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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pop Culture

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Will Star In A Shazam Movie! But Who Will He Play?!

2 hours 41 minutes ago - Perez Hilton
This news rocks! Shazam! Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has confirmed that he will be in the forthcoming Shazam movie, but has still yet to choose between the titular superhero and his villainous arch enemy Black Adam. Oh, that is a tough decision to make? In the battle of good versus bad, only one side can claim Dwayne! However, Dwayne previously menti... by Perez Hilton

Craig Ferguson Is Going From Late Late To An Early Early Show!

3 hours 44 minutes ago - Perez Hilton
Craig Ferguson is closing in! Although Craig is leaving The Late Late Show, according to a source, he's in talks to host an early evening talk show in the fall of 2015! And there was much rejoicing throughout the land! It's apparently the show's going to be a half-hour long, and will apparently be a syndicated series in the time slot right before p... by Perez Hilton

Nicki Minaj Unleashes Her 'Anaconda' On the World

Yesterday - ETOnline
Nicki Minaj has finally unleashed her "Anaconda."After teasing her fans for nearly a month, the rapper unveiled the official video for her latest single on Wednesday. There's a Drake lap dance, a jungle theme, and so, so much more.While racy videos are nothing new for the star, "Anaconda" may be Minaj's most hotly anticipated release yet. Back in J...

Rihanna & Drake Spotted Getting Cozy At A Club! This Could All Be Proof The Lovebirds Are Back On!

4 hours 43 minutes ago - Perez Hilton
Ah, the saga continues! In NYC on Monday night, Drake and Rihanna were seen leaving Griffin nightclub only TEN minutes apart. Sources say Drake and Rihanna hung out and flirted all evening before sneaking out around 3 a.m. Hmmm, sounds suspicious to us! After all the back and forth between these two, though, we'll wait before we jump to any conclu... by Perez Hilton

'Community,' 'Arrested Development' & Other Major TV Comebacks

Yesterday - ETOnline
It's no surprise that the way we consume television is evolving. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes, among others, have completely revolutionized TV. These platforms are not only ushering a new generation of television-less TV watchers but they're also plotting aggressive slates of new shows and resurrecting network series from cancell...

'Til Death Do They Part — Groom Fakes His Own Suicide To Get Out Of Wedding!

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
This is equal parts sad and bizarre, so we're a little confused on how to feel. Alex Lanchester was living in the UK a few months ago when she got a phone call from her fiancé Tucker Blandford's father telling her that Tucker had committed suicide. Alex was devastated as she and Tucker were to be wed last week here in the states. However, when she... by Perez Hilton

Eva Longoria Joins 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' For 3-Episode Arc

Yesterday - ETOnline
Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria will soon be making her way to the court house on the hit FOX comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, according to an announcement released by the network.Longoria, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for her work on Housewives, is set to play a defense attorney named Sophia, who clashes with Andy Samberg's character Det...

What Would This Disney Classic Be Like If Michael Bay Had Directed It? There'd Be A Lot More Explosions, That's For Sure!

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
Major kudos to whoever thought this up! LOL! Let's just hope that Michael Bay can see the humor in the video! A genius YouTube user asked the question 'what would the film Up have been like with Michael Bay at the helm' and the answer is pretty frickin' brilliant! Weeeeeell, in a totally terrible and explosion-heavy sort of way, but it's still AM... by Perez Hilton

Shia LaBeouf & Mia Goth Go Hand In Sweet Hand While Out & About In El Lay!

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
Awww these two are so cute together! Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend Mia Goth are quite the pair! Their love is so huge it's a handful! Good thing he has another hand to carry what we can only hope is a ham sandwich to go with their hand sandwich! But really, he's looking great! It seems that AA is doing its trick! We're glad that she's there for... by Perez Hilton

This Man's Mugshot Within A Mugshot Is So Meta! SRSLY Is This Inception?

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
Are we dreaming within a dream? Is this mugshot real?! Where did we put our totem?!? A 19-year old man in Maine, Robert Burt, was ordered to spend 48 hours in jail for drunk driving charges after being arrested in June, and he made the best of his incarceration. When his sentence began, he showed up at the Somerset County Jail wearing a t-shirt wit... by Perez Hilton

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