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Friday, October 24, 2014


Mother of Pearl's Spring 2015 Collection Has Already Popped Up at Zara

Yesterday - Fashionista
A white knit top from Zara borrows a great deal from a sweatshirt Mother of Pearl showed in London just five weeks ago by Lauren Indvik

The iPhone 6 and Denim: Sworn Inanimate Enemies

Yesterday - The Cut
First, the new Apple product was too big for traditional pants pockets. Should we redo all the pants? everyone wondered. Now the inanimate antagonism has reached new territory: Owners are reporting that iPhone 6s are turning blue from the denim dye. The plastic strips on the backs of phones are picking ... More » by Maggie Lange

Iggy Azalea Poses for Forever 21, Kate Moss Hits the Small Screen

Yesterday - Fashionista
And, here's a dream list of collaborations between artists and fashion brands that we hope actually happen by Danielle Odiamar

Kat Dennings Had a Wednesday Addams Phase

Yesterday - The Cut
Just in time for Satan’s birthday (Halloween, for all those who walk in the light) actress Kat Dennings went on Conan and opened up about her goth stage. How goth-y was she? She was obsessed with The Addams Family, believed she was Wednesday Addams, and slept each night like she ... More » by Allison P Davis

Like Father, Like Daughter: Tyler Ellis Is Making a Name For Herself in the Fashion World

Yesterday - Fashionista
The daughter of the late Perry Ellis has developed a wholly original line of luxury handbags -- and buyers are buying by Alex Travers

Learn All About the Denim Industry at Our Los Angeles Conference

Yesterday - Fashionista
Our panel of experts explain how L.A. became the world's designer denim hub by Fashionista

The Gay Hip-Hop Club Night Jay Z Probably Doesn’t Know He Inspired

Yesterday - The Cut
Next time Jay Z visits London, he should swing by Shoreditch’s Ace Hotel for the club night that he unwittingly inspired: a gay hip-hop party called Hard Cock Life. “When we were coming up with names for the night, I was originally going for something much more oblique and smart ... More » by Hattie Crisell

Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski Got a Big Promotion

Yesterday - The Cut
For their excellence in second-string commenting and sartorial superiority during the Sochi games, Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski have been made NBC's primary figure-skating commentators for the next Winter Olympics. While it is mildly disappointing that their new titles aren’t president and vice president of the United States, congratulations all... by Allison P Davis

RISD Street Style: Wigs and Monochrome Outfits

Yesterday - The Cut
Throughout this week, the Cut explores college life, from politics and identity to parties, sex, and style. With so many college campuses awash with classic denim, vintage sweaters, and other normcore staples, there’s something refreshing about Rhode Island School of Design students’ sartorial risks. The Cut sent RISD senior Kyle ... More » by Kyle Laidig

A Hollywood Stylist’s Advice for Regular People

Yesterday - The Cut
Speaking from experience, even people who work in fashion get flustered by eveningwear. Vague dress codes, heel-height dilemmas, and a fear of all things taffeta are pretty universal. The stylist Kate Young, who works with a host of actresses including Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman, Selena Gomez, Dakota Johnson, and Rachel Weisz, seeks ... M... by Véronique Hyland

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