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Saturday, August 23, 2014


Coming Soon: A Computer That Knows How You Feel

Yesterday - The Cut
Researchers in Bangladesh could make all your Her fantasies come true. According to Betabeat, they’re working on a computer program that detects emotions by analyzing people’s word choices and typing patterns. The program is still in development, but right now it's 87 percent accurate when detecting joy, 81 percent accurate ... More » by Allison P Davis

Who Knew the KIA Hamsters Were Such Little Pervs?

Yesterday - The Cut
The latest commercial to star KIA's dancing hamsters imagines the CGI critters as boy-genius engineers, designing a car, of course, but also some sexy lady hamsters to dance near it. AdAge says it's a riff on Weird Science that is "retrograde in all the wrong ways."  ... More »

Nina’s Transitional Shirt Dress

Yesterday - Fashionista
Most people hate when summer fades. Me? I can’t wait by Nina Frazier Hansen

How to Break in Your Fall Boots

Yesterday - Fashionista
Don't let your shoes get the best of you by Eliza Brooke

‘Fat’ Leo Has Been Bread-Shamed Into Submission

Yesterday - The Cut
Earlier this year, Elle put a name to the dirty looks and faux congratulations women give other women when they reach for a dinner roll and other carbohydrates: bread-shaming. Today, this most first-world of social ills claims its first male victim: Leonardo DiCaprio. Star reports that Leo has sworn off ... More » by Kat Stoeffel

At Midnight, James Franco Called Us to Talk About Porn

Yesterday - The Cut
James Franco should be sleepy. It's after midnight, and he's just wrapped a long shoot on the indie Michael, where he stars as an ex-gay activist struggling with his sexuality. Most actors would spend their twilight hours heading to bed or studying the next day's script pages, but the idea ... More » by Kyle Buchanan

Christopher Bailey Sells Burberry Shares, Sarah Burton Speaks, Ralph Lauren Gets Into Wearable Tech

Yesterday - Fashionista
How many trench coats can $8.6 million buy you? The answer to this and many more questions by Tyler McCall

How to Get an Easy, Elevated Side Braid for Every Occasion

Yesterday - Fashionista
I've already started practicing this one for Fashion Week by Alyssa Vingan

How Jenna Lyons Determined J.Crew’s Boozy Scent

Yesterday - The Cut
Do you consider J.Crew to be a lifestyle brand? If not, their new foray into fragrance, the first tentative product toe-dipping for anyone hoping to enter the lifestyle category, may convince you. Just in time for fall, the retailer has launched two new fragrances, created in collaboration with Arquiste. "Fragrance just ... More » by Kathleen Hou

Alexa Chung and Rihanna Have Us Craving Longer Hemlines

Yesterday - Fashionista
Take a lesson in styling midi and ankle-length frocks by Dhani Mau

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