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Saturday, February 6, 2016


Gun-Toting 'Batman' Caught On Camera Robbing Dollar Store

55 minutes ago - The Huffington Post
A man dressed as Batman robbed a dollar store in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday night, police say. He wore the Caped Crusader's trademark mask and a gray t-shirt bearing the fictional superhero's iconic logo during the armed holdup, reports NBC Miami. Surveillance video shows the suspect entering the 123 Dollar Store on N Semoran Boulevard at 8 p.m... by Lee Moran

Man Who Shot Wife Dead And Put Picture On Facebook Is Sentenced

30 minutes ago - The Huffington Post
MIAMI (Reuters) - A Florida man convicted of second-degree murder after killing his wife and posting a photo of her blood-spattered body on Facebook was sentenced to life in prison on Friday. Derek Medina, 33, wrote on Facebook shortly before turning himself in over the August 2013 shooting: "I'm going to prison or death sentence for killing my wif... by Lee Moran

Little Erik in Berkeley: A Skeletal, Flawed Adaptation of a Domestic Drama by Ibsen

1 hour 39 minutes ago - The Huffington Post
A dysfunctional family gathering: Joe Estlack as dad Freddie, Jack Wittmayer as son Erik, Marilee Talkington (rear), as Freddie's wife, Joie, and Mariah Castle as his sister, Andi. Photos by David Allen Mark Jackson is recognized as one of the Bay Area's most adventurous and successful playwrights, but the pursuit of fresh challenges always car... by Leo Stutzin

Police Arrest Stabbing Suspect With 'Psycho' Forehead Tattoo

2 hours 18 minutes ago - The Huffington Post
A man from Tennessee who has the words "psycho" tattooed on his forehead and "nazi" inked on his throat is accused of stabbing another man in the stomach. Charles White allegedly knifed Jess Miller on a LaFollette street on Wednesday evening, according to WATE. Cops found 34-year-old Miller at around 6:45 p.m. He had severe knife wounds to his abdo... by Lee Moran

Breathtaking 360 Degree Ski Video Made With Just iPhone And String

3 hours 18 minutes ago - The Huffington Post
You don't need a lot of money to make an epic ski video. Just ask Nicolas Vuignier, who's done exactly that using just his iPhone 6 and a piece of string. The 25-year-old professional freeskier from Switzerland tied the gadget to the cord and swung it around his head as he slalomed down the slopes. The resulting footage, titled "Centriphone," is... by Lee Moran

Actor Declared Brain Dead After Simulated Hanging Scene Goes Wrong

3 hours 50 minutes ago - The Huffington Post
FLORENCE, Italy, Feb 5 (Reuters) - An Italian actor has been declared brain dead after being strangled on stage when a hanging scene went wrong in the central region of Tuscany, a judicial source said on Friday. The Teatro Lux in Pisa said in a statement it was closing for 10 days because "following the unthinkable tragedy ... we think it right to... by Lee Moran

Marlow W. Cook, Senator Who Groomed Mitch McConnell, Dies at 89

5 hours 26 minutes ago - New York Times Politics
Mr. Cook, a moderate Republican from Kentucky, made Mr. McConnell his assistant in Washington but later criticized him for moving sharply to the right by WILLIAM GRIMES

Dating Diary 22: My First Christmas With My New Man... A New Beginning, Or Our Undoing?

5 hours 19 minutes ago - The Huffington Post
Louisa Whitehead-Payne, High50's Dating Columnist, is spending Christmas with her new boyfriend Delightful Dick and his grown-up children, Emma and Jon. And she is bringing her dog to visit for the first time. Baxter is a big hairy mutt of sandy hue and uncertain parentage. My Christmases have been mostly spent in a castle in Scotland with my now... by High50

A Much-Needed Reality Check For People Over 50

5 hours 8 minutes ago - The Huffington Post
I'm a big fan of hope. I've stood on the edge of some grim and horrific precipices, and managed to avoid falling into them because of hope. I've experienced injustices and cruelty, and survived, even thrived, because of hope. But hope does intersect with reality, and sometimes, reality needs to win. Back in my most active dating years, I would s... by Joe Seldner

Bernie Sanders Backers Get Tattooed in Senator's Honor

5 hours 25 minutes ago - MSNBC Politics
Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders in Vermont are showing off their permanent support of the presidential candidate with tattoos

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