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Friday, May 22, 2015


The week in 40 photos

44 minutes ago - CNN World
Take a look at 40 photos of the week from May 15 through May 21

Who's really running the 'Kingdom of Kim'?

43 minutes ago - CNN World
Professor Han S. Park says that up to 50% the population in the "Kingdom of Kim Jong Un" may be starving. CNN's Will Ripley reports

Putin's alleged girlfriend sparks pregnancy rumors

41 minutes ago - CNN World
The former gymnast who is alleged to be Russian President Putin's girlfriend sparked pregnancy rumors when she appeared at an event wearing a billowy dress. CNN's Matthew Chance reports

Crane fights off two tigers at zoo

38 minutes ago - CNN World
A crane that stumbled into a tigers' den bravely fights off two tigers that are on the prowl

Former North Korean operative reveals spycraft

36 minutes ago - CNN World
A man who claims his job once was to infiltrate South Korea describes James Bond-like weapons

In a war zone, volunteers risk their lives to save strangers

23 minutes ago - CNN World
In the last five years, life expectancy has dropped by nearly 20 years in Syria. It is an astonishing figure

Equality benefits the many, not the few. Labour has to show that

58 minutes ago - Guardian
The London mayoral elections are Labour’s first big test since the election. We must show that security and equality are the only path to real economic growthWhile picking ourselves up from our terrible defeat, we must not chuck out everything from the past five years. And dusting off the old playbooks from 20 years ago won’t cut it either. We... by Sadiq Khan

Let sleeping pets lie: share your pictures of dozing animals

44 minutes ago - Guardian
Whether it’s a newborn pup or snoozing sheep we’d love to see your photos of sleeping petsReaders’ pictures of little and large petsDo you have a photo of your pet fast asleep? Whether they like to curl up in the corner or prefer the spreadeagled position, we’d like to see your photos of sleepy animals you’ve encountered. We’ll feature... by Rachel Obordo

Poliuto review – Glyndebourne opener is Donizetti like you’ve never heard him

41 minutes ago - Guardian
Glyndebourne, Lewes It’s hard to better Mariame Clément’s revival of Donizetti’s opera about persecution and martyrdomIt has been a good year for Gaetano Donizetti. For the season opener, Glyndebourne has chosen Poliuto, his story of religious persecution and martyrdom in Roman-occupied Armenia, never heard in the UK – or, at least, not he... by Erica Jeal

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