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Monday, August 3, 2015


Two cranes collapse in Netherlands town - video

54 minutes ago - Guardian
Amateur footage shows two cranes collapse in the west Netherlands town of Alphen aan den Rijn, crushing houses and shops, and injuring more than a dozen people. The footage, aired by Dutch broadcaster NOS, shows the cranes on a pontoon on the Oude Rijn river when they began to shift and topple over. The cranes were being used for a bridge restorati... by Guardian Staff

In this prostitution debate, listen to sex workers not Hollywood stars

36 minutes ago - Guardian
Celebrities like Meryl Streep and Lena Dunham want to bully Amnesty for the outrageous act of basing its policy on what we who sell sex have to sayAmnesty International has come under a barrage of negative publicity – which included a letter signed by Hollywood stars such as Lena Dunham and Meryl Streep – for the outrageous act of speaking to p... by Molly Smith

'Harsh methods' for Israel militants

36 minutes ago - BBC
Israel says it could use harsh interrogation techniques against Jewish militants, after the death of a young Palestinian child in an arson attack

VIDEO: Public beach closed for king reopens

35 minutes ago - BBC
A French beach which was closed for the king of Saudi Arabia reopens to the public, after he cut his holiday short

UK 'has a grip on migrant crisis'

24 minutes ago - BBC
The UK has "got a grip" on the migrant crisis in Calais, the foreign secretary says, as he confirmed 100 more guards would be deployed in its Eurotunnel terminal

'The Brandenburg Beckett': last living link with German theatre's golden age

1 hour 13 minutes ago - Guardian
He has been called ‘the German Orson Welles’ and carries the torch of political theatre lit by Bertolt Brecht. As Edinburgh prepares to stage Man to Man, his play about a woman forced to pass as her husband, the great writer Manfred Karge talks about class war, capitalism and why Hitler films are boringIt’s late afternoon, the matinee perform... by Philip Oltermann

Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon – then claimed $33.31 in travel expenses

1 hour 7 minutes ago - Guardian
The Apollo 11 astronaut who made the first lunar landing in 1969 has tweeted his official travel voucher and customs forms for the moon rock he brought back Buzz Aldrin’s 1969 trip to the moon was just like any other business trip, expenses forms and all. Related: Camera and souvenirs from Apollo 11 moon landing go on display Continue reading by Mahita Gajanan in New York

The Guardian view on the UK’s new migrant controls: proof of panic | Editorial

1 hour 3 minutes ago - Guardian
The scenes from Calais and fear of Ukip, not sensible policy, are driving this week’s ministerial crackdown on migrant rightsDavid Cameron tried to play the Calais migrant crisis relatively coolly last week. But the inference to be drawn from two ministerial initiatives at the start of this week suggests the nightly scenes have triggered somethin... by Editorial

Former president Jimmy Carter undergoes liver operation

54 minutes ago - Guardian
Prognosis ‘excellent for full recovery’, says spokeswomanStatesman, 90, had elective procedure at hospital in Atlanta Related: Jimmy Carter 'not feeling well' as he returns early from Guyana election trip Former US president Jimmy Carter has undergone a medical procedure to remove a small mass in his liver, his organization the Carter Center ha... by Associated Press

Murder investigation after body found in Belfast house fire

52 minutes ago - Guardian
Jennifer Dornan was found dead in her home on the outskirts of west Belfast on Sunday morningPolice in Belfast have launched a murder investigation after the discovery of woman’s body following a house fire.Jennifer Dornan, 30, was found dead in her home at Hazel View on the outskirts of west Belfast after the alarm was raised at 5am on Sunday. C... by Press Association

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