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Monday, April 27, 2015


How Black Ops 3's Specialists Change Multiplayer

1 hour 7 minutes ago - Gamespot
Chris and Rob got hands on with Call of Duty: Black Ops III's multiplayer. Here's what they think of the traversal system and new specialist classes

Ultrathin membrane makes plane cabins 100x quieter

20 minutes ago - Joystiq
While air travel is quicker and safer than driving, it's also louder. The continuous low-frequency drone of the engines is why some people invest in noise-canceling headphones. To help reduce that non-stop hum, researchers at North Carolina State Uni by Roberto Baldwin

Minecraft Gets Woman Main Character on Consoles

1 hour 12 minutes ago - Gamespot
Alongside news today that the PlayStation versions of Minecraft are getting The Simpsons DLC this week, developer Mojang has also announced plans for a diversity-themed update for all console editions of the popular sandbox game.Alex in her numerous formsCurrently, Minecraft players on console can choose only the blue-shirted male character Steve w...

'Minecraft' finally has a free girl character

1 hour 11 minutes ago - Joystiq
Lots of girls play Minecraft, but you wouldn't know it from the default character options. Unless you've been willing to pay up or install a mod, your only real choice so far has been Steve, the game's male mascot. At last, though, things are opening by Jon Fingas

ESPN Radio Host Slams Competitive Gaming

2 hours 14 minutes ago - Gamespot
During this morning's ESPN Radio show The Herd, host Colin Cowherd slammed competitive gaming after his employer hosted a Heroes of the Storm competition the night earlier on ESPN 2. Many viewers took issue with ESPN for broadcasting the gaming programming, and Cowherd was right there with them.Colin Cowherd"If ESPN ever forced me to cover that, or...

Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown - Now Playing

1 hour 22 minutes ago - Gamespot
Kevin groups up with game developers Jan Wagner and Mitch Gitelman to play a co-op session of Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown

Are Episodic Games Actually Any Good? - The Gist

1 hour 37 minutes ago - Gamespot
Several publishers are opting for an episodic game model, but is it any good for you, or just useful for publishers to get cash for periodic content?

Instagram debuts three new filters and emoji hashtags

1 hour 46 minutes ago - Joystiq
The five new filters that Instagram released back in December have reportedly been such a hit with users, the company has unveiled three more retouching options: Lark, Reyes and Juno. According to Instagram's blog, Lark softens reds in favor of blue by Andrew Tarantola

Facebook brings video calling to Messenger

2 hours 17 minutes ago - Joystiq
Facebook is no stranger to video chat, but it's been keeping a low profile as of late. Well, it's no longer content to sit on the sidelines while Skype and Hangouts steal the show -- the company has just introduced video calling in Messenger. Whether by Jon Fingas

Konami Voluntarily Delists Itself from New York Stock Exchange

3 hours 7 minutes ago - Gamespot
On the same day that Konami officially confirmed that Silent Hills is no longer in development, the company has announced [PDF link] that it's voluntarily delisted itself from the New York Stock Exchange. The company's American Depositary Shares are no longer listed as of April 24.Konami has also announced that it's filed a Form 15F with the Securi...

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