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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pop Culture

This Weatherman Cannot Get Through His Weather Report After A Minute-Long Laughing Fit!

36 minutes ago - Perez Hilton
Now what was just so darn HIGHlarious, Andy Parker?! The WGRZ weatherman from Buffalo, New York could NOT stop laughing during his weather report -- for unknown reasons! Well, we're pretty sure his co-workers knew why he was giggling throughout the whole segment, but the rest of the world doesn't! What gives, Andy?! We want to laugh too! Ch-ch-che... by Perez Hilton

Rita Ora Gets Real About Those Nasty Tweets From Rob Kardashian & Those Equally Nasty Rumors About Her & Rihanna!

25 minutes ago - Perez Hilton
Dish, dish, dish it up, gurrrrl! We understand when celebs don't want to comment on personal stuff, but we love it so much when they do! And Rita Ora is granting all our wishes today as she got super real about some major rumors in her life. There was once a time when she was dating Rob Kardashian, and when they split, it was downright NASTY! He wa... by Perez Hilton

Zac Efron Finds Comfort In His Burly Bodyguard After Seeing A Sea Of Photographers Waiting For Him!

16 minutes ago - Perez Hilton
Don’t you dare manhandle, Zac Efron! That’s our job. ;) After a long day at the BBC radio station with Nick Grimshaw, Zefron made his way back to his hotel and was greeted by a number of photographers! So, doing what he was hired for, the Neighbors’ bodyguard protected the hottie from the pushy paparazzi all while posing for a few photos with... by Perez Hilton

Win It! A HP Pavilion x360 Laptop

7 hours 17 minutes ago - Extra
The HP Pavilion x360 is the laptop that doesn’t make you miss your tablet, and the tablet that doesn’t make you miss your laptop! With a 360-degree hinge, use the HP Pavilion x360 as a notebook to work, rotate into a stand to watch movies, convert into a tent to play games, and transform to a tablet for browsing on the go. “Extra” is giving... by Staff

One Direction's You & I Music Video Could Be A Complete Concept Rip Off!? Decide If The Boys Are Copycatting HERE!

55 minutes ago - Perez Hilton
One Direction displayed some AH-Mazing cloning effects in their newly premiered video for You & I, but now, it's being called a total rip off!! Let us explain, faithful Directioners... Australian production company OhYeahWow noted that the Ben Winston-directed vid looked a lot like another clip made for Australian band Clubfeet. In a recent statem... by Perez Hilton

Miley Cyrus Is "Feeling Better" And After Reading This News About Her Tour, You Will Be Too!

1 hour 21 minutes ago - Perez Hilton
Yay! Miley Cyrus is finally out of the hospital! The Adore singer moved from the Kansas City Hospital to another facility, and now she's been completely released! So after nine days of rest and recuperation, how is Mileybird feeling? Good enough to continue touring?? A source close to Miley says: "She is feeling much better and Europe is still on."... by Perez Hilton

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, & The Entire Cast Of Amazing Spider-Man 2 Swing By GMA! Watch The FULL Interview Here!

1 hour 6 minutes ago - Perez Hilton
High atop a roof in Times Square, the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 sat down for a quick Q&A sesh with Robin Roberts and GMA! Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone must have gotten up EXTRA early to coordinate their outfits for their morning interview! The red-hot couple wore matching blue and looked happier than ever sitting next to each other! Jamie... by Perez Hilton

Bryan Singer Calls Underage Sex Abuse Allegations 'Vicious,' Pulls Out of 'X-Men' Promo Events

1 hour 32 minutes ago - ETOnline
Amid serious accusations of using force and drugs to have sex with a 17-year-old boy in 1999, X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer is responding to the allegations, calling them "vicious" and "completely false," and is pulling himself out of upcoming media events for the film.Singer tells ET, "The allegations against me are outrageous,...

Joan Rivers Refuses To Apologize For Her Latest Offensive Joke! Is She Right To Stand By Her Material?

1 hour 30 minutes ago - Perez Hilton
Joan Rivers has made a LOT of offensive jokes over the span of her 5+ decades on stage. But when she threw out a tasteless joke about the Cleveland kidnapping victims on The Today Show, she lost a lot of people- and not just those on the set with her! Attorneys for Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry quickly made a public statement demanding an apology f... by Perez Hilton

Need To Dump Your Girlfriend? Why Not Do It Over Instagram Like This Kid Did! (Kidding, Don't Do This, EVER!)

1 hour 26 minutes ago - Perez Hilton
Yikes! Talk about an Insta-breakup! Kids these days are totally reliant upon technology. It's pretty much a fact. We know it, they know it, everyone knows it. That being said, there are still some things that should NOT be done through social media. Like breaking up with a person. Through a hashtag. On Instagram. #RUDE It went down like this:... by Perez Hilton

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