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Thursday, October 23, 2014


Beyoncé and Jay Z Renewed Their Wedding Vows

37 minutes ago - The Cut
America’s foremost couple Beyoncé and Jay Z just polished their old shoe of a six-year-long marriage with renewed vows.A source confirmed rumors to People magazine: "They did have major problems. But they worked it out and they've renewed their vows." This was an unprompted fresh coat of paint, marriage-wise. Unlike driver’s licenses o... by Maggie Lange

5 Reasons to Pay Attention to Russian Fashion Week

56 minutes ago - Fashionista
which starts today! by Dhani Mau

See 14-Year-Old Kim Kardashian Predict Her Future Stardom

8 hours 39 minutes ago - The Cut
In honor of her 34th birthday, ET released some vintage footage of the future Mrs. Kardashian-West celebrating her eighth grade graduation. Turns out that even as a bob-sporting 14-year-old, she’s still the same self-absorbed Kim we know and love (she even has Kris and Kourtney in tow). Some highlights: “My name's ... More » by Anna Silman

14 Great Places to Hang Out When You Just Got Dumped

Yesterday - The Cut
After a brutal breakup, common advice is Take a trip! Pretend you’re Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina and go to Paris! Or Tulum! When a friend of mine ended her epic relationship, she took an epic trip around the world—  seriously, she even walked across Spain — and after her pilgrimage, ... More » by Allison P Davis

Dhani's Boxy Cropped Sweater

Yesterday - Fashionista
Go ahead and wear it every day. We won't tell by Dhani Mau

A Fragrance Critic on the Problem With Perfume

Yesterday - The Cut
From 2006 to 2010, writer Chandler Burr served as the New York Times' first (and only) perfume critic. He famously awarded four stars and the rating of "excellent" to Britney Spears's Midnight Fantasy, calling it "the perfect olfactory incarnation of Spears (on the screen, not behind the wheel of a car)." ... More » by Kathleen Hou

Kate Hudson's Hair Is a Rose Gold Dream

Yesterday - Fashionista
Please try this at home by Eliza Brooke

Past 'Playboy' Models Pose in Lingerie, Ellen DeGeneres to Launch Clothing Line

Yesterday - Fashionista
And Gap's fall collection has been deeply discounted by Leah Roth

FAQ: Do You Know What ‘Health Goth’ Means?

Yesterday - The Cut
Somewhere in between Normcore, Cyberpunk, Goth, and Sportswear Chic exists the possibly real trend known as “Health Goth.” It's been kicking around since spring, actually, but it seems to have entered the mainstream this week, much to the chagrin of OG Health Goths the world over. But what is "Health ... More » by Allison P Davis

Rob Pruitt Likens Spray-Painting Jeans to Casual Sex

Yesterday - The Cut
Rob Pruitt — the man who customized our Nicki Minaj cover with a panda drawing, while wearing only a panda stuffed animal — accessorized with a gas mask last night at Barneys New York. The artist was on hand to spray-paint J Brand jeans in dégradé patterns as part of ... More » by Véronique Hyland

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