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Sunday, October 26, 2014


Comic for October 26, 2014

4 hours 25 minutes ago - Dilbert Daily Strips
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The 4 Worst Last-Minute Halloween Costumes on the Internet

Yesterday - Cracked
By Jack O'Brien Published: October 25th, 2014 

5 Shockingly Dark Scenes Starring Iconic Kids' Characters

Yesterday - Cracked
By Erik Germ Published: October 25th, 2014  People go on and on about how wholesome and innocent the past was, yet they rarely mention the never-ending parades of brutal death porn that were old-timey cartoons. It turns out that destroying innocence was not invented by the Internet after all

4 Ways Terrible Zombie Movies Foretell the End of Society

Yesterday - Cracked
By Alex Schmidt Published: October 25th, 2014  I'm not a huge movie nerd. I mean, I love movies, but I try to remember they're just entertainment. That's why I swore long ago to never let a bad movie fill me with all-consuming, day-ruining rage. Well, aside from Transformers 4, obviously. Paramou

The 24 Creepiest Discoveries People Just Stumbled Into

Yesterday - Cracked
By CRACKED Readers Published: October 25th, 2014  As you're about to find out, some discoveries are less Holy Grail and more Necronomicon. With the help of practitioner of the dark photo arts Auntiememe, we present baffling and downright creepy discoveries people ever chanced upon

5 Absurd Characters You See in Every High School Movie

Yesterday - Cracked
By Felix Clay Published: October 25th, 2014  Maybe I just went to a weird high school, but in my experience actual school and Hollywood school are about as similar as actual people and Kanye West. Sure there were different groups of people -- there were jocks, there were nerds, there was a tabl

6 Objective Reasons Why Your Fear of Bacteria Is Irrational

Yesterday - Cracked
By David Huntsberger Published: October 25th, 2014  Everyone has heard about that guy who had the bacterial infection that ate away his face. He had to wear the plastic mask with the fake eyes, but you shouldn't let that scare you away from bacteria. We have hand sanitizers in every public bathroom an

Comic for October 25, 2014

Yesterday - Dilbert Daily Strips
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24 Famous Photos Hiding Creepy Easter Eggs

2 days ago - Cracked
By CRACKED Readers Published: October 24th, 2014  Some photos are so well known that by now we just sort of gloss over them. But how well do you really know these pictures? It turns out not very. Upon second viewing, it turns out some more familiar photos are hiding something ... sinister. Allow our

6 Creepy Glitches That Turn Famous Video Games Horrifying

2 days ago - Cracked
By M. Asher Cantrell,Chris Rio,Tristan Cooper Published: October 24th, 2014  Horror games are a hell of a lot of work. You can spend thousands of man-hours carefully exploiting human psychology and weakness in order to inspire that elusive but all-important fear response ... or you could slap some shitty code in there and cal

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