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Monday, December 22, 2014


Blazers flecked with blood

25 minutes ago - BBC
Lyse Doucet on the prospect of change in Pakistan one week after the school massacre

Tackle loneliness to 'shield' A&E

2 hours 6 minutes ago - BBC
NHS leaders warn loneliness could cause a major spike in emergency admissions

Air China buys 60 Boeing aircraft

1 hour 50 minutes ago - BBC
China's national carrier, Air China, is set to buy 60 Boeing 737 aircraft in a deal worth more than $6bn (£3.8bn)

Asia down despite Wall Street highs

1 hour 9 minutes ago - BBC
Asian markets headed lower on Tuesday despite big gains on Wall Street, which closed at record highs overnight

Quiz of the year pt 3: 2014's biggest 'fails'

1 hour 52 minutes ago - BBC
So just what were the biggest 'fails' of 2014?

The day the Pintupi Nine entered the modern world

1 hour 26 minutes ago - BBC
The day the Pintupi Nine entered the modern world

Internet crashes in North Korea

1 hour 48 minutes ago - BBC
North Korea suffers severe internet outages, days after the US accuses the country of being behind a massive attack on Sony Pictures

Potholes targeted in £6bn funding injection to English local councils

2 hours 21 minutes ago - Guardian
Funding spread between 2015 and 2021 will improve roading network after erosion from severe winters and devastating floodsEnglish local authorities are to get almost £6bn to repair potholes over the next six years.Awarded by the government, the fund will help them improve roads between 2015 and 2021. A succession of severe winters and the devastat... by Press Association

2014 was the year of self-doubt

2 hours 9 minutes ago - BBC
A historic year of self-doubt, nerves and instability

E-readers 'damage sleep and health'

2 hours 8 minutes ago - BBC
If you curl up under the duvet with an ebook for a bedtime read then you are damaging your sleep and maybe your health, US doctors have warned

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