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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pop Culture

Robert Downey, Jr. Looks Great — Even At The DMV!

21 minutes ago - Perez Hilton
Damn! RDJ sure knows how to DMV. The Department of Motor Vehicles is notoriously known as one of the worst places in the world --- yet Robert Downey, Jr. still managed to look dapper while getting his picture taken there. The 49-year-old actor posted some candid shots of himself getting his license photo taken a few days ago, and the internet immed... by Perez Hilton

30 Years Later, ‘CHiPs’ Cast Reunites

Yesterday - ETOnline
It’s been more than 30 years since Ponch and Jon rode off into the sunset on the hit buddy cop show CHiPs. The cast sat down together for the first time with special correspondent Sheryl Underwood to talk on-set drama and what they've been up to since turning in their badges by Meredith B. Kile

What Really Happened While Making ‘Honey Boo Boo’

Yesterday - ETOnline
In ET’s exclusive interview, Anna Marie Cardwell -- aka "Chickadee" -- opens up about the reality of making TLC’s hit show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and how the show took its toll on her family, especially its youngest star, Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson

Amanda Bynes Out of Psychiatric Facility, Back to Tweeting Bizarre Messages

Yesterday - ETOnline
Just three days after a judge ruled that Amanda Bynes spend at least another 30 days in a psychiatric facility, the What I Like About You star was spotted walking down Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard on Thursday. Bynes was released from the Pasadena, Calif., treatment center she entered on Oct. 10 and it wasn't long until she hit the streets of L.A... by Jackie Willis

Snooki Opens Up About Her New Baby, Upcoming Wedding and Not Having Sex

Yesterday - ETOnline
Life has changed dramatically for Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi since she became famous as the hard-partying breakout star of MTV's reality show Jersey Shore. The soon-to-be-married mother of two talks to ET's Kevin Frazier about life as a mom and her upcoming wedding by Meredith B. Kile

American Hustle Is At The Center Of A Microwave-Based Lawsuit…

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
This story is just plain weird... A scene from the Oscar-nominated movie American Hustle is causing some waves and they aren't micro. When Jennifer Lawrence's Rosalyn tells Christian Bale's Irving about the science behind microwaves, she incorrectly references an expert in the field named Paul Brodeur. Well, Paul is pissed because he says that the... by Perez Hilton

19 Rules Everyone Should Follow on Halloween (Yes, That Means You Too)

Yesterday - ETOnline
1. Do not do blackface. No matter how “respectful” you think your costume is. No matter how many black friends you say you have. Learn from Julianne Hough’s mistakes. Do not do blackface. 2. Seriously, do not do blackface. Just don’t do it. 3. Or any other culturally or otherwise insensitive costumes. Don’t be racist. Don’t be misogyn... by John Boone

Amanda Bynes' Court Hearing Ends! The Conservatorship Stands!

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
Update: Amanda's parents' conservatorship is still in place. In addition, the judge ruled that the lawyer who was present to rep Amanda could not have been hired by her because she didn't have the capacity to enter a binding contract. ---- This can't be a good start for this lady! It looked like Amanda Bynes was going to be late to her court hearin... by Perez Hilton

Michael C. Hall Will Give You A Standing Ovation In Your Pants As He Takes A Shirtless Bow After A Performance Of Hedwig & The Angry Inch!

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
Looks like this Hedwig has more than just one angry inch, if you catch our drift. Michael C. Hall took a shirtless bow during the curtain call for Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Wednesday --- and basically deserves a standing ovation for how lickable his abs are! [ Photos: Celebrity Abs We're Thankful For ] Michael took over the Hedwig duties from Gi... by Perez Hilton

Kid Rock Surprises Super Fan With Down Syndrome With Some Amazing Birthday Gifts!

Yesterday - Perez Hilton
Best...birthday...ever! Dan McGurk celebrated his 30th birthday this earlier this week, and one of his wishes was for his idol Kid Rock to attend. The Ohio resident, who has Down Syndrome, submitted his invitation via YouTube, showing off his extensive Kid Rock memorabilia collection and the hashtag #BawitaBirthday (a play on Rock's hit "Badwitdaba... by Perez Hilton

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