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Thursday, December 18, 2014


The Instagram Rapture Threw Us Into Existential Crisis

17 minutes ago - The Cut
In the week since Instagram announced its plan to delete inactive accounts and spam-bots, users have been anxiously wondering when the axe would drop and how bad the carnage would be. Well, today that axe fell with a resounding “everything you know is a lie.” Justin Bieber lost 3 million ... More » by Allison P Davis

Miss World Pageant Axes Swimsuit Portion

17 minutes ago - The Cut
The Miss World competition has decided to cancel the swimsuit portion of its competition. The national director of the Miss World America and Miss United States organization cited a lack of "purpose" to the bathing-costume parade. This is an odd strategy, because nearly every other garment traditionally worn in pageants (gowns; ... More » by Maggie Lange

Tyler's Shimmery Holiday Tights

13 hours 17 minutes ago - Fashionista
Our Lady of the Tights Blair Waldorf would approve by Tyler McCall

This Jennifer Lawrence Wax Statue Is So Bummed Out

1 hour 40 minutes ago - The Cut
The Madame Tussauds in Berlin has unveiled a Jennifer Lawrence wax figure and it looks like the saddest wax figure that ever waxed. Jennifer Lawrence has been molded as a muffled beacon of tragedy, with eyes like little liquid piles of bummed-out water. Poor, fake creature.  ... More » by Maggie Lange

Vivienne Westwood Delivers Asbestos to British Prime Minister, Gucci Addict Buzz Bissinger Auctions Off His Leather

14 hours 42 minutes ago - Fashionista
And Burberry is helping holiday shoppers via Twitter by Danielle Odiamar

'Annie' Co-stars Cameron Diaz and Quvenzhane Wallis Adorably Match

14 hours 6 minutes ago - Fashionista
Peter pan collars for everyone! by Tyler McCall

How to Find Your Foundation Soul Mate: Testing 8 New Varieties

3 hours 6 minutes ago - The Cut
Finding a new foundation is a lot like finding a new lover — both require time, little tests, and trials of commitment. So when several new formulas launched this fall, senior market editor Diana Tsui and I decided to do a little round of foundation speed-dating: We would each test ... More » by Ashley Weatherford,Diana Tsui

Here’s Dolly Parton’s Closet, a Glorious Feast of Sparkles

3 hours 2 minutes ago - The Cut
Last week, Our Patron Saint of Sparkles Dolly Parton put her glorious stage costumes on display for an exhibition benefiting her namesake nonprofit. Sadly, it was a single-night affair to which we were not invited, but Parton gave V magazine full photo access to her costume archives for its January issue. ... More » by Allison P Davis

The Best Fashion Books to Gift This Season

3 hours 1 minute ago - Fashionista
Because you can never have too many by Lauren Indvik

In Partial Defense of ‘Fitness Concierges’

4 hours 5 minutes ago - The Cut
Yes, the Cut is correct to make fun of this morning's New York Times story on so-called "fitness concierges" who help clients coordinate and stick to their workout routines. These concierges, the Times reports, "can turn up at 5 a.m. with coffee and an organic banana to rouse clients and stand ... More »

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