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Friday, April 18, 2014


5 Scenes From History That Everyone Pictures Incorrectly

4 hours 7 minutes ago - Cracked
By J. Wisniewski Published: April 18th, 2014  Whether it takes the form of a somewhat historical film like Braveheart or an only slightly more fictionalized epic like Lord of the Rings, we do love watching some old-timey combat. Vikings, Samurai, Roman Centurions -- there's just something so muc

The 4 Most Baffling Driving Behaviors Everyone Encounters

4 hours 7 minutes ago - Cracked
By Luis Prada Published: April 18th, 2014  Scientific studies of the driving brain tell us that driving lulls you into a meditative state. This always made sense to me. When having trouble sleeping, or just thinking through a problem at work or in school, I've always instinctively hopped in m

26 Awesome Ways to Break Terrible News

4 hours 7 minutes ago - Cracked
By CRACKED Readers Published: April 18th, 2014  No one likes getting bad news. But if you're the one breaking it, the least you can do is put some pizazz into it. We asked you to show us the most entertaining ways to let someone down, and gave $100 to the winner

5 'Game of Thrones' Plotlines Ripped Right Out of History

4 hours 7 minutes ago - Cracked
By Adam Ganser,Today's Topic Published: April 18th, 2014 

5 Movies That Made Huge Stars Quit Acting Forever

4 hours 7 minutes ago - Cracked
By Maxwell Yezpitelok Published: April 18th, 2014  Every single movie actor who has been called "the greatest in the world" has appeared in at least one irredeemable turd. Daniel Day-Lewis did Nine. Marlon Brando did The Island of Dr. Moreau. Sasha Grey was in several episodes of Entourage. And so on

Comic for April 18, 2014

11 hours 7 minutes ago - Dilbert Daily Strips
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6 Hilarious Old-Timey Versions of Modern Vices

Yesterday - Cracked
By Raoni Lacerda,Adam Wears,Dylan Moore,Michael Dawson Published: April 17th, 2014  The media like to claim that millennials are the most narcissistic and overall useless generation in history, but it turns out that all the silly and/or self-centered pastimes they supposedly invented have been around for generations. So the next tim

The 6 Most Undeserving Lottery Winners in History

Yesterday - Cracked
By Pauli Poisou Published: April 17th, 2014  There are people who win the lottery and immediately devise a stoic attitude, a wise investment plan, and a determination to remain the person they've always been. I would not be one of those people and, let's be honest, neither would you. Ours would

The 5 Worst Things About Getting a Job in a Small Town

Yesterday - Cracked
By John Cheese Published: April 17th, 2014  I live in the perpetually repressed Midwest (feel free to use that as your goth-rockabilly band name) where jobs are as scarce as its citizens' political debates that don't use the N-word. The area is basically town, corn, town, corn, corn, corn, tow

4 Signs 'The Matrix' Directors' Next Film Won't Be 100% Crap

Yesterday - Cracked
By David Christopher Bell Published: April 17th, 2014  Apart from promising a solid two minutes of flashing neon laser ship battles and Channing Tatum flipping around like a meth angel trapeze cat, the trailer for the upcoming Wachowski apology letter Jupiter Ascending doesn't make any effort to tell us

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