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Saturday, October 10, 2015


Google search on Safari mobile to display results for iOS apps

Yesterday - Joystiq
By the end of October, you might notice that doing a Google search via Safari on an iPhone or an iPad returns results with deep links to iOS apps. That's because Mountain View has given developers the power to do so -- they simply have to add Unive by Mariella Moon

Kanye West hates in-app purchases on kids games

Yesterday - Joystiq
When Kanye West runs for president, we know what at least one item on his platform will be -- and there will probably be plenty of parents agreeing. Fuck any game company that puts in-app purchases on kids games!!! — KANYE WEST (@kanyewes by Richard Lawler

Shovel Knight is delayed by a fortnight

Yesterday - Joystiq
Shovel Knight was supposed to come out next week -- the operative phrase there being "supposed to". However SK's developer, Yacht Club Games, announced on Friday that the retail release for the game's 3DS, Wii U, PS4, and PC (Europe-only) versions by Andrew Tarantola

Everyone Wants That HL3.txt Reference in Dota to be About Half-Life 3

Yesterday - Gamespot
As discovered by the Steam Database Twitter, a recent update to Dota 2 included a number of files that reference things like an RPG, ziplines, and procedural spawning. The most intriguing file with obvious half-life implications is titled hl3.txt, which has lines like:"Attribute.prop_zipline.max_ride_speed""NPCs that are in the same squad (i.e. hav...

Only in Japan: The robot that's a smartphone that's a robot

Yesterday - Joystiq
RoboHon ("Robot Phone") is the cutest smartphone ever: a (familiar looking) robot frame that fits in your pocket. It can take calls, dance, project photos, maps and more. It's a 'bot with a smartphone inside. Yes,some will snort at the idea of a ph by Mat Smith

AI could be the solution to catching tax cheats

Yesterday - Joystiq
The fear of AI usually revolves around the fear of an uprising and humans being attacked by our new robot overlords. Researchers at MIT and non-profit technology source Mitre have a new terrifying future for AI. Well, not that scary to most people, by Roberto Baldwin

GS News Top 5 - Destiny Gets Microtransactions; Study Reveals Most Anticipated Game of 2015!

Yesterday - Gamespot
Far Cry Primal is unveiled, Star Wars Battlefront beta start, and 80% of PlayStation 4 owners have never played Uncharted?

Computer Science is the most popular major for women at Stanford

Yesterday - Joystiq
Stanford reportedly has 214 female students enrolled in its Computer Science major -- that's 30 percent of the major's total enrollment -- making it the most popular major with women at the university for the first time. Women constitute 49 percent by Andrew Tarantola

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide Launch Trailer

Yesterday - Gamespot
Lead mankind to a new frontier in this exciting expansion to Beyond Earth. Rising Tide introduces oceanic gameplay that extends the play space across the entire surface of the planet and more

Firefox will stop supporting web plugins (except for Flash) by the end of 2016

Yesterday - Joystiq
Horrible browser plugins used to offer extended multimedia features for website, often at the cost of a much worse overall experience -- thankfully, they're going the way of the dodo. Chrome recently banished plugins like Java and Silverlight (and by Nathan Ingraham

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