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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Xbox One reaches Japan on September 4

1 hour 12 minutes ago - Joystiq
The Xbox One launches in Japan on September 4, Microsoft announced this morning. The company didn't disclose a launch price or which launch titles to expect, but there are just over 40 confirmed Xbox One games for the country, including Titanfall, by Sinan Kubba

Warface exits beta, enters warzone on Xbox 360

Yesterday - Joystiq
As was previously announced, Crytek Kiev-developed FPS Warface officially launched on Xbox 360 today following its near one-month open beta phase. The game is free for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers to play, and features four soldier classes, by Mike Suszek

Trove Developer Commentary - Building a Voxel-Based Sandbox MMO

Yesterday - Gamespot
Maxwell McGee sits down with the fine folks of Trion Worlds to discuss Trove, their sandbox MMO with a primarily community-generated world

Hawken Early Access Review

Yesterday - Gamespot
GameSpot's early access reviews evaluate unfinished games that are nonetheless available for purchase by the public. While the games in question are not considered finished by their creators, you may still devote money, time, and bandwidth for the privilege of playing them before they are complete. The review below critiques a work in progress, and...

Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball Highlights - Multiple Players

Yesterday - Gamespot
How many easter egg candies will Chris and Mary have to eat due to defeat in Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball

Minecraft video demonstrates world customization update

Yesterday - Joystiq
Minecraft developer Mojang showed off one piece of the forthcoming update for the PC game in a new video today, which offers more options for world customization in the game. The video shows the game's 16 new terrain-modifying sliders, allowing by Mike Suszek

Peggle 2 Windy fairy DLC gives a flying flock

Yesterday - Joystiq
Peggle 2 received a new master via downloadable content today named Windy, a spritely fairy that brings with her a special "Fairy Flock" power. Windy transforms blue pegs in the game into the score-boosting purple pegs and "simple shots" into ones by Mike Suszek

Humble Mobile Bundle 5 adds Enviro-Bear, R-Type, Paper Monsters

Yesterday - Joystiq
Humble Mobile Bundle 5 is now nine games strong with the addition of Enviro-Bear 2010, R-Type and Paper Monsters. These three games are locked under the "pay more than the average" tier, joining The Cave, The Room Two and Carcassonne. Available for by Jessica Conditt

PSN Tuesday: Octodad, Cel Damage HD, Walking Dead

Yesterday - Joystiq
Happy PSN Tuesday! This week on PS4 we get Octodad: Dadliest Catch ($15), Putty Squad ($25) and Cel Damage HD ($10). Even though Octodad is a new indie game on a Sony console, it's not free for Plus members - and the developers at Young Horses put by Jessica Conditt

GS News Update: Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer gives glimpse of story, announces release date

Yesterday - Gamespot
BioWare announces October 7 launch date for its upcoming fantasy RPG; new trailer sets up the story

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