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Friday, October 24, 2014


HRH tweets for the first time

10 minutes ago - CNN World
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II dipped a toe into 21st-century communications Friday when she posted her first tweet

Tim Berners-Lee: hateful people on the web are 'staggering'

28 minutes ago - Guardian
The web developer expressed his hope for a more civil internet in the future that will keep people on the path of collaboratingTim Berners-Lee has expressed sadness that the web has mirrored the dark side of humanity, as well as enabling its wonderful side to flourish.The developer, who created the web in 1990 while working for the particle collide... by Alex Hern

Real equality is when women have the right to be as drunk and stupid as men

26 minutes ago - Guardian
The freedom to have fun, make mistakes and participate in some youthful irresponsibility shouldnt be limited to boysI have done lot of irresponsible things throughout my life.In high school I cut a social studies class for weeks at a time, threw parties at my house (sorry, Mom and Dad!), got stoned, and had sex all before I was 16. When I was in co... by Jessica Valenti

Hispanics, US citizens and otherwise, join campaigns for close midterm fights

26 minutes ago - Guardian
This years midterms are taking place against a backdrop of Latino frustration at dithering candidates over immigration issuesAn estimated 11 million people in America are barred from voting in the midterm elections because of their immigration status. Abel Perez is one of them.The 24-year-old was recently knocking on doors in the Colorado town of L... by Paul Lewis in Longmont, Colorado

The Joy of Six: celebrating big-boned footballers

18 minutes ago - Guardian
In homage to the spat raging between Harry Redknapp and Adel Taarabt, we present half a dozen players who have succeeded in English football despite carrying a bit of extra timberI dont mind what they call me as long as they dont call me late for my lunch, said William Foulke on more than one occasion. The massive goalkeeper is on record as being t... by Barry Glendenning

Move over JR Ewing: oil discovered near Gatwick airport

18 minutes ago - Guardian
Discovery of an estimated 20m barrels of oil near Surrey raises hopes that town could become UKs answer to Southfork RanchA town close to Gatwick airport has come a step closer to becoming Britains version of Dallas after test results showed an exploration well could contain almost 20m barrels of oil.In contrast to the gleaming corporate headquarte... by Sean Farrell

VIDEO: Zambia's five leaders in five decades

1 hour 12 minutes ago - BBC
Just who were Zambia's 'Short stuff', 'Tiger' and 'Cobra'?

Austria unveils WW2 deserters' memorial

1 hour 8 minutes ago - BBC
Austria finally remembers deserters from Hitler's army

Diwali celebrations light up India

2 hours 17 minutes ago - CNN World
Around the world, Indians are celebrating the festival of lights with fireworks and candles. Here's a look at some of this week's India festivities

Stir in Sweden's waters is over as search for vessel is called off

1 hour 11 minutes ago - CNN World
Sweden's military feels certain there was an intruder, but it has called off the search for a mystery vessel in waters near Stockholm

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