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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Chance The Rapper Reveals Why He's Missing A Bunch Of Shows

Yesterday - MTV News
The Chicago rapper tells fans why he was hospitalized. By Adam Fleischer Chance The Rapper Photo: Getty Images Over the weekend, Chance the Rapper was forced to cancel his set at Coachella due to a medical emergency. Details were initially scarce, but on Tuesday night, his management posted an update on the rapper's status. "Last Friday,...

First 'Jurassic World' Photos Bring Us Back To The Dino Island

Yesterday - MTV News
Bryce Dallas Howard stars in the first look at the upcoming fourth film.By Kevin P. Sullivan Photo: Universal Filming on "Jurassic World" started a little over a week ago, and we're already getting a look behind the scenes of the fourth dino adventure

Science Bros: Mark Ruffalo And Robert Downey Jr. Cuddle Up For 'Avengers 2' Selfie

Yesterday - MTV News
So much handsomeness in one frame!By Kase Wickman Photo: Instagram/Mark Ruffalo Mark Ruffalo, you sly dog, you. You too, Robert Downey Jr. Don't think we don't see what you're doing here. The "Avengers: Age of Ultron" co-stars (wassup, Hulk. Hey, Iron Man) shot an arrow of glee straight through fans' hearts with a super selfie posted to Ru...

Sam Claflin Is Scared Of Literally Everything: Watch

Yesterday - MTV News
'Hunger Games' star faces his fears in a brand-new 'After Hours.'By Craig Flaster Photo: MTVNews Sam Claflin went from YA hero in the "Hunger Games" to horror movie star with his new film "The Quiet Ones." So clearly, he's a pretty brave guy. And our own Josh Horowitz took that assessment to heart when Claflin stopped by the MTV newsroom r...

Did You Spot Every Hat In Pharrell's New Music Video?

Yesterday - MTV News
'Marilyn Monroe' features a ton of girls — and headgear.By Brenna Ehrlich Photo: Columbia There may be a lot of girls in the video for Pharrell Williams' GIRL opener "Marilyn Monroe" — duh — but there are also more than a few hats. Yup, Skateboard P. has taken his already solid chapeau game to new heights with this one. The video, wh...

Sorry Simba, 'Frozen' Soundtrack Is Now King Of The Charts

Yesterday - MTV News
Thanks to its biggest sales week yet, the wintertime smash notches a record 11 weeks at #1. By Gil Kaufman Photo: Walt Disney The "Frozen" soundtrack is now officially the all-time animated chart champ. After flirting with the record for most weeks at #1 by an animated movie album, Olaf, Elsa, Anna and Hans have done it, vanquishing Simba...

A Great Big World's 'Already Home': Go Behind The Star-Crossed Scenes

Yesterday - MTV News
Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino take MTV News behind their latest clip.By James Lacsina A Great Big World's Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino Photo: MTV News Long-distance relationships are never easy. A Great Big World are well aware of that fact, judging from their video for "Already Home." MTV News went behind the scenes of Ian Axel and Chad Vac...

Philly's Most Wanted Mr. Man In Critical Condition After A Hit-And-Run

Yesterday - MTV News
Ex-rapper Mr. Man was reportedly targeted outside his home in Pennsylvania.By Rob Markman Philly's Most Wanted Photo: Getty Images Joel "Mr. Man" Witherspoon used to be a member of the popular hip-hop group Philly's Most Wanted, but now the former rapper is in critical condition, and another man is wanted in connection with the hit-and-ru...

First 'Pitch Perfect 2' Pic Is Better Than A Burrito To The Face

Yesterday - MTV News
This rehearsal pic is aca-amazing.By Kase Wickman Photo: Twitter/Rebel Wilson Need a little perfection in your life? It's cool, the cast of "Pitch Perfect 2" has you covered. It's better than having a burrito thrown at your face from a moving bus, at the very least. Rebel Wilson, who is returning for the Elizabeth Banks-directed sequel to...

'Veronica Mars' Is Great, But 'Blue Ruin' Is Why Kickstarter Matters

Yesterday - MTV News
The indie revenge film is the perfect example of what crowdfunding can accomplish.By Kevin P. Sullivan Photo: Radius Kickstarter, for all of the attention that its campaigns grab in the news, has had a curious output, especially when it comes to movies. The truly successful funding drives are typically limited to niches, and in a way, th...

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