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Friday, April 18, 2014


Tyler's Full White Midi Skirt

Yesterday - Fashionista
It's swishy and everything by Tyler McCall

Zosia Mamet and Zoe Kazan Star In the World's Prettiest Zombie Flick

Yesterday - Fashionista
Honor immortalized its Spring 2014 collection (and Zosia Mamet's long hair) in a dark but super girly fashion film by Eliza Brooke

Look of the Day: Lea Seydoux Is a Miu Miu Princess

Yesterday - Fashionista
What girl wouldn't want to wear a metallic pink gown? by Dhani Mau

Sky Ferreira's Credit Card Got Rejected at Saint Laurent

Yesterday - The Cut
Perhaps the biggest bombshell in Marisa Meltzer's bombshell-heavy Times profile of Sky Ferreira comes when the Saint Laurent face reveals that she only gets a 50 percent discount on Hedi Slimane's sweet, sweet grungy wares. “I have a 50 percent discount worldwide. It’s pretty expensive, though. I go there and ... More » by Véronique Hyland

A Tribute to Victoria Beckham's Signature Pose

Yesterday - Fashionista
Happy 40th birthday, Victoria Beckham! by Nora Crotty

Urban Outfitters Poaches New President from Steven Alan

Yesterday - Fashionista
There seems to be a game of executive-level musical chairs going on in the industry lately, and Urban Outfitters is the latest retailer to make a move by Alyssa Vingan

Reece Hudson Is Looking For Summer & Fall Interns (NYC)

Yesterday - Fashionista
Reece Hudson is a New York based designer accessories collection founded in 2009, and designed by Reece Solomon by Winnie Liu

Paige Novick Is Looking For Interns (NYC)

Yesterday - Fashionista
Paige Novick launched her costume jewelry line in 2008 and has recently launched PHYNE - her fine jewelry collection by Winnie Liu

Hay Baths: A New Spa Treatment

Yesterday - The Cut
Once upon a time, many years ago, some savvy person had the idea to wrap another person in wet, hot, dirt. This mud-wrapped person became the world's first spagoer, and an exchange of $160 later, the world's first mud bath was born. Now a resort hotel in Northern Italy is ... More » by Kathleen Hou

Science Says Beards Are Now Over

Yesterday - The Cut
Yesterday The Telegraph reported that researchers at the University of New South Wales have reached some disturbing conclusions: It seems the beard bubble may soon burst. “We may well be at peak beard,” announced professor Robert Brooks, the lead researcher on the study. Do you hear that, everyone? Peak Beard. ... More » by Allison P Davis

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