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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Is This Whitney Houston’s Greatest Live Performance Of All?

Yesterday - MTV News
Whitney Houston's first live album, 'Live: Her Greatest Performances,' will be released later this year. Let's discuss! by John Walker

The 6 Worst Movie Wedding Themes Ever

Yesterday - MTV News
It may be tempting to theme your wedding around a movie, but please don't. These six examples should deter you by Kase Wickman

The Wait For Chris Brown’s X Is Finally Over: But How Does It Sound?

Yesterday - MTV News
Chris Brown drops his new album X on Tuesday (September 16) by Rob Markman

Common’s Dad Taught Hip-Hop A Bunch Of Lessons Before His Death

Yesterday - MTV News
Common's dad dead at age 71 by Rob Markman

11 Times Celebrities Were Totally Normal And We Loved Them For It

Yesterday - MTV News
Eleven times celebrities proved that they're exactly like us and we loved them for it by Abby Devora

11 Reasons Why You Need To Watch ‘Wild ‘N Out’ Reruns

Yesterday - MTV News
GIFs of "Wild 'N Out" that prove Nick Cannon's comedy improv show is a must-watch series on MTV2 by Eileen Reslen

The Stuff On This Miley Cyrus-Endorsed Website Is Weird As Hell

Yesterday - MTV News
This morning, Miley Cyrus shared a new present she received from Wayne Coyne and Katy Weaver. No, it wasn’t a gift certificate to Walmart—it was a rainbow sweatshirt, complete with fluffy cloud sleeves. Where does one even get a sweatshirt like this, you ask? Well, it’s your lucky day. Miley actually shared where it came... Read more » by Maeve Keirans

Why These Ivy Leaguers Are Confused About Being Named Playboy’s #1 Party School

Yesterday - MTV News
A recent Penn grad breaks down Hef's ranking system by fact and fiction by Deepa Lakshmin

Michelle Obama Wishes She’d Raised Her Hand Even More In High School

Yesterday - MTV News
The First Lady encourages H.S. students to be braver when it comes to learning and participating in classes by Nadeska Alexis

Joey Ramones’ Friends And Family Tell Us How They Really Feel About U2’s Tribute Single

Yesterday - MTV News
Joey Ramone's brother, former bandmate and friends say they like U2's tribute to the late punk icon in the song 'The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone).' by Gil Kaufman

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