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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


China Seeks to Elevate Trust in the Infant Formula Industry

50 minutes ago - Forbes
If there is any class of food incidents in China that has caused the greatest outcry and fueled food regulatory reform, it is the infant formula incidents. The major incidents were in 2008 when melamine contaminated sickened hundreds of thousands of children, and four years earlier in 2004, when nutritionally substandard milk led to deformities in... by John Balzano

How Apple Neurologically Hooked Its Customers

50 minutes ago - Forbes
On January 9, 2007, on a big stage at the Macworld convention at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone. With the already unprecedented cult following of Apple—and for that matter, of Jobs himself—this would be the first of many launches that would further fuel one of the most powerful brand-consumer connectio... by Robin Lewis

Texans' J.J. Watt Signs Record $100 Million Contract

46 minutes ago - Forbes
There have been 19 $100 million contracts in the history of the NFL, but Watt is just the second defensive player to land one of them by Kurt Badenhausen

Have Robert Mondavi Jr And Chris King Made The Best Cult Wine In Napa?

36 minutes ago - Forbes
Self-made millionaire entrepreneur Christopher King seems to have the magic touch when it comes to business dealings. Now, he’s testing the winemaking waters with the release of his first-ever 2010 Napa Valley red wine, The King of Clubs, a project he developed along with winemaker Robert Mondavi, Jr. and restaurateur Justin Anthony. King was ins... by Katie Kelly Bell

Debt From KPMG Tax Shelter Survives Bankruptcy

31 minutes ago - Forbes
Reading appellate tax decision, there is "as bad as it gets", which is appealing your sentence after you have been incarcerated.  "Almost as bad as it gets" is appealing a bankruptcy court refusing to discharge your tax debt.  That is what James Charles Vaughn was seeing the Tenth Circuit about.  He did not get any help, so his multi-million dol... by Peter J Reilly

The Most Crucial Skills For Success Remain Dormant

29 minutes ago - Forbes
As a practicing thought leader who speaks daily with, consults with and trains Fortune 500 executives and business leaders, I am often surprised to see how much talent is underutilized and undervalued and how much business growth opportunity remains unseen and therefore not seized. The highly competitive global marketplace is a constant reminder... by Glenn Llopis

The Virtual Kidnapping Crime Wave

17 minutes ago - Forbes
By Emma O’Leary by Control Risks

Dell CIO Andi Karaboutis Helps Dell Put The Customer First

14 minutes ago - Forbes
Much has been written about the benefits and risks of the rise of prominence of the CMO to the CIO.  Some have pontificated that it will mean the death of or at least the diminution of influence of the CIO, as CMOs have more authority over technology. Dell Global CIO Andi Karaboutis scratches her head at this notion. She describes Dell's strategy... by Peter High

Iliad Hasn't Given Up its Hunt for T-Mobile Yet

31 minutes ago - Fox Business
French low-cost telecom operator Iliad may improve its $15 billion offer for T-Mobile US but has set specific limits on how much money it would raise to fund any deal

A little over 2 weeks until Scotland independence vote, pound hit by narrowing in 'no' lead

28 minutes ago - Fox Business
The British pound slipped sharply after an opinion poll showed that those advocating Scottish independence from the United Kingdom have gained ground, a little more than two weeks before the vote

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