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Friday, April 25, 2014


Alibaba founders turn to philanthropy

25 minutes ago - Financial Times
Alibaba founders Jack Ma and Joe Tsai have set up charitable trusts, aiming to sit among the world’s best-known philanthropists such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett

How Private Capital Is Restoring U.S. Wetlands

28 minutes ago - Forbes
Wetlands are vibrant ecosystems that provide critical wildlife habitat, storm protection and water filtration. Between the mid-1950s and the mid-1970s, natural processes and human activities resulted in the net loss of more than 450,000 acres of wetlands annually by Logan Yonavjak

Final Details Before Microsoft/Nokia Closing

Yesterday - Forbes
Final details of the Microsoft /Nokia deal reveal that Nokia will retain its brand name for future use. MSFT will reportedly use Microsoft Mobility for its products. The Nokia plant in Chennai, India will stay with Nokia for now as tax issues are resolved by Joan Lappin

Competition: Colgate-Palmolive Is Soaking in It

Yesterday - Wall Street Journal
Colgate-Palmolive's stock has outperformed rival Procter & Gamble's, but the latter may be gaining ground

Seth Meyers to Host the Emmy Awards on NBC

Yesterday - New York Times Business
Mr. Meyers will be the fourth host of “Late Night” on NBC to emcee the awards program by By BILL CARTER

E-Cig Makers Breathe Easier After FDA Proposes Rules

Yesterday - Wall Street Journal
E-cigarette makers breathed a sigh of relief Thursday as the FDA avoided a heavy-handed approach to regulating the fast-growing alternative to traditional smokes, likely paving the way for stepped up investments

BofA Ex-CFO Settles Merrill Case With New York

Yesterday - Wall Street Journal
Former Bank of America finance chief Joe Price agreed to pay $7.5 million under an agreement with New York state's attorney general, settling a long-running battle over the acquisition of Merrill Lynch

Italy’s Mob Extends Reach in Europe

Yesterday - New York Times Business
Organized crime groups, which many still view as mostly a southern Italian problem, have used their vast wealth to gain sway in both economic and government circles by By JIM YARDLEY

Ladies’ Home Journal to Become a Quarterly

Yesterday - New York Times Business
The Meredith Corporation announces that the women’s magazine will no longer publish monthly by By NOAM COHEN

Seattle Mayor Says Effort to Build Agreement on $15 Minimum Wage Has Faltered

Yesterday - New York Times Business
Mayor Ed Murray said he was as committed as ever to a $15 minimum wage, more than twice the federal rate by By KIRK JOHNSON

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