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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pop Culture

The Weirdest Lawsuit In The Country Involves Kid Rock, ICP & A Glass Dildo! Yes, You DID Read That Correctly!

1 hour 20 minutes ago - Perez Hilton
This is the strangest lawsuit we've ever heard of...ever. Hands down. A woman, Andrea Pellegrini, who is suing Insane Clown Posse for sexual harassment is asking Kid Rock to produce an object of sizable importance to her case! Her attorneys just subpoenaed Kid Rock to fork over a glass dildo. Well, maybe not that type of forking. According to Andr... by Perez Hilton

Fast Friends! Jennifer Aniston & Sandra Bullock Are Hollywood's Newest Gal Pals!

2 hours 22 minutes ago - Perez Hilton
This gal sure knows how to make Friends! Jennifer Aniston has reportedly found a new BF4L in Sandra Bullock --- and we couldn't be more thrilled for the two famous femmes! A source close to the situation revealed the ladies met at a dinner party hosted by mutual friend Gwyneth Paltrow, and totally hit it off: "Jen and Sandra are new BFFs. They're... by Perez Hilton

One Direction Celebrates Four Years Of Making Fans Cry (In A Good Way)

Yesterday - ETOnline
Four years ago today saw the birth of one of America's hottest bands, One Direction. And this entire week has just been a 1D fan fest, with thousands of followers tweeting obsessively about the coming Anniversary.This morning, Niall Horan broke the internet when he tweeted a sweet, heartfelt thanks to his 1D cohorts."Thank you lads, we've had a gre...

Will Robert Downey Jr. Star In Iron Man 4? Wait Until You Hear What He Has To Say About It!

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
Robert Downey Jr. IS Iron Man. But he doesn't have to be. True, his role as genius billionaire philanthropist playboy superhero Tony Stark has made him the highest paid actor in Hollywood for two straight years. But RDJ is NOT under contract for another sequel, so he's been keeping tight-lipped on whether he'll return to the franchise! Until now! W... by Perez Hilton

This FLAWLESS Wicked Medley Performed By Two Dudes Is Everything!

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
This shizzz would make Adele Dazeem SO PROUD! Faboosh vocal manipulator Nick Pitera has joined forces with AH-Mazing acapella artist Peter Hollens to recreate Broadway magic in the form of a Wickedly fierce medley! The hit stage show, that originally starred Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel, has come to life on YouTube --- with these talented du... by Perez Hilton

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Share Baby North's First Steps With The World

Yesterday - ETOnline
How cute! North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, took her first steps today!And, the reality star posted a pic on Instagram so we all get to share in the milestone!The star captioned the adorable pic, "Our baby girl finished one week of swimming lessons today then took her 1st steps right when she got out of the pool!!!! Mommy &...

Divergent Is Just Hunger Games Without The Games! Watch The Hilariously Honest Trailer HERE!

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
Divergent was a big enough hit to live on in a sequel- but will it survive an Honest Trailer?? Not if it can't make it through unfavorable comparisons to Hunger Games, Twilight, and Harry Potter! Not to mention the mentions of how many co-stars Shailene Woodley has made out with in other movies! LOLz! See the new trailer from the Veracity faction... by Perez Hilton

Tom Hardy Gets Apocalyptic In This Amazing New 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Poster

Yesterday - ETOnline
All you need for a good post-apocalyptic film is an amazing setting, a tough-as-nails hero, a souped-up car and a shotgun. From this looks of it, the upcoming installment in the Mad Max franchise has all those, and more! Inception star Tom Hardy is taking over the role of Max Rockatansky – previously played by Mel Gibson in the first three cult c...

One Man's Drunk Uber Ride Is Another Man's Treasure! SRSLY! This Is Comedy Gold!

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
One Reddit user posted his drunken Uber fare on the website, and it ridiculous! Along with this circuitous trip, here is the caption that user uhcougars1151 posted to the web: "After a night of fairly heavy drinking, I woke up to find I took a very unnecessary cab ride… Thank you Uber for rubbing it in my face with the detailed map…... by Perez Hilton

True Blood Actor Nelsan Ellis TEARS Into Former Co-Star By Confirming He Quit Over Playing Gay!

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
Ugh, we were SO disappointed when we heard the rumors that Luke Grimes quit True Blood due to a gay storyline with fellow co-star, Nelsan Ellis. Now we're even more let down after we read what Nelsan dished to Vulture about his co-star's abrupt departure from the show. After reading Nelsan's comments, we have more evidence to believe that Luke left... by Perez Hilton

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