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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Santa Osborne hands out autumn gifts, riding his future sofa

28 minutes ago - Guardian
The chancellor flashed the hypothetical cash, with a shower of stocking-fillers he calculates he’ll never have to pay forIn July, George Osborne came to the House of Commons to play Scrooge. Yesterday, in chilly November, the chancellor used his return appearance to play Santa.The pre-show buildup had suggested the opposite. Austerity Osborne wou... by Jonathan Freedland

Judge criticises 'minimal investigation' into death of 13-month-old girl

57 minutes ago - Guardian
Mr Justice Jackson found Poppi Worthington’s death was not properly investigated for nine monthsPolice failed to properly investigate the suspicious death of a 13-month-old girl in Cumbria and made a catalogue of basic errors, a high court judge has found.Poppi Worthington died in hospital on 12 December 2012 after collapsing at her home in Barro... by Helen Pidd North of England editor

Who needs London? Where to work if you're priced out of the capital

52 minutes ago - Guardian
London’s economy is booming but as a place to live it is simply unaffordable for many young people. So is the smart choice to move to one of the UK’s other thriving tech, culture and financial hubs? Guardian writers meet the people who have already made the leapBefore saying anything else about modern Britain, say this: it is utterly, desperate... by Leo Benedictus, Chitra Ramaswamy, Steven Morris, Emine Saner and Dominic Smith

Autumn statement: Osborne isn’t fixing the roof, he’s eroding the foundations | Mariana Mazzucato

42 minutes ago - Guardian
Ignore the chancellor’s escapology: George Osborne’s short-term deficit fixes are undermining our long-term economic stability and potential for growthLet’s start with the good news. In today’s spending review, George Osborne was forced to backtrack on his grossly unfair plans to cut working tax credits, a plan that would have left many wor... by Mariana Mazzucato

Juventus v Manchester City: Champions League – live!

41 minutes ago - Guardian
Latest updates from the Champions League Group D clashJoin Paul Doyle for live coverage of Man Utd v Eindhoven ...... and Tim Hill for Shakhtar Donetsk v Real MadridSend your thoughts to 7.33pm GMT But after a forgettable Saturday evening, things have already started looking up this week for City. The club announced yes... by Scott Murray

VIDEO: 'Audio warning' released by Turkish military

41 minutes ago - BBC
The Turkish military has released what it says is an audio recording of the warning given to the Russian plane shot down by Turkey on the Syrian border

Davis Cup organisers confident on security in Ghent for final

2 hours 1 minute ago - Guardian
• ITF president had ‘no second thoughts’ about proceeding with Davis Cup• David Haggerty denies final was ever in danger of being called offThe head of the International Tennis Federation, David Haggerty, has said he did not consider postponing the Davis Cup final and is confident every possible precaution has been taken to make it a safe e... by Press Association

George Galloway: if I was Jeremy Corbyn I'd want me to be London mayor

1 hour 12 minutes ago - Guardian
The Respect Party candidate says he agrees with Jeremy Corbyn’s policies yet is relentlessly attacking the Labour candidate for City Hall. Why?My question for George Galloway was this: “Which potential outcome of the mayoral election do you think would please Jeremy Corbyn most? A victory for George Galloway or a victory for Sadiq Khan?”Histo... by Dave Hill

The last JFK murder mystery: where is the grassy knoll film?

2 hours ago - Guardian
Orville Nix’s original footage of John F Kennedy’s assassination – filmed facing the grassy knoll – was last seen in 1978, before going missing. Now his granddaughter is suing the US government for its returnThe Nix film is the Betamax of JFK assassination movies. Historically, it has been overshadowed by Abraham Zapruder’s film, which ca... by Steve Rose

Old spines – why we love the smell of secondhand books

1 hour 45 minutes ago - Guardian
A parfumier has bottled the unmistakable essence of old paperbacks. But who would want to smell like a bookshop?You might say things were going badly for books if, rather than assuming we all encounter them on a daily basis, someone decided to bottle their essence and sell it as an exotic fragrance. “Ahh, paper – takes me right back.” “This... by David Shariatmadari

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