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Friday, January 30, 2015


Biden urges support for Central America aid package

Yesterday - Politico
The $1 billion economic aid package is planned for three Central American countries by Jennifer Shutt

Medicare Payments Surge for Stents to Unblock Blood Vessels in Limbs

Yesterday - New York Times Politics
Some cardiologists are reaping huge reimbursements for operating to relieve blockages in peripheral veins and arteries, a treatment many may not need by By JULIE CRESWELL and REED ABELSON

Martha A. Derthick, Public Policy Decoder, Dies at 81

Yesterday - New York Times Politics
Dr. Derthick’s work on Social Security, federalism, deregulation and welfare was said to vividly bring life to impenetrable subjects by By SAM ROBERTS

National Briefing | Northwest: Idaho: House Committee Halts Bill Banning Discrimination Against Gays

Yesterday - New York Times Politics
Idaho lawmakers voted Thursday to halt a bill that would create protections for gay and lesbian people, siding with the concerns of religious freedom supporters by By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Obama mocks Romney at Dem retreat...

Yesterday - Drudge Report
Obama mocks Romney at Dem retreat...(First column, 15th story, link)Related stories:THE RETURN: Romney addresses 2012 loss...Decision could come in next few weeks...Texas GOP chief leaves role, joins Rand Paul political team

'Circus Movies'...

Yesterday - Drudge Report
'Circus Movies'...(Second column, 9th story, link)Related stories:GEORGE LUCAS TRASHES HOLLYWOOD, THE INTERNET

Obama threatens to veto attacks on his immigration policy

Yesterday - Politico
He also took aim at Republican arguments that a lapse in DHS funding would not be 'the end of the world.' by Lauren French

ISIL's Rise in Libya

Yesterday - Politico
The country's descent into chaos is getting harder for the United States to ignore by Christopher Stephen

Cantor heads to Harvard

Yesterday - Politico
Eric Cantor has decided to go back to school by Trevor Eischen

Group of Senators Seeks to Lift Cuba Travel Limits

Yesterday - New York Times Politics
A bipartisan group of lawmakers has taken the first step in a looming congressional battle over how far to expand trade and tourism with the Castro government by By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG

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