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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pop Culture

Bethenny Frankel's Real Housewives Comeback Has Been In The Works For HOW LONG??!

1 hour 23 minutes ago - Perez Hilton
She's bbbacccccckkk! But don't get it twisted, Bethenny Frankel's return to Real Housewives Of New York was a LOT of work. In fact, executive producer Andy Cohen admitted he's been seducing one of the most beloved Housewives to make a comeback since June!!! Andy said: "I think the timing was really right. I think one of the reasons she's so good... by Perez Hilton

Benedict Cumberbatch Imitating Beyoncé Is The BEST Thing You Will Watch All Day — Guaranteed!

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
No one can do Beyoncé quite like, well, Beyoncé... But that doesn't stop other people from trying to imitate Queen Bey! While chatting with Graham Norton, Benedict Cumberbatch decided to try his hand at pulling a Bey when comedienne Miranda Hart was discussing the 'ultimate pop star walk' aka her walk, and he didn't completely fail while doing it... by Perez Hilton

Renee Zellweger and 7 Other Stars Who Dramatically Changed Their Look

Yesterday - ETOnline
Renee Zellweger ignited a media firestorm recently when she appeared at the ELLE Women in Hollywood event looking dramatically different. The Oscar-winner responded to critics by saying, "People don't know me in my forties. Perhaps I look different. Who doesn't as they get older?" FLASHBACK: What Renee Told ET About Plastic Surgery in 2002

Bristol Palin's Brother Sounds VERY Drunk (& Homophobic) As He Describes The Palin Family Brawl! Listen To CRAZY Extended Police Tapes HERE!

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
Jeez, too bad Jerry Springer isn't still on the air - the Palin family would have made for some AMAZING guests! This week, Wasilla police released additional audio of the Palin family explaining their side of the trashy and bloody brawl which put the clan back into the national spotlight. [ Related: New Audio Of The Fight That Involved Bristol & Sa... by Perez Hilton

Chris Martin Isn't The Only One With A Confirmed Boo! Gwyneth Paltrow & Brad Falchuk Are 'Openly Dating' But In Secret?

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
Well this makes total and complete sense! LOLz. While Chris Martin has been getting down with Jennifer Lawrence secretly but also NOT at the same time, it seems that his ex taking a page from his book! Gwyneth Paltrow found herself a new man in American Horror Story producer Brad Falchuk, but she's keeping her relationship on the DL as well. [ Rela... by Perez Hilton

Mama June Bought A Car For Her Child Molesting Boyfriend?! Anna Cardwell Says She's 'Hurt' & That Her Relationship With Her Mom Is 'Over!'

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
This whole situation is a big mess, but this isn't looking good for Mama June! After denying reports that she was in a relationship with the man who sexually abused her daughter Anna Cardwell, we're hearing that not only was she dating Mark McDaniel, but she's been buying him expensive gifts, too! Radar Online reported that June was seen shopping f... by Perez Hilton

The Sock Thief Unmasked! Here Are The Top 10 Vines Of The Week!

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
These Vines are KILLING us. It's amazing how quickly people come up with these Vine ideas and how quickly new fads stem on this website! Like, what is it with this whole potato business?? [ Related: Think U Can Pull Off A #6SecondScare On Vanessa Hudgens? ] And while the Ebola pandemic isn't something to joke about, this Vine definitely demonstrate... by Perez Hilton

Tickets To Sam Smith's Madison Square Garden Show Sold Out In Minutes! FIVE Other Artists Who've Accomplished The Same Feat!

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
Now THAT is how you sell out a show! Within minutes, show tickets for Sam Smith's Madison Square Garden concert in New York City and The Forum in Los Angeles have sold out! Everything has been happening pretty quickly for the Stay With Me singer! He dropped his debut album earlier this year and now tickets to his stateside shows are selling out lik... by Perez Hilton

One Direction Parties With Danny DeVito in ‘Steal My Girl’ Music Video!

Yesterday - ETOnline
One Direction finally released the music video for their latest hit, "Steal My Girl" -- and we're just wondering why we didn't score an invite to the party! by Katie Krause

Brittany Maynard Is Living Out Her Bucket List Ahead Of Her Choice To Die With Dignity

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
We've been following the very intricate story of Brittany Maynard, the woman who's choosing to die with dignity instead of succumbing to her cancer. It seems as though she's still trying to make the most of her last days and is crossing off some pretty cool things off her bucket list. The 29-year-old and her family just went to the Grand Canyon, an... by Perez Hilton

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