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Thursday, March 26, 2015


GTA 5 Xbox One/PS4 Graphics Took a Hit After Latest Patch, But a Fix Is Coming

1 hour 10 minutes ago - Gamespot
If you're playing Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and noticed a dip in graphical fidelity, it may not be a problem with your console. Rockstar Games has now acknowledged that the open-world game's latest update, 1.08, has led to a deterioration of graphical quality.Not to worry, though, as the developer is now working on a fix."We...

Every Ori and the Blind Forest Easter Egg Fans Have Found So Far

1 hour 2 minutes ago - Gamespot
Whether it’s an in-joke between friends on the development team or a nod to a developers' favorite games, most games have some kind of easter egg, and Ori and the Blind Forest is no exception.As a challenging action-platformer with plenty of backtracking and exploring, Ori's design has some obvious influences like Metroid and Castlevania. But ded...

Amazon Cloud Drive now stores unlimited files for $60 per year

1 hour 18 minutes ago - Joystiq
Amazon thinks it has a way to entice you away from the likes of Dropbox or Google Drive: real, honest-to-goodness unlimited internet storage. It just launched two Cloud Drive plans that let you upload as much as you like, with the primary difference by Jon Fingas

Should you Buy the Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition?

1 hour 36 minutes ago - Gamespot
We get our hands on the deluxe edition's three weapons, ACW-R, CAR 556, and L85-A2 for the operator class

GameStop Yearly Revenue Rises to $9.3 Billion, Digital Sales Booming

1 hour 49 minutes ago - Gamespot
Video game retailer GameStop today reported earnings for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ended January 31. While sales were down during the fourth quarter, yearly revenue was up, and--for both periods--digital was yet again a bright spot for the retailer.In the fourth quarter, total GameStop global sales were $3.48 billion, representing a 5.6 pe...

Google will fix Chrome's scrolling with Microsoft's help

1 hour 50 minutes ago - Joystiq
Smoother scrolling is coming to Chrome, as Google will integrate Microsoft's Pointer Events API into a future version of the browser. To say that Google and Microsoft haven't have the best working relationship would be an understatement. The companie by Aaron Souppouris

Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week - Deeply Disturbing Man-Chicken in Skyrim!

2 hours 45 minutes ago - Gamespot
Cam and Lucy summon another Kevin VanNord, encounter a very useful dog and shudder at the horror of the Immersive Chicken-Man

Quick Look: Freedom Planet

2 hours 39 minutes ago - Gamespot
Watch extended gameplay footage from Freedom Planet featuring the Giant Bomb crew

New Schwarzenegger Movie Has a Last of Us Vibe

3 hours 37 minutes ago - Gamespot
The first trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger post-apocalyptic drama Maggie has been released, and it certainly gives off a Last of Us vibe. In it, we see a bearded and flannel-wearing Schwarzenegger play the role of a father trying to protect his daughter (Abigail Breslin) during a zombie outbreak. Sound familiar?That's roughly the same story of Nau...

Your Face Could Be in Homefront: The Revolution

2 hours 42 minutes ago - Gamespot
Ever wanted to have your face in a video game? Now's your chance.Homefront: The Revolution developer Deep Silver Dambuster Studios has launched a new campaign, looking for people to have their faces scanned into the upcoming game and "other future video games."Deep Silver is seeking out male and female models "of all ages, sizes, and shapes" for NP...

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