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Thursday, December 18, 2014


32 Last Minute Gifts For The Health Goth In Your Life

Yesterday - MTV News
2014 has introduced us to a lot of new and different styles. Normcore. Lumbersexual. Health goth. If you’re unfamiliar with that last one, here’s a little crash course. Health goth is a Facebook page hyper-focused on black-and-white street goth sportswear mixed with futuristic imagery. This year, it spun out into a full-blown ~trend~, the secon... by Gaby Wilson

Barack And Michelle Obama Speak Candidly About Racial Profiling And Microaggressions

Yesterday - MTV News
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle discuss being personally afflicted by racial profiling by Jessica Hyndman

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Crazy Voices’ Reminds Nicki Minaj Of Nicki Minaj

Yesterday - MTV News
Nicki Minaj discusses her animated flows and that she feels like Kendrick Lamar gets credit that eluded her by Adam Fleischer

These Yik Yaks Prove Finals Sleep Deprivation Is Real

Yesterday - MTV News
Sit back, remove that highlighter from your mouth, and procrastinate for just a few moments longer as you enjoy these Yik Yaks from your fellow academic zombies by Tess Barker

I Left My Phone At Home For A Week And It Changed My F—ing Life

Yesterday - MTV News
Amazing things happen when you unplug by Jason Saenz

Sony’s ‘The Interview’ Won’t Come Out On Christmas — Or Maybe Ever

Yesterday - MTV News
Sony Pictures has officially pulled out of the December 25 release date for "The Interview." by Kase Wickman

Charli XCX Got A Sex Toy From Azealia Banks: 11 Things We Learned From Her Live Stream

Yesterday - MTV News
We learned a few facts about Charli XCX during her Live From MTV performance -- and some where pretty dirty by Brenna Ehrlich

One Missouri Rep Wants Abortion To Require A Permission Slip From The Father

Yesterday - MTV News
If you live in Missouri and happen to be a woman, you may require a permission slip in the future if you want to get an abortion -- a permission slip from the father of your child by Brenna Ehrlich

Is This Nicki Minaj’s Most Casual Performance Outfit Ever?

Yesterday - MTV News
Onika is unrecognizable by Marissa G. Muller

13 Celebrities You Forgot Were On The Disney Channel

Yesterday - MTV News
Remember when Bryan Cranston was on the Disney Channel? Neither did we. Here are more surprises by MTV News Staff

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