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Sunday, July 5, 2015


The untold story of a failed Nintendo game 6 years in the making

23 minutes ago - Joystiq
Nintendo has had a number of high-profile flops (Virtual Boy, anyone?). However, one of its biggest failures may have been one you heard almost nothing about -- at least, until now. Unseen64 has published a documentary detailing the largely unknown s by Jon Fingas

3D-printed 'dough' helps fix your bones

1 hour 55 minutes ago - Joystiq
One day, you might not have to spend ages waiting for broken bones to heal. Researchers have developed a 3D-printed, dough-like biomaterial that could fill large bone fractures while aiding the recovery process. The porous chemical blend can withstan by Jon Fingas

GS News Update: Minecraft for Windows 10 and Story Mode Revealed!

1 hour 54 minutes ago - Gamespot
Minecon 2015 happened, and we got the reveal of Telltale Games' episodic adventure game: Minecraft: Story Mode, and the announcement of Minecraft for Windows 10!

Lego is developing eco-friendly plastic bricks

3 hours 28 minutes ago - Joystiq
Lego's iconic plastic bricks aren't very kind to the planet since they're made from oil-based ABS plastic, but the toy maker is planning to mend its ways. It's paying $150 million to build a sustainable materials center that will develop oil-free pla by Jon Fingas

NASA's Pluto probe will spend 'days' recovering from a glitch

4 hours 56 minutes ago - Joystiq
Don't expect to hear more from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft for a while. The Pluto observer recently encountered a glitch that made it lose contact for an hour and a half. That doesn't sound like much of a problem, but it was enough to kick the pro by Jon Fingas

'Mega Man' creator wants your help making a game-and-movie combo

6 hours 41 minutes ago - Joystiq
Mighty No. 9 might not even be out the door, but Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune is already looking for your help with a new project -- and this one is considerably more ambitious. His studio has launched crowdfunding for Red Ash, a project that combi by Jon Fingas

Military AI interface helps you make sense of thousands of photos

7 hours 53 minutes ago - Joystiq
It's easy to find computer vision technology that detect objects in photos, but it's still tough to sift through photos... and that's a big challenge for the military, where finding the right picture could mean taking out a target or spotting a terro by Jon Fingas

Vital Russian cargo ship reaches the Space Station

9 hours 21 minutes ago - Joystiq
After two failed attempts in a row, the International Space Station is once again getting fresh supplies. Russia's Progress 60 cargo spacecraft has successfully docked, bringing with it important batches of equipment, food and fuel. While the station by Jon Fingas

Inhabitat's Week in Green: next-gen EVs and bricklaying robots

10 hours 54 minutes ago - Joystiq
Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week's most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us -- it's the Week in Green. Now that the first wave of electric vehicles has established a strong foothold in the market, automakers by Inhabitat

Yamaha's motorcycle design team made this 360-degree drum kit sphere

12 hours 24 minutes ago - Joystiq
Like some kind of corporate Freaky Friday, Yahama tasked its motorcycle design team with making some instrument concepts -- and asked the opposite of its instrument design team. With no constraints like (well) commercial viability, designers were abl by Mat Smith

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