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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Up to 10,000 dead?

23 minutes ago - Drudge Report
Up to 10,000 dead?(Second column, 10th story, link)Related stories:Nepal on 'war footing' to restore order; Earthquake toll passes 4,200...Fears of 'Total Destruction' in Areas

Obama keeps joking about being Muslim, foreign-born and socialist...

23 minutes ago - Drudge Report
Obama keeps joking about being Muslim, foreign-born and socialist...(Third column, 4th story, link)

Schools closed...

47 minutes ago - Drudge Report
Schools closed...(Top headline, 8th story, link)Related stories:RACE RIOTS...Intel warning: Gang attacks on white cops might spread...Obama and Lynch huddle in private...VIDEO: Man punctures hose as firefighters attempt to stop CVS burning...15 cops injured...City Being 'Destroyed By Thugs In A Senseless Way'...Rioters prowled city in small roving...

Gay marriage ruling a foregone conclusion?

2 hours ago - Politico
Even opponents are expecting the court to rule in favor of same-sex unions by Josh Gerstein

'I've been hearing that since the Coolidge administration'

1 hour 59 minutes ago - Politico
GOP senators laugh off proposals by GOP presidential contenders by Manu Raju

Hillary and Brian slide down the ladder

1 hour 58 minutes ago - Politico
Simon says: It's time to ponder the question of trust by Roger Simon

Labor's letter to Hillary

1 hour 57 minutes ago - Politico
A union chief's speech today aims to set the rules of engagement for 2016 by Gabriel Debenedetti,Brian Mahoney

What to watch at Supreme Court gay marriage arguments

1 hour 41 minutes ago - CNN Politics
5 things to watch during Tuesday's Supreme Court arguments

In 12 Years, a Huge Shift in Opinion on Gay Marriage

2 hours 11 minutes ago - MSNBC Politics
The public's view of marriage for gays and lesbians has shown a decisive and unmistakable trend in just the last 12 years by Carrie Dann

Italy's rural villages are dying out

7 hours 7 minutes ago - Politico
Emigration and natural calamities have left 6,000 villages abandoned, with 15,000 more on the brink by Silvia Marchetti

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