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Friday, August 1, 2014


Comic for August 1, 2014

4 hours 49 minutes ago - Dilbert Daily Strips
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6 Dazzling Sights in Nature (Caused by Human Pollution)

Yesterday - Cracked
By Kel Zhang Published: July 31st, 2014  Look, pollution is no laughing matter. It can result in some fairly unreasonable things, like poisoned waterways, gigantic holes in the Ozone Layer, the end of life as we know it, and other minor inconveniences. Still, as shitty as it is that humanit

22 Video Game Glitches That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Yesterday - Cracked
By CRACKED Readers Published: July 31st, 2014  Game glitches are a common occurrence. Sometimes the game freezes, or it won't save, or you swear on your grandmother that you hit the switch to unlock this door why the heck is it still locked THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. But we digress. There are s

5 Boob-Related Products You Won't Believe Exist

Yesterday - Cracked
By Pauli Poisuo Published: July 31st, 2014  Half of the world's population has boobs. The vast majority of the other half spends way too much time pretending they're not surreptitiously trying to ogle said boobs. With such a staggering approval rate, it's only natural that these biological Orb

8 Totally Free Games to Kick Your Boredom's Ass

Yesterday - Cracked
By John Cheese Published: July 31st, 2014  It's 2 a.m. Your insomnia has demanded that you never go to sleep without first seeing the sunrise. Twitter and Facebook have become public displays of your friends' drunken texts, and you've been chain-clicking YouTube videos so long, you've finally

How Bird Watching Ruined My Relationship: A Drunk Column

Yesterday - Cracked
By Soren Bowie Published: July 31st, 2014  I hate birds. They're boring, we have absolutely nothing in common, and they are that specific type of up-close ugly that's usually just for human gums and newborns. But over Fourth of July weekend, I put aside my hatred and went bird watching as par

Comic for July 31, 2014

Yesterday - Dilbert Daily Strips
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5 Scary New Trends (That Aren't New at All)

2 days ago - Cracked
By Adam Wears,John Martin,Ruy Platt Published: July 30th, 2014  For all the bemoaning your grandparents do about the end of the "good old days," you'd assume that the world has pretty much gone to shit over the course of a single generation. Well, you can rest assured that many of the "modern" problems we deal wi

4 Everyday Things That Make Us Way Angrier Than They Should

2 days ago - Cracked
By C. Coville Published: July 30th, 2014  Some things we can all agree are just annoying as hell. Mosquitoes. People who text while driving. People who text while they're driving to their secret mosquito farm. A person can hate these things without questioning whether it makes them a disgust

5 Reasons the Classic American Summer Doesn't Exist Anymore

2 days ago - Cracked
By Mark Hill Published: July 30th, 2014  It's almost August, folks. Has the summer of 2014 felt a little bit off to you? Not quite as good as summers past? Turns out it's not just your complete inability to enjoy anything or experience true happiness -- we've found statistical evidence that

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