Revelations 2 has been released, with the most exciting aspect being the addition of online multiplayer support for Raid mode. This makes good on Capcom's earlier promise to deliver...

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