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Monday, September 15, 2014


London Featured Sporty Dresses and Digital Prints

2 hours 21 minutes ago - The Cut
At London Fashion Week, being the first show on a Monday morning is a bold move. There’s a high risk of losing guests who get stuck in the horrors of London traffic, not to mention those brave but unfortunate souls who are relying on rush-hour public transport (like civilians! Imagine!).On ... More »

Tom Ford Debuted Nipple Pasties on the Runway

2 hours 16 minutes ago - The Cut
Oh, Tom Ford. We’ve long known that you were into sexy fashion — but was it really necessary to send models in nipple pasties down the runway on the evening that Anna Wintour brought her teenage nephew to the show? Oh, the awkwardness. What on earth will they talk about ... More » by Hattie Crisell

Prada Marfa Won’t Be Torn Down After All

2 hours 16 minutes ago - The Cut
Thank the selfie gods! Prada Marfa lives another day. This time last year, it seemed that the famed Texas installation was in danger of being torn down by the Texas Department of Transportation after it deemed the faux-retail store an "illegal outdoor advertising sign." (The sealed store doesn't actually sell ... More » by Allison P. Davis

Alexa Chung Proves That Pigtails Aren't Just for Children

15 hours 8 minutes ago - Fashionista
Now it's not just her Fashion Week outfits we want to copy by Alyssa Vingan

David Koma Talks Spring 2015 and His New Job at Mugler

14 hours 45 minutes ago - Fashionista
How he's balancing the whole "designing two collections at the same time from different countries" thing by Dhani Mau

The Biggest Street Style Trends at New York Fashion Week

16 hours 20 minutes ago - Fashionista
From Karlito to a pizza patterned clutch by Nina Frazier Hansen

The Hairdryer With a Ferrari Engine

3 hours 46 minutes ago - The Cut
True Mediterranean hair might mean natural, enviable curls texturized with Adriatic Sea salt and lusty morning sex, but here in New York, we're all about quality life-hacks. BaBylissPro has launched an Italian-made hairdryer motored by a Ferrari-designed engine. Fast cars and fab hair? We had to try it. The at-home ... More » by Alyssa Shelasky

Meet the New Generation of Baldwin Spawn

4 hours 22 minutes ago - The Cut
The elder Baldwin brothers — Stephen, Alec, Daniel, and Billy — are an accomplished and troubled pack. Gifted with acting skills and sleepy-eyed handsomeness, they also share a propensity for anger issues, money problems, and drug addiction. But if you think those four are hard to keep straight, check out their ... More » by Alex Ronan

What Fashionista's Editors Are Buying from New York Fashion Week

5 hours 20 minutes ago - Fashionista
From Altuzarra dresses to Marc Jacobs jackets, and everything in between by Fashionista

The Sisterhood of the Birth-Control Phone Alarm

4 hours 39 minutes ago - The Cut
Recently, a couple friends were sitting across from another young woman on the subway in the early evening when all their phone alarms began to clang. My friend called out: "Birth control!" They all gushed about the superiority of the shared 5 p.m. daily time setting for their pill reminder. ... More » by Maggie Lange

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