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Saturday, March 28, 2015


It Costs Sia $5,000 to Get Ready for a Party

Yesterday - The Cut
How do you get ready for a big party or special event? I like to apply a hair mask, dance around to Beyoncé, and preorder my late-night pizza. No matter how you prep for a fancy night out, though, it does not approach celebrity standards. Sia is on the cover ... More » by Allison P. Davis

On House of Cards, Claire Underwood Wears Lipstick From Target

Yesterday - The Cut
Since I marathoned House of Cards a few weeks back, I’ve been replaying a few things in my head – Rachel walking down that long road (RIP), that final "I'm not goign to New Hampshire" exhcange, and Claire Underwood's totally spotless, no-hair-out-of-place beauty. The look, as House of Cards’ lead ... More » by Isabel Wilkinson

Soo Joo Park Is the First Asian-American Face of L’Oréal Paris

Yesterday - The Cut
It's official: Soo Joo Park is the new global spokesperson for L'Oréal Paris, the brand's first-ever Asian-American spokesmodel. Park announced the news on her Instagram, calling it "the best birthday gift a girl could ever wish for." When asked about whether she considers her new role to be progress in the ... More » by Kathleen Hou

When Is a Penis Too Good to Break Up With?

Yesterday - The Cut
On occasion, the universe will grant you a penis (or a sexual encounter) so mind-melting you simply cannot envision life without it. It turns out there’s a phrase for this experience, one immortalized in a catchy song (that I can’t believe I’m just hearing for the first time): D2B, which ... More » by Allison P. Davis

Dhani's Light, Cropped Sweater for Spring

Yesterday - Fashionista
For crop tops will never die by Dhani Mau

This Might Be Your New Signature Scent

Yesterday - The Cut
Is it possible to update a classic fragrance and not ruin it? Such was the fear that perfumer Thomas Fontaine faced in creating Joy Forever, a reinvention of the classic fragrance Joy. Developed in 1929, Joy is considered one of the most popular (and expensive) fragrances of all time, only rivaling Chanel ... More » by Ashley Weatherford

A Top Stylist on the Appeal of ‘Burner’ Fashion

Yesterday - The Cut
"You just have no life," jokes Andrew Richardson about the secret to juggling his divergent career paths as a stylist (for publications like V and Harper's Bazaar), magazine editor (of his self-created title Richardson), and designer of a streetwear brand. Richardson has just unveiled an installation at Dover Street Market's ... More » by Véronique Hyland

'Mad Men' and 'Game of Thrones' Battle It Out for Best Dressed TV Cast

Yesterday - Fashionista
The actresses behind two of television's most beloved shows made lots of red carpet appearances this week by Dhani Mau

Dov Charney Wants $40 Million from American Apparel, Target Collaborates With Of a Kind

Yesterday - Fashionista
And Denmark is the latest country to discourage designers' use of underweight models by Gemma Kim

Giving Teens Free IUDs Dramatically Reduces Unintended Pregnancy

Yesterday - The Cut
Long-action reversible contraceptives — which include IUDs and under-the-skin implants — are such a duh idea for teenage girls it’s disappointing they haven’t become a more standard option. LARCs are the most effective form of birth control aside from sterilization: Failure rates range between .05 percent and .8 percent (by comparison, ... by Alex Ronan

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